8 Email List Building Strategies That Enhance Your Website Marketing

8 Email List Building Strategies That Enhance Your Website Marketing

In our present internet world, every individual operates an email. The purpose of using emails might differ from person to person, but a common thing among all people is that they check their mails at regular intervals. With stats reflecting that one in every five individuals check their mail inbox every morning, emails have become a good source for business marketing.

In this case, we’d like to introduce several email list building strategies that are followed by many popular websites to reach out to thousands of people for site promotion.

Why Webmasters Should Build an Email List?

Millions of individuals check their mails several times a day regularly. Hence, if you build an email list, you can get in touch with these individuals personally, unlike social media where people are in a rush to see the next news feed.

Adding to it, you can present your content in a creative form through emails to get your job done, i.e. bring more visitors to your website. This is one reason as to why even big fishes like Facebook and Twitter ask for your email. Also, the majority of successful companies practice multiple email list building strategies to increase their subscribers.

Tips for Email List Building

Having known so much about email list building, it’s time to get into work. How can you promote your business through mails? Here are some effective email list building strategies that can give you a flying start.

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Write Appreciable Content

As the email is an imperative part of cyber communication, no genuine individuals give away their email address to organizations without a substantial reason. Hence, you need to earn the email address from your visitors.

What you need to do now is to offer something irresistible to the public so that they give away their email address convincingly. For this, the best thing that you can do is to create stupendous content of high informational or entertainment value and offer it for free to your subscribers.

It can include things such as controversial interviews of renowned celebrities, educational eBooks or a short course through email. Using appreciable content has proved to be effective for many websites, so it might do the trick for you as well.

Here, you have to note that the content you send must be highly related to your website topic so as to express what you want to display and arouse people’s interest effectively.

Offer Sign-up Forms on Every Page

Sign-up FormsOnce you succeed in convincing people, you need to add a contact form that should be available at a discoverable place on your page, for the majority of visitors won’t hunt for your contact or subscription form throughout your site.

In fact, you should offer the form in multiple places so that visitors can make out that you have an email list. However, don’t offer the forms excessively because it may end up annoying the visitor.

Your sign up forms should be placed in proper spots on each page of your website. For instance, you can add it at the end of a post so that the impressed readers or viewers can subscribe conveniently.

Give Free Gifts

As discussed earlier, email address is of high value as it gives you the access to an individual’s inbox. Hence, you should offer them a gift in return, at least when they sign up.

Here, you can send interesting emails in the future, and add a little sweetener can enhance your deal. This is why the big names in every industry give away free gifts to their potential customers. Therefore, you can offer a free eBook or a free eCard to convey how important they are to your company.

Organize a Webinar

WebinarThere are tons of websites that are giving away stuffs for free. Therefore, it is no longer unique in terms of popularity. Meanwhile, a remarkable offering by some websites is the subscribers’ free participation in organized webinar.

Although its effectiveness depends upon the topic and discussions of your webinar, thousands of individuals reveal their email addresses just to appreciate your effort. Hence, if you have limited time and want to get massive subscribers, hosting a webinar isn’t a bad idea.

Send Effectual Emails

This is a tricky strategy, but you just cannot afford to avoid it. Building a list is like creating a bricklayer in a building. You need to add subscribers after subscribers like brick after brick, and make sure the bricks don’t fall.

In other words, you have to keep your existing subscribers involved so that they do not unsubscribe you. To do so, you need to create convincing emails and send them to your list. Remember, each email must provide some value.

Enhance Your Networks

NetworksThere are many websites that promote other sites with their subscribers. If you create networks with such groups, you may enhance your email list efficiently. Now, why would a company promote your list? They’ll do this because you shall give them something in return.

It might be a product or one of your services for free. Remember, if you do this step efficiently, you not only enhance your email list but also your business networks for future.

Install Plugins

There are thousands of plugins out there in the market for different platforms. If your website runs on WordPress, you may just hit a jackpot. You can choose other attractive and powerful plugins on your site to attract potential email subscribers. The installation of plugin is simple.There are several plugins that present a pop-up box when a visitor tends to leave your website. Having one of these plugins may enhance your email list by providing you with the email addresses of the visitors.

Create a Feature Box

A feature box is one of the first things that every visitor witnesses on your website. Hence, you must use this box to your advantage. You can do this by adding an impressive content for the readers in the box, suggesting them to sign up.

Survey highlights that executing this step effectively can move up the conversion rate up to 5 percent. To keep things working, you may modify the content every month to see what works best.