How to Disable Right-Click in WordPress

How to Disable Right-Click in WordPress

All the contents displayed on your WordPress site are the intellectual property owned by you, so you might want to protect them from being copied and stolen by some other webmasters without your permission. Moreover, if your site is a photo gallery one that displays a lot of images designed or photographed by you, this kind of protection is especially crucial.

Actually, you cannot stop people from stealing your web contents in a complete manner, but at least, you can make this practice a little bit harder. Here, disabling the feature of right-click can be an effective practice to prevent the most common content thefts. After all, people generally choose to right click your contents and click the Save As button for stealing.

In the following, we have introduced how to disable right-click in WordPress with two options.

Option 1 – Use the No Right Click Image One

The No Right Click Image is a simple plugin that helps you easily disallow people to right click your contents for saving and stealing. Note that this plugin uses and installs the exclusive JavaScript in the footer section of each page. In this case, when the page stops loading, the JavaScript can stop all your images from being right clicked and dragged.

To use this plugin effectively, you only need to access into its settings page and complete the following listed configurations.

  • Whether to replace the target images with a default one when people right click on it. Note that the URL of the replacement image should be entered correctly.
  • Whether to prevent the actions of drag and drop. Personally, we think you’d better do so, for many people may drag your images to their desktop for stealing.
  • Whether to allow your registered and logged-in site visitors to right click your images.
  • Whether to deter people from pressing your images to get the Save button on the mobile phone.

No Right Click Image Settings

Option 2 – Use the Content Copy Protection One

As the first plugin mainly helps you better safeguard your images, the Content Copy Protection plugin also can effectively protect your post contents from being stolen and copied by some other webmasters. In addition, this special plugin disables the keys of “CTRL + V”, “CTRL + A”, “CTRL + X”, “CTRL + C” and “CTRL + S”. Also, if people are looking to right click and save your images or words, they will be warned with an alert message.

To use this tool, you only need to finish the most basic plugin settings upon installation as we have mentioned in the following.

Main Settings

For the most basic protection layer that is achieved by the JavaScript, you can enable the protection for your post contents, the homepage and the static pages. If people want to copy your contents, you can show them the warning message such as “the content is protected”.

Main Settings

Advanced Right Click Protection

This is the second protection layer that allows you to disable the right click action on all the elements showcased on your blog posts, homepage and the static webpages.

Right Click Protection

CSS Protection

The last protection layer uses some CSS tricks and techniques, which can ensure a high level of content security if JavaScript is disallowed by the browsers of your readers. However, the free version of this plugin only allows the CSS protection for the homepage. If you want your posts and pages to be protected using CSS, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

CSS Protection