DreamHost VS WPEngine – Find the Better WordPress Hosting for Your Blog

DreamHost VS WPEngine – Find the Better WordPress Hosting for Your Blog

It is undeniable that both DreamHost and WPEngine offer good managed WordPress hosting services to help people build and run a blog. However, a large number of web masters are so bewildered when confronting a choice between them. Recently, many people email us for the suggestions.

With the purpose of help them choose a better one, we aim to work out a comprehensive comparison between DreamHost and WPEngine on the managed WordPress hosting packages.

During the past few months, we have not only reviewed a ton of comments over the Internet, but also respectively applied the two packages, namely, DreamPress 2 plan from DreamHost and Personal plan from WPEngine. After the hard work, we do have gathered a lot of information and accomplished a full-round comparison as following.

Rating dreamhost wpengine
Plan in Review DreamPress 2 Personal
Overall 4 stars 3 stars
Features 3.5 stars 2.5 stars
Loading Speed 3.5 stars 3 stars
Reliability 4 stars 4 stars
Technical Support 3.5 stars 2 stars
Customer Ratings 3 stars 3 stars
Price $19.95/mo $29/mo

Plans and Pricing

The DreamPress 2 is the new managed WordPress hosting product from DreamHost. In specific, the plan charges $24.95/mo. However, due to the promotional campaign launched by the company, you are able to purchase it at $19.95/mo with 20% additional discount. It carries with 97-day money back guarantee which is longer than WPEngine.

WPEngine provides 3 main plans covering Personal, Professional and Business for your blog need. In detailed, the packages charge respectively $29/mo, $99/mo and $249/mo. Specifically, the Personal is focused on meeting all the common needs for blogging. On the other hand, the latter ones are suitable for people who raise some special requirements. If you are not satisfied with the hosting services, you can cancel it within 60 days and receive a prorated refund.


dreampress vs wpengine featureWhen it comes to choosing a hosting plan, you may take features into consideration seriously. As for this aspect, both of these two web hosts have some strengths.

DreamHost, for instance, they offer the 1-click installer for simplifying the web application installation, automated Malware Scans, cafe commerce integration, and CloudFlare integration.

Personal, an economical hosting plan of WPEngine, offers Git Version Control to assist you in fully integrating version control with WordPress. Moreover, WPEngine includes one-click restore points for taking a snapshot and restoring it with ease. It is a plus of this company to create a development environment with one click and help you test new plugins and updates in a staging area before applying them.

If you want more details about the 2 packages, move on to the following table. Here, we also include the WordPress hosting package of BlueHost into comparison for the better analysis.

Feature DreamHost WPEngine BlueHost
Plan in Comparison DreamPress Personal Blogger
Storage Unlimited 10GB 30GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Daily backups yes yes yes
Money Back guarantee 97 days 60 days Anytime
Super-Fast Varnish Caching yes yes yes
Regular Price $24.95/mo $29/mo $24.99/mo
Promo price $19.95/mo N/A $12.49/mo
Discount 20% N/A 50%

Uptime and Speed

DreamHost with multiple data centers claims to promise 100% uptime guarantee and fast speed to all users. In the same time, the data centre in Los Angeles downtown coming with 24×7 monitoring service utilize high-quality Dell servers and redundant power supply. During the period of testing, we have noticed that the uptime reaches 99.92% and the response time is 500ms. Both the hosting uptime and server loading speed are just within the standard area, not surprising though.

WPEngine co-locates 3 data centres in UK, Japan and US. In specific, it is equipped with multi-server clusters, and wicked-fast hardware to enhance the customers’ site speed under the control. However, WPEngine is still a startup, and still offers the shared web hosting service although it’s value added.

Customer Service and Technical Support

dreampress vs wpengine featureAs known, considerate customer service and technical support is the key of a stable and user-friendly hosting service. Both 2 web hosts have plenty of documentation for the customers to research common problems.

Meanwhile, there are also some shortcomings on WPEngine’s customer support. In detailed, asking for help via live chat is available for all the packages. However, the phone support, except for Personal is only reachable for another two plans from 9am to 6m central time.

For this perspective, DreamHost has 24/7 customer support via email. Note that, only premium users can reach the real human beings of the support team via phone. This is the main shortcoming of them.


From this DreamHost VS WPEngine above, we conclude that both DreamPress and WPEngine are not the good choices for blogging due to the poor support service, slow page loading and expensive charging. Therefore, if you really need a great managed WordPress hosting, we highly recommend you to have a try on BlueHost. Check more information from this BlueHost review.