How to Display Facebook Video in WordPress

How to Display Facebook Video in WordPress

As researched online, the Facebook video can generate more than 8 billion checks and views for each single day. This fact indicates that the Facebook video now has become one of the major players for any video display. In this case, many WordPress users decide to use it to benefit their website running.

In the following, we’d like to introduce how to display Facebook video in WordPress.

What You Can Get from Facebook Video

Before telling you how to achieve the integration between Facebook video and your WordPress site, we firstly would like to tell you the main benefits of doing so.

  • Get more social networking traffic – The most importantly, you can take the huge advantage of the live streaming to attract more traffic from Facebook video to your WordPress site.
  • Better promote your Facebook account and Facebook Fan page – In fact, this is a win-win practice. While getting more social networking traffic, you can also bring your loyal website visitors to your Facebook pages easily. The Facebook video can work as the supplementary item to your Facebook Like button or the Follow button.

How to Display Facebook Video in WordPress

To begin with, you should target the Facebook video you are looking to showcase on your WordPress site. After that, you can copy its address by right clicking the date or the timestamp below the profile name. And then, you need to hit the Copy Link Address button.

In addition, you can also directly right click on the Facebook video, and then, choose the Show Video URL option from the dropdown list.

Facebook Timestamp

Make Use of Facebook SDK for JavaScript

Only having the video address is not enough. In addition, you also need to add the JavaScript SDK of Facebook to your WordPress site. For this, you should enter this embedded video player page of Facebook.

Here, you need to paste the video address you have copied previously. Note that if you need, you can also decide the display width of this video on your page in pixels. And then, you need to hit the Get Code button.

Facebook Video Get Code Button

Now, you can check a popup box that looks like the following.

Facebook SDK for JavaScript

Here, you firstly need to choose the APP ID if you have multiple options, along with the exact language you prefer. After that, you need to copy and paste the lines of codes from the “step 2” section to the header of your template. This requires you to open and edit the header.php file. Note that the coding stuff should be added after the opening body tag.

Next, you can copy the code presented in the “step 3” section to wherever you want this Facebook video to display, including your posts, pages or the text widget. Now, you can publish the content and the Facebook video will appear in the proper manner.

At present, Facebook allows the automatic showcase of the video. In this case, if you want your video to display automatically on your WordPress site, you can add the following line to the second embedded code.

Check the real example in the following.

Facebook Video Auto-Display