DreamHost VS A2Hosting

DreamHost VS A2Hosting

Both DreamHost and A2Hosting are good web hosting companies, thus readers are often wondering which one is a better choice. In order to meet readers’ demand, our editors have done this DreamHost vs A2Hosting comparison based on the two companies’ price, features, reliability, speed and technical support.

In order to give readers a more visual comparison with regard to the two companies, our editors have made an overall rating chart according to true customers’ feedbacks. Read the chart in bellow.

Criteria A2Hosting DreamHost
Reputation rating 4.5 rating 3.5
Feature rating 4 rating 3.5
Price rating 4.5 rating 3
Speed rating 4.5 rating 3
Uptime rating 5 rating 4
Support rating 5 rating 2.5
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From the chart, it is obvious that a majority of customers are inclined to choose A2Hosting as their web hosting provider because its price, uptime as well as customer service are better than that of DreamHost.

Price Comparison

The regular price of DreamHost is pricing at $10.95/mo, while new subscribers can get an effective price of $7.95/mo now. Plus, there are free domain registration, setup service and domain privacy, etc.

Comparatively, A2Hosting is pricing at $7.99/mo regularly, but it gives all customers a 51% discount and meanwhile lowers the price down to $3.92/mo now. Customers can get this discount by going through this special promotional link with the billing of 1/6/12 months.

A2Hosting Promotional Link Activation

Although DreamHost guarantees 97 days money-back guarantee, it only fulfill this promise when the payment methods are credit card and Google Wallet. As for other forms of payment, customers can’t get any money back.

However, when it comes to A2Hosting, it promises a 30 days money-back guarantee and this is valid for any kind of payment, let alone there is an anytime pro-rated refund. Thus, in general, compared with DreamHost, A2Hosting is more risk-free and worry-free.


DreamHost and A2Hosting share a lot of common features with regard to their shared web hosting service, such as unlimited disk storage, monthly bandwidth, as well as Python, SSH, and FTP. However, it seems that there are still some big differences when it comes to hosting features.

What draws your attention should be their control panel. A2Hosting forms a partnership with cPanel and DreamHost has a custom control panel. DreamHost does not create demo for you, which means you cannot have a try until you place an order on DreamHost. It doesn’t matter because we have heard voices from the real users. There is a customer satisfaction gap between the two control panels.

Many DreamHost users hold the idea that the control panel needs improvement in the interface, features, and more. They prefer to use cPanel control panel than work with this custom one.

Hosting Features A2Hosting DreamHost
Plan in Comparison Lite Happy Hosting
SSD Storage yes yes
Shared SSL Certificate yes yes
Control Panel cPanel Custom
Site Builder yes yes
Conclusion Recommended Not Recommended


Our editors have compared the two companies’ uptime. As a result, both companies provide at least 99.9% uptime. Take A2Hosting as an example.

reliability A2Hosting’s excellent performance comes from its quality server and multiple data centers which located in US and Europe. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of its data centers, it provides redundant network via Global Crossing and Cogent Communications; continuous power supply with UPS uninterrupted power and AMP-48 DC power plant; high-level security with Gated parking lot with security key center and Video surveillance; 24×7 monitoring with 15 air condition units and static free flooring.

On the other side, DreanHost also uses some cutting-edge technologies to support its data center such as SSL and enhanced web security. Moreover both companies apply quality web servers which ensure the proper running of customers’ websites.

Page loading Speed

As is known to all, speed is one of the most essential factors for all site builders because neither readers nor search engines are in favor of low-speed websites. Thus, DreamHost and A2Hosting are trying hard to keep a high page loading speed. In order to compare their speed, our editors have set up two websites hosted with them respectively with the same content and monitored them for 30 days. As a result, the page loading speed of A2Hosting is slightly faster than that of DreamHost.

A2Hosting achieves such a fast speed not only depending on it quality servers and powerful data center, but also because its latest speeding up technologies such as SSD which can make the speed 300% faster, CloudFlare Content Delivery Network which can make the speed 200% faster and Railgun Optimizer which can make the speed 143% faster.

Technical Support

technical supportBecause the two companies are trustworthy web hosts, they have realized the significance to offer good technical support for customers.

Both of the 2 companies offer 24/7/365 technical support via phone call, live chat and email. All the support staffs are professional experts and have at least 3-year experience in this industry.

However, different from A2Hosting which allows customers to get help via all of the 3 channels for free, DreamHost only allows for free live chat and email. For the phone support, DreamHost charges $14.95 each month. Besides, customers can merely get several phone callbacks, which means if customers need more phone callbacks, they have to pay more extra money.

DreamHost or A2Hosting?

Some of you may in want of a clear comparison between DreamHost and A2Hosting. If so, move on to learn what similarities the two web hosts share and what edges A2Hosting has over DreamHost.

Similarities between DreamHost and A2Hosting

  • Unlimited server resources, along with necessary features.
  • Reliable hosting environment which can ensure the smooth running of your website.

A2Hosting Edges over DreamHost

  • More affordable hosting fees with an anytime money back guarantee.
  • Integration of cPanel control panel which is easy-to-use for both beginners and developers.
  • Faster page load speed, which can even be enhanced with the add-on services.
  • Completely free commutation channels


As the DreamHost VS A2Hosting comparison shows, it is undeniable that A2Hosting is more worth trying considering its rich features and unmatched reliability. People who are looking for excellent web hosting service at an affordable price can feel free to try its services.