eHost Review and Rating on Shared Web Hosting

eHost Review and Rating on Shared Web Hosting

eHost is a US-based web hosting provider that has been founded since the year of 1996. While specializing in offering the entry-level and low-cost shared web hosting, this company has become one of the top options for some newcomers. At present, eHost is acquired by the EIG group that owns a lot of quality and famous hosting providers such as BlueHost.

Surely, eHost is not a good option for some large websites or e-commerce platforms. However, can they ensure the worthy-trying service for newbies and bloggers? In the following, we have made an eHost review that discusses the pros and cons of their hosting solution. Note that the result mainly comes from our online testing, personal trying and customer feedbacks.

eHost Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Features
    rating 5 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 3 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 4 of 5
  • Support
    rating 3.5 of 5
  • Price
    $2.75/mo, 50% off $5.50/mo regularly

What You Can Get From eHost?

Generally speaking, eHost is good for you if you are looking for the budget-friendly hosting solution that ensures all the basic features for the proper running of a website. Check what you can enjoy from this hosting provider in the following.

Frequent Coupons, Promotions and Special Offers

eHost often releases some promotional campaigns and special offers to cut down their hosting charges. At present, this web host allows a 50% default discount on their official website. With it, your charges can be reduced from $5.5/mo to $2.75/mo effectively.

Here, we have to note that this level of cheap price is time-limited, which is valid for the new customers who sign up with the 3-year billing cycle.

Surely, you can choose the 2-year billing, 1-year billing and monthly billing, but the prices will be changed from $3.49/mo to $6.99/mo.

All the Basic Hosting Features Available

After checking their feature list, we have found that this web host is identical to many other web hosts on the surface, offering all the necessary and basic features you will need to properly create and manage your website.

  • Core Features – Unlimited allocation of storage spaces, bandwidth, domains allowed and MySQL database.
  • Ease of Use – cPanel control panel, 1-click installer for hundreds of applications, drag and drop website builder and blog building wizard.
  • Email – Webmail, IMAP/POP3 email accounts, customizable virus checking and spam filters, email auto-responders and many more.
  • Geek Features – PHP 5 that is under a suPHP environment, Zend Optimizer, Perl, Python, UCRL, GD library, SSL, Ruby on Rails and many more.

eHost Features

Plenty of Free Extras

In addition to the basic features, eHost also includes a fraction of beneficial extras into their hosting plan. For instance, if you are new to this web host, you can get a free domain name for the whole life, so there is no need for you to worry about the domain renewal.

Besides, this web host also offers the special marketing suite that is valued $300, including $100 for Google AdWords, $100 for Bing/Yahoo credits, Website Analytics Software, 1 GB of Cloud Storage, free YellowPages listing and Site Authentication Seal.
Also, this web host provides around 1000 free website templates, so you can choose one of them to ensure the great design and layout for your site.

What You May Suffer From eHost?

As for the shortcomings of this web host, we have summarized 5 main aspects in the following.

Expensive Renewal Prices

eHost offers the super-cheap hosting plan, but the low cost only lasts for your first term. Up renewal, you need to pay for the expensive renewal charges that range from $5.98/mo to $13.98/mo for the yearly and monthly billing cycle.

Poor Refund Policy

This web host now offers the 45 days money back guarantee, so you can be refunded if you are not satisfied with them and have terminated the account before the initial 45 days. However, no refunds will be issued if you place an order using checks, Western Union payments and bank wire.

In addition, the process of getting the refund is complicated and time-consuming. After searching online, we have found that many webmasters complain that they need to finish a long cancellation form and wait for days or even months to get their money back.

Limitations on Server Resources

eHost claims to offer the “unmetered” server resources, which means they will not set any limit on the resource utilization. However, after checking their TOS, they actually still require you to fall within the common usage with strict storage and CPU policies.

For instance, you cannot use more than 25% of system resources for over 90 seconds and cannot run the MySQL queries for more than 15 seconds. In addition, although you can create unlimited mailboxes, each of which has no more than 10,000 messages and 500 MB of capacity. The detailed information for the unacceptable resource usage can be found from the C section of their Acceptable Use Policy page.

Unmetered Features

Unsatisfactory Technical Support

eHost claims to offer the 24/7 technical support, so that you can get any of your issue resolved properly by contacting them via multiple methods, including live chat, email and free calling. In order to test their support service, we have personally tried all of their support channels.

  • Email – We send them the email about the actual limitation of server resources for each hosting account, but only get a copied message from their official site explaining “what is unlimited disk storage and bandwidth”.
  • Live Chat – There is no live chat at all. After clicking the live chat button, we have no chance to talk to a real human being, but can only enter our issue and search it via the knowledge base.
  • Phone – It is true that we can find the hotline number. However, when we dial it, this number is always busy.
  • Knowledge Base – After going through their knowledge base, we have to say that their useful articles are really limited.
  • Forum and Blog – There are no Forum area and Blog area, so you cannot check the latest news of this company or the whole industry, and cannot communicate with some peer webmasters about your hosting experiences.

In addition, this web host surely offers the knowledge base so that you can learn something easily. However, after browsing the whole base, we have found that all the tutorials are about the most basic knowledge for hosting, FTP, software, domain and email.

Ordinary Hosting Reliability

To be frank, the uptime achieved by this web host is pretty ordinary, which is around 99.83% for the past 30 days, along with the downtime that lasts for 30 minutes and is caused by the server connection timeout.

eHost Uptime

In fact, this web host utilizes the load-balanced and high-performing web servers to host all the websites, and currently partners with the CyrusOne data center for server placement. This great combination is powerful enough to ensure you a good uptime. However, as compared with the great hosting option of BlueHost that can ensure you almost 100% uptime all the times, eHost is less surprising.

Relatively Slow Hosting Speed

As for the reviewing of their hosting performance, we have started the online monitoring one more time. According to the final result, we can conclude that eHost is not a slow web host that requires an average of 400 ms to respond each server request.

eHost Performance

However, if you compare their server response speed with that of BlueHost, the result is not very extraordinary.

In addition, it seems that eHost does not utilize any special technology for performance improvement. This might be the core reason as why they fall behind some popular web hosts when it comes to the hosting speed.


We have to admit that eHost is rich-featured and currently budget-friendly. However, if you are looking for the long run of your site, we sincerely do NOT recommend you to choose it. Instead, we have listed three great options in the following, each of which has the large user base, multiple industry awards and great customer satisfaction for the aspects of support, speed, price, uptime and features.