DiscountASP.NET Coupon & Promotion – 50% Off

DiscountASP.NET Coupon & Promotion – 50% Off

Looking for DiscountASP.NET coupon codes? They didn’t have coupon code, but here is a DiscountASP.NET promotional link for 50% off, which cuts the price of the hosting service at $5/mo.

DiscountASP.NET hosting is pricing for $10/mo and accepts 2 billing method – quarterly plan and yearly plan. The consumers visit their website directly can get 3 months for free for yearly plan that the effective price is $7.5/mo.

In fact, there is a better promotion, you can get the DiscountASP.NET hosting for $5/mo if you’re activating the promotion below.

DiscountASP.NET Promotional Link Activation

Besides this new compelling rate, the DiscountASP.NET hosting includes the following cutting-edge features,

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 & IIS 8.x.
  • 1000 MB disk space, 80 GB monthly bandwidth & 500 mail boxes.
  • ASP.NET 4.5.1, ASP.NET MVC 4, Silverlight 5 & WebSockets.
  • Full Trust & up to 512MB dedicated memory.