How to Delete the Date of WordPress Comments to Make Discussion Fresh

How to Delete the Date of WordPress Comments to Make Discussion Fresh

There is no need to emphasize how important the comment is for any kind of website. With all the comments left by your readers, you can know what they are thinking about your contents easily. In this case, we have already told you how to get more comments previously. These new words are the important information for you to analyze your contents and readers, But how about your old comments? This time, we’d like to introduce how to delete the date of WordPress comments to make discussion fresh all the times.

At present, more and more webmasters have realized the importance to drive people’s attention to their old blog posts. The same goes for the comments on your website. It is normal for people to ignore the ageing and old comments. However, many of these old comments bear the critical information. To prevent people from missing the important and useful information, you can remove the comment date so that people will not skip over the comments that are published a few months or even years ago.

Method One – Edit Your Template Code

If you have the experience to edit the style.css file of your current website temple, you can adopt this method. Here, you simply need to enter the admin panel and click the Appearance > Editor button. Now, you should find the style.css file.

style.css File

Next, you just need to paste the following CSS snippet into this file. Note that the exact location should be the bottom section.

Delete Comment Date Code

Method Two – Make Use of the Better Recent Comments Plugin

Another way to remove the comment date is by using the plugins. Here, you can use the Better Recent Comments plugin. With it, you can get more options to show the comments in the way you like.

By default, this plugin will showcase your comments on the sidebar with the help of the Better Recent Comments widget. You just need to drag the widget into the proper location of the sidebar. Here, after entering the comment number, you should decide whether to show avatar, date and post link of the comments. As your aim is to remove the date, here, you should not tick the checkbox of the Show Date option.

Better Recent Comments Widget

In addition to the sidebar area, you actually can showcase the comments without the publishing date at any location of your website. For this, you need to make use of the following shortcode. Note that you can paste the code into any section as you like. And the comment number can be changed based on your needs.

Better Recent Comments Shortcode