Review on Linux Web Hosting Service Review on Linux Web Hosting Service

Accumulating hosting experience for more than 13 years, up to now, has been majoring in various web hosting services. Mainly, we put emphasis on its Linux hosting in view of several vital aspects including price, feature, performance and technical support. Since last June, I started to host one of our WordPress website with this company’s Linux web hosting service, and kept monitoring this site closely.

In below, we demonstrate its overall ratings that are come out on the basis of personal hosting experience and feedbacks of customers in the real world.

What About the Price?

Being devoted to meeting demands of webmasters looking for Linux web hosting service, this company launches 3 upgradeable packages in total, which consist of Basic, Deluxe and Ultra. These packages are sold with their prices fixed at $3.75/mo, $6.75/mo and $13.75/mo respectively. Meanwhile, all packages are only available for yearly subscriptions. To make a detailed showcase of the prices of different billing cycles, we worked out the following table for reference.

Packages Basic Deluxe Ultra
Billing Cycles 12/24/36 Months 12/24/36 Months 12/24/36 Months
Price $3.75/mo $6.75/mo $13.75/mo
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Extra Freebies $200 $200 $200

To make up for those customers who eventually decide to cancel the service, makes a commitment of 30 days full money back guarantee and prorated money back guarantee. However, please note that the domain name is one of the non-refundable terms costing $15. Furthermore, the service is available for payments including credit cards and PayPal.

Am I Provided with Rich Features?

After we have had a close look on its features, we found that the resources of its package Basic is insufficient by coming with 1 domain hosted, 5 FTP logins, 10 MySQL databases, and 100 email accounts, and so on. Thus, webmasters are apt to upgrade their packages for the sake of getting more resources. In below, we reveal the amounts of specific features in a table.

Features Basic Deluxe Ultra
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Hosted 1 Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Logins 5 25 Unlimited
MySQL Databases 10 25 Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 250 Unlimited

Together with the above core features, the service comes with drag and drop site builder that means webmasters are able to accomplish almost all customization and management of websites via the energy-efficient execution of drag and drop. In addition, the service is designed with DNS system featuring user-friendly tools which turn it easy to manage DNS settings without having to access a server.

What about the Uptime and Speed? performanceTo guarantee the availability of websites by minimizing downtime, utilizes data centers that feature redundant network with Tier-1 Gigabit and Ethernet connections, high performance router, and firewall equipment. As for power backup, it adopts Diesel generator and UPS battery backup. Also, to ensure security, this company safeguards its data centers with cooling and climate control systems. Want to get real statistics of its uptime and speed? Please check the following list to get detailed data.

  • Uptime: delivers 99.94% on the average.
  • Server Response Time: averages 782ms in server response time.

Obviously, its uptime is good. Nevertheless, its server response time is not that stunning. Google does not like slow websites and thus tends to degrade them and visitors are inclined to leave them to check a faster one. Therefore, we suggest to choose a provider that guarantees fast-blazing server response time.

Can I Reach Responsive Technical Support? provides free toll-free phone support to make it certain that webmasters are empowered to ask assistance when running up against technical issues. However, this is only available in US, which limits the capability of webmasters from other regions to seek help via this channel. Furthermore, webmasters are not allowed to reach help via live chat, which poses impediment for those non-native speakers who are likely to appeal to this channel.

For those webmasters who want to address some common technical issues by their own effort, they are capable of resorting to other resources including beginner guidance, knowledgebase and written tutorials that can be sought on its official website.

Conclusion – It Is Good But Not Commendable

Although the Linux web hosting service from meets some common requirements for hosting websites, it is not suitable for those webmasters who mean to build fast-growing websites. Considering some aspects waiting to be improved, the company is not highly recommended. Actually, there are better options in the market. We have picked and displayed three of them in the following table.