eNom Coupon Codes – Up to 35% Saving

This is a rich collection of special coupon codes for the shared hosting, reseller hosting, and domain name registration. All those listed coupon codes have been tested many times to ensure the availability.

Shared & Reseller Hosting

As is shown, eNom shared hosting contains three packages, including Starter Linux, Advanced Linux and Power Linux. The plans are started at $4.88/mo, but you can’t get such a sale price during the sign-up process. With this ILOVEENOM coupon code, you will save up to 35% on all shared hosting packages, along with a 30-day free trial for goMobil.

Also, there are three reseller hosting plans – Platinum, Gold and Silver. For newly-opened accounts, the current prices are $795/mo, $199/mo and $50/mo. To purchase a plan, you must have or register an account with eNom. Once the N3THQRCO07 promo code is applied, you will save 20% with an annual subscription.

Domain Registration

Regularly, .com and .org are charged for $13.95/mo. As for .net and .rocks, the prices are $14.56/mo and $9.99/mo. Following are domain coupons that are only valid for your initial term.

  • STPATRICKS – gets .com, .org and .net domains at a much cheaper price of $9.99/mo. This is not meant for any reseller hosting plans.
  • IRREN2016 – saves 50% off your order, and it applies to all types of domain names.
  • GOHAWKS – gets a .rocks domain at $5/mo.

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