How to Display WordPress Tags Used the Most

How to Display WordPress Tags Used the Most

When displaying the web contents on your WordPress site, you need something to sort your blog posts, pages and articles. Generally, people choose to use multiple categories to achieve the sorting feature. But actually, the category can only target some broad groups. However, if you want to focus on the specific ideas, you need to make use of the tags. Previously, we have already told you some tips of WordPress tags. Thus, you know what you should do and what should not. This time, we’d like to tell you how to display WordPress tags used the most.

Frankly speaking, displaying the hottest and the most popular tags on your WordPress sidebar increases the chances for people to read your quality contents. While most of your online traffic is driven by these hot articles that get the high click through rate, this practice can increase your bounce rate and help you get more page views easily.

Make Use of the Default Tag Cloud Widget

The best location for tag showcase must be the sidebar. By default, you can use the Tag Cloud widget to display your tags.

Tag Cloud Widget

This is a default WordPress widget. With it, your tags can appear just like the following screenshot. As you can see, some of these tags can showcase with the bold font, large text size or the capitalized characters.

Tags Sample

If you want to get more weights to the hot tags, you can consider the utilization of the following plugin.

Make Use of the Simple Tags Plugin

The Simple Tags plugin is an extended tagging tool for WordPress sites. With it, you can get the tag suggestion from Alchemy, Yahoo, OpenCalais, Zemanta and many more. For the tag management like renaming, deleting, merging, searching and editing, this plugin gives you the easy try. Even, you edit the mass tags and link the tags to post content automatically.

Finish the Basic Settings

After the installation, you can hit the Settings > Simple Tags button. Here, you have the freedom to enable the features like auto link tags, mass edit terms, auto-completion with the old input and many more. Also, if you want, you can check the Administration section, the Tags for Current Post section and the Meta Keyword section to decide some further configurations based on your needs.

Simple Tags Settings

But here, you need to move to the Tag Cloud option. From this part, you can decide to select and order your tags based on the counter, name or randomly. Here, you need to choose the counter option.

Tag Cloud

Customize the Tag Display

Now, you can click the Appearance > Widgets button. After dragging and dropping the Tag Cloud (Simple Tags) widget into the sidebar, you can customize the display as you like.

  • Decide the maximum tags to showcase.
  • Order the tags based on counter with the descending trend.
  • Determine the minimum and the maximum font size.
  • Choose the unit font size and the format.
  • Select the font color.

Simple Tag Widget

That’s it. Now, your tags can be displayed based on the overall counting. And you can showcase the hottest ones in your sidebar easily.