How to Display Estimated Reading Time in WordPress

How to Display Estimated Reading Time in WordPress

It is important to encourage people to read your blog posts and retain them for as much long time as possible. To achieve this, you may have made a lot of efforts, such as build up the website loyalty and brand image, improve the page ranking with the better SEO, carefully write the attractive web content, use the hot keywords, discuss the popular topics and pick up the eye-catching headline. These are the most traditional ways. Actually, you can also make use of some creative methods. This time, we’d like to introduce one of them – how to display estimated reading time in WordPress.

Actually, before starting reading some articles, many people are wondering how long the article is and how much time they will spend. In this case, you can showcase the pagination or the reading progress bar, which inform people of how many contents are left unread. In addition, you can also showcase the reading time calculation. In this case, your readers can be highly encouraged after knowing that they only need to take a few minutes to go through the whole article.

Install the Reading Time WP Plugin

Here, you can make use of the Reading Time WP plugin. This plugin helps you add the estimated reading time for your blog post easily. Here, you just need to navigate to Settings > Reading Time WP after the plugin installation. And then, you can decide the following values.

  • Reading time label – The text that will appear before the reading time. You can leave it blank.
  • Reading time postfix – The text that will appear after the reading time. Generally, this value is “minutes”.
  • Reading time postfix singular – If you use “minutes” as the postfix, you should enter the value of “minute”. If you use “hours” or “seconds” as the postfix, you should enter the value of “hour” or “second”.
  • Words per minute – This decides the average reading speed for the common adults. Generally, the default value is 300 words per minute. You can adjust the value based on the difficulty and readability of your contents.
  • Insert reading time – You can showcase the value before the content and before the excerpt.

Reading Time WP Plugin Settings

In addition, you can use the [rt_reading_time] shortcode to display the estimated reading time at any location you want.

Reading Time WP Plugin Sample

Install the LP Estimated Reading Time Plugin

The LP Estimated Reading Time plugin works the same way as the first plugin recommendation. In its settings page, you also need to decide the reading speed that is based on minute. However, as compared with the Reading Time WP plugin, this one allows you to show the estimated time in the homepage or the archive pages, but not limited to the blog posts. As for the drawback, the reading time postfix can only be “minutes”. No other options available.

LP Estimated Reading Time Settings