How to Add Different Background Images for WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Add Different Background Images for WordPress Posts and Pages

WordPress is the number one choice for many bloggers and webmasters. The main reason for this selection is the great flexibility ensured by this script. With it, you can set up any kind of website as you like and publish any kind of web content based on your needs. Even, WordPress gives you the enough freedom to use the different background for different posts. This time, we’d like to introduce two easy ways of how to add different background images for WordPress posts and pages.

Frankly speaking, this practice is pretty suitable for people who are looking for the stylish design or the uniqueness. In addition, if your website is a large and content-rich one, you can showcase different background images for posts that are within different categories. This way, people can be aware of your content organization easily.

Make Use of the WP-Background Lite Plugin

Of course, you can add the different background images to different posts and pages by using the simple PHP function or the CSS coding stuff. However, if this choice is not your cup of tea, we highly recommend an easier option – make use of the WP-Background Lite plugin.

This powerful tool allows you to display the full-screen background images for all the single blog posts or the pages on your WordPress site. Even, you have the right to apply the link to each background image. Note that this plugin works fine with all the main and modern browsers, so you do not need to worry about the compatibility issue.

Upon the plugin installation, you can optionally click the Settings > WP-Backgrounds Lite button to decide some plugin settings. For instance, you can enter the z-index value for your background layer, the ID or the class for the container or the wrapper, the z-index value for your content layer and many more.

WP-Backgrounds Lite Settings

Now, you can enter the blog posts or the pages that you are looking to add the unique background images. Here, from the InoPlugins WP-Background Image box, you can upload or select your target image and assign it as the background one. In addition, if needed, you can also apply the link to it.

InoPlugins WP-Background Image Box

Make Use of the WPCustom Category Image Plugin

It is possible that you do not want to add the background images one by one, but based on different categories. If so, you can think about the WPCustom Category Image plugin. This one allows you to upload and to display the custom background images for different content categories.

There is no need to set up this plugin. In this case, after the successful installation, you can click the Categories or the Taxonomy button from the Posts or the custom post type option of your WordPress admin panel.

After entering the name and slug, you can upload the background image easily by clicking the Upload/Edit Image button. This way, all the blog posts or the webpages that are within this special category will be displayed with the background image you have selected now.

Upload/Edit Image