Ghost VS WordPress – Why WordPress Wins the Competition?

Ghost VS WordPress – Why WordPress Wins the Competition?

Based on our real hosting experience and the information we collected on the web, we have worked out the comparison Ghost VS WordPress from several aspects, including price, installation, usability, plugins, themes and technical support, aiming to make clear why WordPress wins the competition.

Up to now, Ghost has been followed by numerous webmasters around the world. Compared with it, WordPress is even more popular, which was released in 2003 and has been awarded as the most widely used CMS in the world scale. Read the rest parts to learn why WordPress is better than Ghost.


Ghost offers 3 paid plans for users to choose the most suitable one according to their needs and budget, which are named as MINI, SMALL and MEDIUM, priced at $5/mo, $14/mo and $36/mo. People who choose SMALL plan are able to ask for a refund within the first 30 days if they are not 100% satisfied with the service. Besides, Ghost supports both credit cards and PayPal to ensure the purchase is secure and safe.

On the other hand, WordPress is and open source, which means it is free for anyone to download and use. Therefore, it is a good choice for those people who have little budget but want to set up a blog quickly, especially for the students. However, if you want to host a WordPress blog or site, you need to select a reliable hosting plan to host it.

In this case, we suggest you choose one from reputed web hosting companies, like BlueHost which has been awarded as the best WordPress hosting and followed by millions of bloggers around the world. Besides, this company is highly recommended by What’s more, companies providing 24×7 technical support via phone, online chat and email are good options, with which you are able to get instant and effective at any time.


Ghost VS WordPress - installationWhen it comes to installation, WordPress wins a little. Because this content management system is built with PHP, almost all hosting companies support it, which makes WordPress installation pretty easy. If you choose a web hosting provider offering 1-clcik software, you are allowed to install and update this software with just a few clicks, within 1 minute.

However, if you want to create a self-hosted Ghost blog, you have to choose a web host supporting Node.js. Note that in the industry, hosting companies supporting PHP are much more than those supporting Node.js. If your host doesn’t support Node.js, you have to install Ghost manually, which may be time-consuming and troublesome.


In terms of plugins, WordPress stands out a little as the winner. WordPress offers different kinds of plugins free for any user to use to power their WordPress sites or blogs, such as security plugins to enhance the security of sites, eCommerce plugins to power eCommerce sites, Cache plugins to speed up websites, and much more. Each of the plugins from WordPress is user-friendly, feature-rich and easy to install.

On the other side, Ghost does offer some good plugins that are useful for users to make their sites and blogs much better, but the plugins are not as feature-rich and easy-to-use as those offered by WordPress.


To ensure users are able to customize their sites and blogs to meet their different goals, both Ghost and WordPress provides numerous themes. In addition, they both allow users to upload the themes developed by professional theme designers. Ghost has released a pile of free themes and quantities of paid items, and the price of paid themes starts from $5. Note that if you choose the cheap Ghost themes, you are only given the theme files along with documentation in a zip.

In this aspect, WordPress wins by offering about 2,500 high quality themes for different kinds of websites, each of which is well designed and feature rich. However, if you can’t find a satisfying one at, you can choose one from the top theme marketplaces, like Elegant Themes.

Technical Support

Ghost VS WordPress - supportIn the forums of Ghost and WordPress, there are answers of almost frequently asked questions. Therefore, when come across issues, no matter which system you are working with, you can resolve the commons issues through browsing their forums. Besides, if you can’t the answer you need, you can write the details of your problem and wait for a reply from developers, designers, experts and experienced users.

However, because the user number of WordPress is much more than that of Ghost, if you choose WordPress, you have a better chance to get effective assistance to deal with your issue. Therefore, in terms of technical support, WordPress has an advantage over the other one.


According to the aspect-to-aspect comparison, it can be easily seen that compared with Ghost, WordPress have an advantage on installation, plugins, themes and technical support, so it is the better choice for people hosting blogs and websites. In below, we have listed 3 of the best WordPress hosting companies, each of which offers reliable hosting service and quality technical support.