FatCow VS 1and1 – Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

FatCow VS 1and1 – Cheap Web Hosting Comparison

1and1 and FatCow have provided web hosting for years. The two companies were established in 1996 and 1998 respectively and they are undoubtedly experienced and sophisticated in the industry. 1and1, as one of the top four domain registration companies, always concentrates on domain service instead of web hosting. While FatCow, though smaller and younger than the former, gains an increasing number of followers with hard work. In this FatCow VS 1and1 comparison, we analyse the advantages and disadvantages of FatCow and 1and1 based on information we collect and results we get from tests.

Also, this comparison includes detailed and comprehensive information about their pricing, features, performance and customer service.

Rating FatCow 1and1
Overall 3 stars 3.5 stars
Features 3.5 stars 3.5 stars
Loading Speed 3 stars 3.5 stars
Reliability 3 stars 3 stars
Technical Support 4.5 stars 4 stars
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Customer Satisfaction

Besides our personal tests, we listen to the voices from the real users who submitted their reviews to our sister website BestHostingSearch. An early conclusion is that both web hosts have a low customer satisfaction though they have rich hosting experience. Thus you don’t need to hold high expectations for the two web hosts. To make things clear, we will have a further discussion.

FatCow cannot satisfy their users mainly because it lacks some feature offerings and deliver a slow speed.

1and1 cannot enable happy using experience due to the following reasons. The custom control panel is not as powerful as cPanel. In addition, it fails to load their hosting websites in a fast way. What’s more, they doubt that 1and1 outsources the support service to third parties. Such are the cases with our investigation.


This comparison is based on the Linux shared hosting plans of FatCow and 1and1. FatCow releases only one shared hosting plan that is rated at $5/mo. Customers can get discount if they are willing to pay annually. This all-in-one hosting charges for $49/yr with that discount, which saves more than ten dollars per year.

1and1 provides more options for customers. To meet different demands of different customers, the company offers three shared hosting packages, including the Basic plan, Unlimited plan and Performance plan. The three plans are priced for $5.99/mo, $8.99/mo and 14.99/mo severally. To attract more customers, at present, 1and1 provides extremely low price for the first month. So webmasters can purchase these packages at $0.99/mo, $5.99/mo and $10.99/mo in the initial month.

However, even if 1and1 gives discount, its pricing level is still higher than most competitors including FatCow. If you desire cost-effective shared hosting solution, 1and1 is absolutely not the one you are looking for. As for FatCow, it has no advantage when compared with some web hosts like InMotion Hosting who offers more affordable solutions.

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As you may see, FatCow and 1and1 have entirely different marketing strategies. Therefore, features included in their hosting vary greatly. In order to help you have a better understanding of their hosting, we select the Basic hosting plan of 1and1 and FatCow hosting plan, and then list some important features every webmaster concerns in the feature table below.

Company FatCow 1and1
Plan All-In-One Basic
Web Space Unlimited 100 GB
Free Domain One One
Email Accounts Unlimited 100
Site Builder Yes No
MySQL Databases Unlimited 20
Control Panel vDeck Custom Panel
Ruby on Rails No Yes
Cron Jobs No Yes

As shown above, both companies have their unique advantages over the other one. FatCow has more resources and space while 1and1 support more applications and programming languages. Considering the limited space, email accounts and other limitations of 1and1, FatCow is more recommendable.


In the last few months, our monitoring group has tested 1and1 and FatCow for uptime and speed. During the period, we constantly recorded their real performance and collected a lot of data. We make a conclusion that the two companies are not so stable as they claim to be. When monitoring 1and1 servers, we encounter over ten times of downtimes within one single month. Of these downtimes, two lasted for over seven hours!

As for FatCow, check their uptime record as following.

We also make a speed chart base on statistics we collect, hoping to present you the actual performance in speed of FatCow and 1and1. Performance in speed is shown as below:

Customer Support

It is inevitable to seek help when hosting websites. FatCow provides professional technical support. Users can reach its support center via phone call, email and live chat support anytime. 1and1 only offers phone call and email support. The absence of live chat may cause some inconvenience to clients.

Besides, most employees of FatCow are native English speakers while many of 1and1 are from different countries and regions. Sometimes, you may need to communicate directly with them. So it may not be wise to go with 1and1 if you refer direct and fast communication.

Conclusion – Both Are Not Recommended!

After reading this in-depth and objective comparison, you may have an idea about which one is more suitable for you. FatCow is cheaper and rich-featured indeed. But according to our years’ experience of reviewing web hosts, we think you can get better shared hosting solutions at the same cost. Other affordable and reliable hosting companies below may be eligible and even provide more than you can imagine.