How to Display the Pay With A Tweet Button in WordPress

How to Display the Pay With A Tweet Button in WordPress

It is possible that you decide to provide some free or paid downloads on your WordPress site. These can be the freebies to reward your loyal users, the free giveaway to attract the new visitors, the free trial of your new offering or the paid documents for your advanced content. No matter what reason is, you must want more and more people to know the existence of these downloads. This time, we’d like to introduce an effective method – display the pay with a tweet button in WordPress.

With this special button displayed, people can download your offerings only when they share your downloading on their Twitter accounts. Frankly speaking, with the immense user base of Twitter, this practice can speak out your downloading information effectively.

Make Use of the Pay with A Tweet Plugin

Among all the methods you can use to achieve this goal, the utilization of the Pay with A Tweet plugin can save you much time and effort. With this plugin, you can add and showcase the button that requires people to download your files after they publish the tweet about your offering. Note that you have the freedom to showcase different buttons by using the offered widget or the shortcode.

Now, you can check the below listed steps to learn how to use this plugin easily.

Step 1 – Finish the General Plugin Settings

Firstly, you should click the Configuration button from the dropdown list of the Pay with a Tweet tab. From this settings page, you have to enter the Twitter consumer key and the corresponding secret of your associated Twitter application.

General Plugin Settings

If you already have the Twitter App, you can enter its dashboard directly to get the needed information. If not, you have to create one in advance. For this, you need to check this Twitter Developers page and sign in using your Twitter account credential.

Create Twitter App

Now, you can create the application by clicking the Create New App button after the successful logging-in.

Create New App

After that, you should finish the application details.

  • Name – You should give a name for your application with the 32 characters at the maximum.
  • Description – You need to give this app the proper description. The descriptive words will appear in the authorization screens.
  • Website – For this field, you need to enter your website domain, from where people can get more information about this application.
  • Callback URL – The callback URL is already offered by this plugin. Here, you need to go back to the plugin settings screen, where you can find the needed URL.

After entering the needed information, now, you only need to click the Create button after checking the box to agree with the terms and services.

Now, you can check the dashboard of your application. Here, you need to click the Permissions button to decide the type of access for this application. By default, the new application has the read-only access. This time, you need to change the type to the option of Read and Write.

After updating the settings, you now can hit the Test OAuth button. This way, you can find the key and secret you need. And then, you should copy and paste them to the corresponding location on the plugin settings page.

Step 2 – Upload the Files People Can Download

Now, you have already integrated your Twitter account with your WordPress site to make use of this great function. And then, you should upload the files that people can download from your website.

For this, you need to click the Upload Files button from the Pay With A Tweet tab. Here, you can upload the file the same way as you do to the default WordPress media. For instance, you can drop the file from your local computer or click the Select Files button.

Upload the Files

In addition, you can click the Manage Files button to check all the files you have uploaded.

Step 3 – Create the Payment Button

Next, you should generate the pay with a tweet button for your downloading files. For this, you need to click the New Payment button. Here, you should finish the following 4 practices.

Create the Payment Button

  • You should give a title for this button, such as “Download this xxx”.
  • You need to enter the exact message that people can publish on their Twitter account. The message needs to be as clear and attractive as possible.
  • You can upload the exclusive image for this button.
  • You need to choose the exact file that can use this button.

In addition, after uploading your files, you can click the Create Payment button directly to generate the button for the file exclusively.

Step 4 – Display the Pay with A Tweet Button

Now, you can move to the Manage Your Buttons section. Here, you can find the shortcode for the payment button you have created previously. Now, you simply need to copy and paste it to anywhere you are looking to display this special button.

This way, people can find and download your file by clicking the payment button. After that, they will be prompted to share the downloading on Twitter so as to get the downloading process finished successfully.

Button Shortcode