How to Find AdBlock Users in WordPress

How to Find AdBlock Users in WordPress

Frankly speaking, since the launching of the adblocking service from the popular browsers and many third-party tools, webmasters feel harder and harder to get more revenue potentials. After all, webmasters and bloggers reply on selling ads on their sites to earn money. If the ads are blocked and cannot be seen by the potential customers, how can they earn the commission? In this situation, some of you may decide to force the display of the ads while others may beg readers to whitelist their sites. No matter which method you are looking to adopt, you firstly need to find out who use the adblock services. In the following, we’d like to introduce how to find adblock users in WordPress, along with the potential ways to deal with this bad circumstance.

Know Something about the AdBlock Service

The commonly used adblock services are AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. The former one is an extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers. And the latter one is an open source extension developed by Eyeo GmbH. Both of these two options are used to filter and block the contents that contain the advertisements. In this case, they can stay away from the annoying ads easily and just check the pure web contents.

It is true that the adblock service brings benefits to most common readers. But for webmasters who rely on the ad revenues, this can be a nightmare. Especially, as researched by PageFair, the number of viewing devices – mobile, desktop, personal computer and tablets – that use the adblock services has a significant increase during these three years. And even, from the report made by Ovum, by the year of 2020, webmasters can lose up to $32 billion due to the existence of adblocking extensions.

How to Find AdBlock Users in WordPress

Before doing something to save you from this bad situation, you firstly should detect who use the adblock services. Here, we have listed the commonly used method – install the Ad Blocker Notify Lite plugin.

This is a powerful plugin that helps you detect the users who use the adblock service before landing on your website. Note that this plugin will not block your adblock users. And also, it will not force people to check your ads. Instead, there are some methods available to encourage people to see your ads content passively.

After installing this plugin on your WordPress site, you firstly need to click the Ad Block Notify button and go to the Advanced Settings section. Here, you’d better enable the statistics widget on your dashboard. This way, you can better learn the ad blocking situation happened on your site. However, if your website is of the rich page views and you are looking for the lightweight tool, you can disable this feature.

Statistics Widget

This plugin will automatically detect the adblock users. After that, it will notify these users and persuade them to stop using this service to your website in two ways.

Modal Box

Firstly, you can show them a cool and lightweight box with the custom content. For this, you should go to the Ad Block Notify Options section and tick the checkbox of Modal Box.

Modal Box

Then, you should move to the Modal Visual Options to choose the template of the box. There are three template options you can choose.

Modal Box Templates

In addition, you need to decide the box content from the Modal Box Options section. In fact, the default content and title are proper for most websites. But you can change these words based on your preference.

Even, you can determine the box style for the following aspects.

  • Animation effect – fade and pop, fade, none.
  • Animation speed – the default is 350 ms.
  • Box close button – hide or showcase.
  • Overall appearance – overlay color, overlay opacity, background color, title color, text color and custom CSS.

Modal Box Style

After saving the settings, readers who use the adblock service will see the special box just like the following examples. The box content can persuade them to add your website into the whitelist of their adblocking service.

Modal Box Sample

Redirection Option

This is a relatively aggressive solution. If you enable this option, it means your readers will be redirected to your target page if they have become detected as the adblocking users.

Page Redirection Option

Some Other Alternative Methods to Detect Adblock Users

In addition to the Ad Blocker Notify Lite plugin, there are also some other useful options you can choose. We have listed some alternatives in the following.

  • OptinMonster – This is the special software that allows you to convert your visitors into the real customers or content subscribers. With their Pro plan, you can make use of the default feature that allows you to display the optin campaign to people who use the ad blocking tools.
  • AdSanity – This is an advertisement management tool, coming with a paid add-on of Ad Block Detection to help you figure out the users with the ad blocking software.
  • DeAdBlocker – This is a WordPress plugin that will detect the use of the adblocking tool. And then, it will showcase a banner notification that encourages people to turn the service off.
  • Ad Block Detector – This is another powerful WordPress plugin that aims at the revenue recovery after the wide usage of adblock tools.

What You Can Do After the Detection

There are four normal practices you can do to readers who are found to use the adblocking software.

  • Do nothing – If you can leave up with the decrease in online revenue, you just need to do nothing. After all, the adblock will not block your blog contents.
  • Launch the membership system – You can give people an option to join the membership plans so as to get rid of the ads display.
  • Whitelist your website – This approach is a little aggressive but can bring you the best result. Here, you can politely ask your readers to add your website into their whitelist of the adblocking services. Surely, you should promise that all your ads are the quality and worth-checking ones. Never do this rudely. Otherwise, you will not only lose the potential visitors but also the trust in the mind of your loyal readers.
  • Combat with the adblocking – Instead of selling the ads spaces, you can also opt for other ways for money making, such as joining the affiliate programs, showcasing the sponsored posts and selling the premium blog contents.