DreamHost VS GoDaddy – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

DreamHost VS GoDaddy – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

DreamHost and GoDaddy are 2 famous web hosting companies in the industry. Both of them offer reliable shared web hosting with high exposure in communities. Therefore, many customers have no idea how to choose the most suited one among them.

In the comparison, our editors have carried out a thorough and comprehensive comparison between DreamHost and GoDaddy, based on price, performance, features, and customer service, helping you to make the right decision.

Rating DreamHost GoDaddy
Plan In Comparison Happy Hosting Economy
Reputation 3.5 3.0
Features 3 3.0
Loading Speed 3.0 2.0
Reliability 3.5 3.5
Tech Support 2.5 3
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About DreamHost

DreamHost is a veteran on the market, hosting a large number of domains all over the world. Over the Internet, there are some negative feedbacks about the inconvenience of DreamHost on-site support, while the e-mail support turns to be very efficient most of the time. Our editors have sent an enquiry about how to disable CloudFlare caching for a single sub-domain, and received the response after around half an hour with a easy-to-understand answer.

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy has done a good job on domain name registration service, but not good to offer a reasonable hosting package with is balanced between cost, features and performance. The company has 3 shared hosting plans named Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The Economy Plan is the cheapest one, but only allows 1 website on 1 account, 10 database, 100 e-mail addresses, and 100GB disk space. The Ultimate Plan is rich-featured, but charges customers as high as $14.99/mo.

Price & Value

The price of DreamHost is a little bit high, starting at $5.95/mo. The good thing is that there are a large number of attractive benefits, such as unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, free domain registration, free domain privacy and so on.

GoDaddy has introduced different levels of discounts for the the shared hosting plans, allowing customers to purchase the Economy plan at $4.99/mo instead of the original price of $6.99/mo. However, this rate is not cheap, and its price value is very low for many of the useful features are limited or come with additional charges.

Web Hosting Performance

The uptime and page loading speed are essential for the success and popularity of a website. Therefore, our editors have tested the performance of our WordPress sites hosted with the two companies. As a result, DreamHost achieves a 99.92% hosting uptime, and GoDaddy reaches 99.93%.

DreamHost uptime

GoDaddy uptime

However, according to the monitoring of the server response speed, neither company does well enough though DreamHost is still much faster than GoDaddy. To show you why, we have also presented the monitoring results of a fast hosting provider – InMotion.


Allowing for convenience, both DreamHost and GoDaddy provide one-click installer by which users can install and run many popular scripts like WordPress and Drupal all at the touch of a button. Note that, the app installer is always pre-integrated within the hosting panel.

Based on customers’ feedbacks, the two companies’ control panels are easy-to-follow with an understandable graphical interface and many automation tools. They both allow customers to:

  • create as many MySQL databases as they wish.
  • get to know the billing information whenever they need.
  • set up many email addresses with unlimited IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts.
  • get one-on-one support from the patient and professional technicians.

However, the self-developed control panel of DreamHost has been proved to be not as powerful as the cPanel control panel of GoDaddy because it is not widely used and instead, requires some familarity to DreamHost services


From this DreamHost VS GoDaddy comparison, it is true that both of the 2 companies are well-known and specialized in offering web hosting service, but we do not recommend either of them for those who want affordable price, rich features, 100% uptime, fast page loading speed, and helpful support.

If you are in need of a combination of these things, consider the better options in below.