FastSpring Review As an eCommerce Solution

FastSpring Review As an eCommerce Solution

In the 12th annual American Business Awards, FastSpring has been rewarded Silver Stevie Award in the Customer Service category even though it was just released a few years ago, Also, FastSpring, as a commerce solution, has been gaining more and more people’s trusts. However, there are still some people who are not so familiar with this ecommerce program and wondering whether is a beneficial choice for online business.

In order to help these people to be familiarized with FastSpring, we have used it for several months and gathered plenty of users’ feedbacks. Based on what we have found out, we work out an all-round review of this ecommerce solution as follows. Now, go straight to the details.


This platform does cost you some fees for getting access to its useful features. To be specific, it offers 2 options with different requirements. One charges 8.9% flat per transaction, and the other one is charges you 5.9% plus $0.95 per transaction. Moreover, it sets a minimum per order fee for certain products with low prices.

In the meantime, FastSpring includes no setup fee and other add-on fees. Particularly, it will master all your sales revenues on your behalf, and all your earnings will be sent to your account twice every month through PayPal, check and electronic wire transfer.

Payment and Tax

fastspring review payment and taxTo help you to discover huge international market, FastSpring supports multi-currency and multiple payment methods. To be specific, it allows you to accept 16 international currencies including USD, Pound, Euro, Australian dollar and much more. Besides, it is integrated with more than 20 payment gateways covering almost all the most popular payments like PayPal, VISA, American Express, bank transfer, check, money order, etc.

You do not need to worry about the complicated tax calculation because FastSpring helps you to handle all the tax collection, compliance and payment process. In detailed, it ensures you to master the management of European Union Value-Added (VAT) tax and other sales taxes. Moreover, you can use VAT net pricing mode or VAT gross pricing mode to set product price.

Site Management

As for price setting, this considerate platform can automatically set different international prices for each product based on real-time foreign exchange rates. Besides, with the purpose of letting consumers to better know you products, you are able to display your site in different languages to serve different people because FastSpring automatically identifies consumer’ location by detecting IP address.

FastSpring enables you to design the layout of each product with many customizable options like dropdown menus and checkboxes. In addition, you are able to customize order pages with HTML and CSS to be exactly what you want. Also, this excellent platform offers you many free visual styles to match the flavor of your order pages.


fastspring review marketingIn order to reduce cart abandonment rate, this user-friendly solution can automatically send emails with its built-in MailChimp to your these customers who are have unpaid products in carts for stimulating them to purchase products. Besides, you are able to collect valuable customer profiles once they complete a purchase.

What’s more, it is sensible for you to take advantage of this solution to keep contact of your consumers by sending them a newsletter about discount, coupon promotion policies. FastSpring offers you comprehensive selling reports including best-sellers, products returns, detailed sales data and more. Based on the information, you are able to adjust selling strategy for boosting revenue.

Highlights and Shortcomings

It is a plus of this solution to have a thoughtful customer service which solves your emergencies in time. Specifically, it only has support documentations but also many professional online experts to help you settle down problems. Besides, all your requests will be responded within 24 hours.

However, FastSpring which is only focused on supporting digital products apparently cannot cater to a large number of merchants who want to sell diversified goods. Besides, it does not cover enough customization of shipping modules and managements of product and content.


fastspring review conclusionBased on what we have mentioned above, we conclude that FastSpring is worthwhile as an ecommerce program due to its high-value functionality including multiple payments, marketing plans, customer service and more. Therefore, it is a good choice if you are looking for an ecommerce platform for selling digital products like games, desktop software, e-books and others.

However, if you want a more cost-effective ecommerce software with various product support and more useful features, you may try other solutions like PrestaShop and osCommerce. For this kind of self-hosted solutions, the web hosting services from the following companies are recommendable due to the fast speed, outstanding uptime, rich website management features and adorable price.