What is Facebook Insights & How to Use It for WordPress

What is Facebook Insights & How to Use It for WordPress

Facebook is one of the hottest social platforms on the web, coming with millions of users who participate on a daily basis. Due to the huge user base, it can be used to achieve your purpose of website marketing by sharing the blog posts on this platform. In addition, Facebook offers a great service that is named as Facebook Insights, with which you can track for the detailed statistics of these shared posts and get the better understanding of how your Facebook page performs.

If you haven’t used this special service yet, you can check the following parts to know what is Facebook Insights and how to use it for WordPress sites.

What is Facebook Insights?

To explain in a simple way, Facebook Insights is the powerful service that tracks the performance of your Facebook Business Page and your shared blog posts. By using it, you can easily know the most popular posts shared by you; the gender, age and country of your loyal followers; the monthly increase or decrease of your fan size; the number of comments, shares and likes of your posts; the general views for the Facebook page and many more.

To be frank, these statistics are useful enough for you to determine the right direction of Facebook marketing for your websites, such as the best timing of each day to post and the best type of content to share.

Facebook Insights

Here, there are some special tips you need to know for better leveraging this service.

  • Facebook Insights only works when there are at least 30 users who like your Facebook page. If you fail to reach this minimum, you can either ask your friends to like your page or choose to buy Facebook Promotion service for the fast increase.
  • This service updates the data constantly to reflect the performance of your shared posts precisely. Therefore, you’d better check it every day to keep in the loop.
  • Facebook insights can store the data for 180 days, so you can keep track of the historic information via the Explore function from the Insights Menu.
  • If you have added the Facebook Like button on your WordPress site, you have to make sure that you adopt the XFBML method. If you choose to insert the button using HTML 5 or Iframe, you cannot get the further insights of the likes you have received.
  • By default, this service uses the Pacific Time Zone when tracking your Facebook page or shared posts, so you’d better change it to your own time zone if necessary.

How to Use Facebook Insights in WordPress

If you have created a special Facebook page for your WordPress site or have shared your website articles on Facebook, you can track their views, online reach and engagement with the insight tool. Here, you firstly need to install the Yoast SEO plugin in your admin panel.

Once activating it, you can find a special SEO tab in the left-hand column. Simply click it and hit the Social button. Then, choose the Facebook option from the navigation bar and scroll the page down to the bottom to check the Facebook Insights and Admin section.

Facebook Insights and Admin

Here, you are required to specify the Facebook Admin before accessing the insight page. To do this, you simply need to click the Add Facebook Admin button; then, enter the name and the Facebook User ID of the admin.

The name is exactly the username of your Facebook account. As for finding the ID, you firstly should log into Facebook and go to this insight page. Then, click the Add Your Domain button. From the pop-up window, you can find a special meta tag that contains the ID you need.

Get Facebook ID

After specifying the Facebook admin, you simply connect Facebook Insights service with your WordPress site properly. The next thing you need to do is to visit the insight page and click the Add Your Domain button again. Then, enter the domain name of your website and make sure that you are linking with “You”.

Add Your Domain

Now, you can click the Get Insights button. After refreshing your browser, you can find your website listed in the Facebook Insight page. Simply click it to check the data for knowing which posts have the best engagement among your followers and when your visitors are on this platform for each day.

About the Dashboard of Facebook Insights

When entering your Facebook Insights, you can be showcased with the overview of how many people like your Facebook page, how many people get the impressions of your shared blog posts, as well as how many of them comment, share and click the links of your posts. Below the whole screen, you can find 5 posts you have shared on Facebook recently, checking their types, total reaches and engagement easily.

Dashboard of Facebook Insights

In addition to the overview, you also can get the detailed information about Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People.

  • Likes – This part indicates that whether your fan base grows or not, as well as where your likes come from.
  • Reach – From this section, you can know how many people that have checked your shared posts, along with which kinds of posts may trigger people to move away from your Facebook page.
  • Visits – This part mainly showcases two graphs. The former one indicates which tabs on your Facebook page are visited the most, such as the timeline, video tab and info tab. From the second graph, you can know where your Facebook visitors are coming from.
  • Posts – This section showcases the detailed information of reaches and engagement for each shared post, along with the visit duration and audience retention.
  • People – Here, you can check the age and gender of 3 groups of people – your fans, people reached by your posts and people engaged with your Facebook page. Besides, you also can know which groups of them like what you share and which do not.