How to Display Date and Time Widget in WordPress

How to Display Date and Time Widget in WordPress

Do you want to display date and time widget in WordPress? Having the local time displayed, you will leave a good impression on readers that you attach a great importance to the consistency and regularity of your WordPress posts. There are more than one methods available for you to get the desired effect. However, things will be much easier with an exclusive widget. You can add a widget to your footer or sidebar area for showcasing the local date and time in WordPress. For the convenience, an exclusive plugin “Date and Time Widget” is ready to be at your service whenever you need.

Display Date and Time Widget in WordPress

With more than 6,000 users and 4 out of 5 stars, The Date and Time Widget plugin has been tested by the market. There is no need for you to manually edit the date with the plugin. From this perspective, you can save much time and concentrate more on your content. In this article, we assume that you are a beginner who needs detailed guidance.

Step 1: Install Date and Time Widget

It goes without saying that you need to download and active the plugin in order to extend the functionality. On the Plugins > Add New page, a search bar is available for you to quickly find the plugin. After a click on “Install Now” and “Activate” button, a new widget will be added to the Appearance > Widgets page.

Step 2: Drag and Drop the Widget

Frankly speaking, you have the freedom to choose a certain location for date and time. However, we advise you to add the widget into your sidebar area for the better utilization experience.

Step 3: Configure the Widget

It is considerate for the plugin to give you much flexibility to decide how you want date and time displayed on your WordPress site. We would like to give some tips for you to better configure the settings.

Display Date and Time Widget

  • Time Format: There is a possibility that you just want to show date. In this case, you should select “None” from the dropdown. Otherwise, you are free to choose any of the other four formats for time.
  • Date Format: you can read how to decide Time Format for reference.
  • Font Family: The font of date and time is in accordance with that of your theme. In this way, you don’t need to alter the font unless it is necessary.
  • Font Size: For the better layout, you are advised to set a proper size for the font.
  • Color: You have the ability to decide the color for text and background. A principle is that you cannot ignore the overall web design.

Custom Design

Step 4: Save Your Changes

Having finished your settings, the widget will work as expectations when you save the changes. To check whether you have done the job, you should pay a visit to any post or page. Below is the screenshot for our settings.

Wrap Up

Take it easy because all the steps are easy to be performed. It is also possible for you to remove date from WordPress posts and pages to hide that your website lacks regularity.