Easter Day Web Hosting Deals & Offers 2014

Easter Day Web Hosting Deals & Offers 2014

A great number of companies are offering attractive discounts for the approaching Easter Day on April 20th, 2014. WebHostingHub, InMotion Hosting and JustHost stand out from the crowd because of their considerable discounts ranging from 50% to 72%, together with totally free marketing credits in a range from $200 to $300, which get a great deal of money saved. Hence, these 3 companies achieve high recognition and recommendation from customers.

WebHostingHub > 72% Off

webhostinghub hostingThis company develops a unique package for shared web hosting with the price starting at $6.99/mo regularly. With the Easter Day deal, all people are provided with a 72% discount with which the package can be purchased with only $1.95/mo for the first three months and $3.99/mo for the rest months, which is available for 24/36 months subscriptions. As for a 1 year subscription, the price is $3.99/mo. With the above discounts applied, $47.88 can be saved for a 1-year subscription, $89.64 for a 2-year one and $137.52 for a 3-year one.

WebHostingHub Hosting Activation

To ensure a worry-free hosting experience, WebHostingHub promises an unlimited money back guarantee which makes it possible for customers who cancel their services within the first 90 days to get a full refund and get a prorated refund after this period. Besides, the package includes a great amount of valuable extra bonuses that bring lots of benefits.

Valuable Bonuses:

  • 1 free custom domain name saves $14.99/mo for domain registration.
  • Totally $200 free marketing credits such as $100 for Google AdWords, $75 for Yahoo!/Bing and $25 for Twitter.
  • More than 310 free tools and applications for custom websites, personal blogs and eCommerce websites.

InMotion Hosting > 50% Off

inmotion hostingFor shared web hosting services, this company comes with 3 upgradeable packages that include Launch, Power and Pro. Regularly, their prices are starting at $7.99/mo, $9.99/mo and $15.99/mo.

Now because of the Easter Day sales, the Launch and Power are promoted with a considerable 50% discount which enables people to enjoy the discounted prices that are low as $3.49/mo, $4.49/mo, saving at least $54/yr. For the Pro, a $2 can be cut down for all subscriptions. All discounted prices can be claimed via clicking the following exclusive promotional link.

InMotion Hosting Activation

In addition to the above attractive promotion, all packages include a 90 days full money back guarantee and anytime prorated money back guarantee with which everyone is capable of getting their money back if they have to cancel their services. What is more, plentiful extra freebies are offered to add the value of these packages.

Extra Freebies:

  • Free SSD & SSH.
  • Rails, PostgreSQL & pre-installed choice of Joomla, WordPress or PrestaShop.
  • Totally $300 marketing credits for Google AdWords and Yahoo!/Bing.
  • 1-click installation of more than 310 open source and useful applications.

JustHost > 69% Off

justhost hostingThis provider offers one package for shared web hosting called as Just Plan. Regularly, its price is starting at $7.99/mo. Right now, with a deal of Easter Day, this package is promoted with a 69% discount. After this discount applied, the price can be cut down to $2.5/mo. The discounted price can be claimed by going through the following exclusive promotional link.

JustHost Web Hosting Activation

Combined with the above budget-friendly price, the package comes with anytime money back guarantee with which customers are allowed to cancel the package anytime if they are not satisfied with it, getting their money back. Furthermore, Just Plan includes plenty of extra bonuses as what we have showcased in the following lists.

Extra Bonuses:

  • Free registration for 1 domain name saves $14.99/yr.
  • Up to $200 marketing credits such as $100 for Google AdWords, $50 for Facebook, and $50 for Bing.
  • 1-click installation of more than 100 free applications.
  • Free instant setup and free site builder help save great time in building a website.