Does Blogging Harm Your Personal Privacy & How to Avoid Risks

No matter for what reasons, blogging has become a popular activity for a large number of people all over the world. Via this online platform, you can share anything you want that is related to you, your family, your friends, your pets or whatever. However, have you ever thought that this practice may put you in potential danger? After all, the blog site opens you up to the public world and exposes you to the risks you have never realized.

In the following, we’d like to tell you some secrets and truths of whether blogging harm your personal privacy and life, along with some tips to avoid blogging risks.

Does Blogging Harm Your Personal Privacy?

Yes, running a blog site can risk your privacy and personal life to some extent, especially when you put your contact information, personality or personal details out there so that everyone can know who you are easily.

As we are living in a digital world that everything we do online might be collected, stored and analyzed on a daily basis, there are a lot of ways to have your blogging data fall into the wrong hands, making your blog site become a weapon used to against you. In the following, we have listed 3 common methods used by bad guys.


Check Your Blog Post to Make Analysis

The wrong people may read every word of your blog posts to analyze who you are, where you work or where you like. Then, they can leverage the collected information to harass you, stalk you or sell your information to some marketers and swindlers.

This method can work out if you are likely to post something about your personal life and share your personal pictures on the blog site.

Leverage Your Domain Registration Information

If you are not bound to use some third-party platforms for blogging such as and Tumblr, but to set up an independent and self-owned blog site, you need to register a domain name for it, after which your personal information can be made public in the WHOIS database. This means people can get your name, email address, phone number and physical location simply by making a quick search in the database.

Hack Into Your Blog

This is the easiest way for wrong people to harm your personal life via your blog. After all, based on how safe your blog site is, they can potentially gain access to your email account or even your bank account. After that, they can send junk or spam emails and fight against you financially by stealing your bank savings and opening up the credit card with your personal information.


How Can Blogging Harm Your Personal Privacy?

In fact, when talking about the risks that blogging may bring to your daily life, we mainly summarize them into 4 aspects, including overall reputation, finance, safety and personal privacy. Check the details as below.

The Overall Reputation

It is fine if you run your blog anonymously. However, if you are talking something about yourself and mention the details about your daily life, job, education, family and many others, you might be at risk for reputation. After all, the bad guys can carry out some fraud practices using your information.

The Finances

Hackers can get access to your blog site and leverage the data of your personal information to find your bank accounts. If this happens, you may suffer a big loss on finance.

In addition, some spammers may open up the credit card using your personal identity and max them out. Once the debt is unpaid, it is your job to deal with the credit report.


Your Safety

If you always post some photos of your physical location or some haunts on your blog and share your daily life in detail, you simply put yourself at risk. After all, some malicious guys can easily know who you are and where you are, and commit a crime on you after analyzing your blog content.

Personal Privacy

If your email address, phone number and some other contact information are made public from your blog site, you may encounter some unexpected marketers who annoy you with telemarketing dials and spam email messages.

Tips about How to Avoid Blogging Risks

As for how to avoid these blogging risks and prevent your valuable data and information to be exposed to the public, we have listed some useful tips in the following.

Tip No.1 – Adopt the Domain Privacy Service

In fact, when registering a domain name, you are required to enter a long list of personal information that includes your email address, name, phone number, postal code, city and country. If you want to safeguard the information and prevent them to be found from the public WHOIS database, you can purchase the special service called as Domain Privacy. With it, the personal and contact information that showcased on the database will be that of your hosting provider but not yours.

At present, this service is offered by almost all the web hosts on the web. Here, we have listed some great options in the following that charge you at an affordable price for this special service.

Tip No.2 – Be Careful of Your Blogging Content

Before posting your articles, you need to make sure that there is no detailed information about your life schedules, name, location, job, school and many others concerning your friends, family and colleague. If you really need to share some stories, do not forget to fudge the details to some extent.

Here, you’d never give criminals or cheaters the chance to know who you are by reading your posts carefully.

Tip No.3 – Increase the Security Level of Your Blog Largely

Website security is another critical way to prevent blogging risks. After all, without any loophole or vulnerability, hackers can hardly enter your site to get the essential information about your personal identity and bank account.

In addition, we highly recommend you to use the strong, long and complicated username and password for the access of your blog back-end. If possible, you can change the login credential on a monthly basis for better security.

Tip No.4 – Consider Using Google Voice Number

At present, many services or applications require you to offer your phone number for the proper utilization. In this case, to avoid the exposure of your phone number, we highly recommend you to consider the utilization of Google Voice Number using your Gmail account.


Tip No.5 – Get a PO Box

If you are launching the email marketing or sending the newsletters for the promotion of your site, you’d better get a Post-Office box so that your physical address will not be mentioned to everyone who has subscribed to your newsletters.

Tip No.6 – Limit Your Audience for Some Special Posts

It is possible that you really want to share something personal on your blog site. In this case, you can limit the content to be viewed by your trustful readers only. Or, you can add the registration system on your blog, requiring readers to register and log in before checking your content.

This might result in a negative impact on the boost of your daily traffic but can reduce the blogging risks effectively. Especially, if your blog is mainly about the sharing of your personal stories, this tip is truly worth considering.