How to Display WordPress Author Box for Your Content Contributors

How to Display WordPress Author Box for Your Content Contributors

No matter your website has multiple authors or only has you who write down the quality posts, showcasing the author box is a great practice. Generally, this special box is displayed under the main content in each page. With it, you can add the introductory information for the author who writes the content. Frankly speaking, this special part can enhance the personality and professionalism of your site. Thus, this time, we’d like to introduce how to display WordPress author box for your content contributors.

Note that you can do this by editing your theme code. But for most webmasters, we think the utilization of Fancier Author Box plugin is the best option.

Utilize the Fancier Author Box Plugin

This plugin allows you to easily give the identity for your content authors. This way, you can generate the detailed introduction for them, along with the easy method for following and connection.

Set Up for the Display Settings

Before introducing your authors, you firstly need to decide how this special box will be showcased in your posts, pages and the custom posts. To make the decision, you need to click the Fancier Author Box button from the Settings tab after the plugin installation.

Here, you can choose the display location of the author box on your pages and posts. For instance, you can showcase the box below the content, above the content or both. Besides, if you want, you can choose to show the latest posts edited by this author. Here, you have the freedom to decide the number of the recent posts.

Author Box Display Settings

In addition to the display location, you also need to determine some color settings. From this part, you can choose the color schemes for the background, border and text of the inactive tab, active tab and the tabbed content.

Author Box Color Settings

Enter the Author Box Details

As the basic settings are done already, now, it’s time to finish the details that showcase in the author box. For this, you need to click the Users > Your Profile button. Here, you can navigate to the About Yourself section. From this area, you can share your biographical information and choose the profile picture to upload.

About Yourself

After that, you can scroll down to the Fancier Author Box User Details section. From this part, you firstly can decide whether to display the author box on all the posts and articles that are edited by you. In addition, you can offer the username or the profile URL for your accounts of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more. Note that this plugin supports the tight integration of up to 10 large and popular social media platforms.

Fancier Author Box User Details

Also, if you want, you can enter some other information such your position, your company name and the company URL.

This is what to do if your site only has a single author. However, if your WordPress site has multiple editors, you need to inform your contributors of doing so after logging in their accounts. Or, you can do this on your own by editing the profiles of your authors.

Now, the special author box can be displayed just like the following example.

Author Box