DigitalOcean Review on VPS Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean Review on VPS Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean, founded in 2011, is a relatively new player in the world of VPS cloud hosting. The web host is based in New York City and has configured millions of VPS cloud servers for over 400,000 global clients. Its simple cloud hosting has been featured in many reputable publications like The New Your Times and Business Insider.

In terms of prices and hardware features, DigitalOcean is indeed a stand-out option for cloud beginners. In below, let’s go deep into the price and feature details of this company, along with some need-to-know disadvantages.

DigitalOcean Review

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    $5/mo, no discount available!

DigitalOcean Advantages

Pay-As-You-Grow pricing

DigitalOceanl applies two most popular pricing systems for the cloud hosting – monthly and hourly billing. As shown, its hourly charges are quite user-friendly, and the intro-level plan is fixed at $0.007/hr only. In this way, new starters won’t pay much over the monthly fees even though their cloud servers work for most of the time.

DigitalOcean Hourly Charges

Frankly, it’s hard to find another hosting provider that offers 512MB memory and SSD hard drive for only $5/mo. That’s why DigitalOcean is a great option for small-to-medium sized websites. Also, it won’t cost a lot for server upgrade, and additional bandwidth will be charged $0.02 per GB. The supported payments include Visa, Discover, American Express, MasterCard as well as PayPal.

Scalable resources

A spotlight of DigitalOcean cloud hosting is each plan comes standard with solid state drives. Furthermore, there are many RAM options and data transfer possibilities out there:

  • CPU – Different cloud servers have from 1 to 20 core processors. This is a great range to choose from.
  • Data Transfer – Different plans provide 1TB to 9TB bandwidth for free, and an extra $0.02 is required for every next GB.
  • Disk Storage – The most basic plan supports 20 GB storage powered by solid state drives, while the top offer allows 640 GB disk space.
  • RAM – Every virtual server has at least 512 MB memory, and the most expensive one includes up to 64 GB memory. Really a tremendous number.

Meanwhile, it’s super-simple to create new “Droplets” (a place where website files and database are included), and installing Docker, Rails as well as GitLab software won’t take more than 55 seconds. Due to the name spaced API, DigitalOcean users can also have complete control over their virtual private servers. For operating system, this company only supports Linux distributions, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora as well as CentOS.

Stable server and high availability

DigitalOcean has a total of four data centers located at New Your City, San Francisco, Amsterdam Netherlands and Equinix, Telx. Though there is little data regarding its real stability, this company promises to offer 99.99% uptime SLA. Based on our monitoring results from Uptime Robot, it averages 99.98% during the past month.

DigitalOcean Uptime Report

To enhance cloud performance, this cloud host performs automatic server backups periodically. The capacity and redundancy of its servers are integrated with tier-1 networks and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections.

Shorter-than-average loading time

What differentiates DigitalOcean from other cloud vendors is the high-performance “Solid State Disks”. As shown, the loading time of this company averages 1.09s, which is much shorter than most companies.

DigitalOcean Server Response Time

DigitalOcean Disadvantages

Refunds are not allowed

DigitalOcean has outlined in the “Terms of Service” that there is no satisfaction or money back guarantee in the cloud hosting. That means, clients wishing to discontinue the service for whatever reasons won’t get a refund, be full or pro-rated. This is undoubtedly unfair for purchasers knowing little about this company before.

DigitalOcean Refund Policy

Custom control panel doesn’t support Windows OS

Server management and software installation can be performed via a custom control panel of DigitalOcean. It’s configured with simple interface and useful tools, allowing site owners to snapshot, create or resize a server within few clicks. However, there is no option to install a mobile app, and some cloud features like fail-over, firewall and HA are not supported.

Droplet One-Click Install

As there is no Windows server option inside the droplet, it’s better to look somewhere else to run Windows applications.

Phone call support is not available

DO (DigitalOcean) attaches special attention to customer service and the support portals are:

  • Email & IRC Channel – Both of DO support and sales team can be contacted via ticketing system and live chat. A typical ticket can be responded within several minutes.
  • Hosting Tutorials – As this company is a pure Linux type of service, average consumers will learn many comprehensive solutions for Linux-related issues.
  • Community – There is a vibrant DO community where users can freely exchange ideas and experiences from development to production with each other.
  • Frequently-Asked Questions – The customer questions are carefully classified into four types: “Newest”, “Popular”, “Trending” and “Unanswered”. This section is frequently updated by registered users.
  • DigitalOcean Community

As DigitalOcean is quite active on social media, it’s possible to seek helpful assistance through social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus as well as Instagram. However, phone call support is not available for anxious users, and working time for email and chat support is not clear.

DigitalOcean Review Summary – Not Recommended

Obviously, DigitalOcean has flexible pricing, scalable resources as well as satisfying performance. However, the absence of termination policy and phone call support makes this company far away from a recommendable option for serious users. In the following, we’ve listed those trustworthy VPS hosting providers, all of which are unbeatable on resource allocation and performance.