How to Display Recent Comments in the Sidebar of a WordPress Site

How to Display Recent Comments in the Sidebar of a WordPress Site

Customer comments are important resources that display satisfaction and dissatisfaction. When doing online transactions, people are more likely to trust these opinions than the product descriptions. Therefore, it is important to include a recent comment list to trigger potential purchases.

In below, we are going to introduce two methods about how to display recent comments in the sidebar of your WordPress site. Hopefully, this article can to some extent benefit your business success.

Method One – Use the Default Widget

There is a default widget comes with WordPress to display recent comments. Simply go to “Widgets” > “Appearance” on your sidebar menu. Then, drag the “Recent Comments” widget to the “Widget Area”, where you can set the title and the number of comments you want to display.

Default Widget

Remember to click the “Save” button to store your settings. After that, visit the website and you can see these recent comments. However, showed as below, this default widget only gives the display to the comment author name and post title, which is not informative and effective.

Recent Comments

As a result, we recommend the following method for you to add a recent comment list.

Method Two – Utilize Better WordPress Recent Comments Plugin

We are going to utilize a cool plugin, namely, Better WordPress Recent Comments to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Initialize Better WordPress Recent Comments

The first thing you need to do is enable this plugin, during which you may refer to this WordPress plugin installation post. Once finishing the activation process, you can find it in the “Installed Plugins” section of your sidebar menu.

Plugin Installation

Step 2: Change the general settings

Click the “Settings” link under the plugin name and you will jump to a new page, where you have access to multiple general options. It is possible to define how many comments you want to display on the sidebar of your site and how many comments you want to display for each post. Also, it is a good practice to put newer comments first.

General Settings

Step 3: Modify the format

There are multiple options available to create a great custom layout for your recent comment list, which are detailed as follows.

Firstly, enable Gravatar for WordPress to automatically display the avatar image of a comment author and define the size of each gravatar image. Secondly, if some smile expressions are included in a comment, convert them into icons that are more lively.

Formatting Options

Finally, define the length of post titles and comment excerpts. There are times when some users post wordy comments. In this case, you can put a limit on the comment length, which is usually set as 25 words. Also, you can choose “Let the style handle the overflow” to deal with those lengthy comments.

Step 4: Get more juices

This cool plugin provides you more juices to optimize your recent comment list. In the “Miscellaneous” section, you can set the message templates for multiple cases. Besides, if you want to hide some comments from certain users, enter their IDs in the following blank window and remember to separate them with commas. Ultimately, do not forget to check “Use CSS provided by this plugin” to ensure that the list will work alright.

Miscellaneous Section

After making all the settings as above, click the “Save Changes” button. Then, you can visit your website to check recent comments that are displayed with author avatar images and comment excerpts in action.

Better Recent Comments