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Best Dedicated Server Hosting – Cost Effective Choices

Looking for the best-dedicated server hosting which is also cost-effective for medium and large-sized sites? InMotion dedicated server hosting is awarded as the best dedicated server hosting for strong reliability, high performance and professional technical support for an affordable cost.

Top Businesses’ Cost-Effective Choice

InMotion Hosting ( was founded in 2001 designed for all sizes of businesses. The InMotion dedicated servers are the well-known cost-effective offers in the hosting industry. They provide the entry-class dedicated servers starting at $119.95/mo for small and medium-sized business and also provides the commercial-class dedicated servers for up to $600/mo for large e-commerce, government, portal or social websites.

Based on our editor’s real experience and in-depth research, we highly recommend InMotion dedicated server hosting for people who’re looking for a trusted and reliable hosting provider.

Choosing a dedicated server hosting provider is not as simple as choosing a budget shared web hosting plan, because it’s the matter of hundreds even over a thousand dollars. The motivation of people going with a dedicated server is for the high requirement of the reliability, performance and support. Nowadays, there are a few small companies having unbelievable dedicated servers as low as $60/mo, but almost all of them cost down following similar ways:

  1. Cut dedicated hosting features & offer a barebone server,
  2. Choose budget & cheap data centers with unreliable internet bandwidth providers,
  3. Save investment on hiring experts for technical support,
  4. Use obsolete PCs for servers.

In the following chapters, we review the InMotion dedicated server hosting reliability, performance, technical support, features and price, and disclose why InMotion hosting could be awarded as the best dedicated server hosting after our editors had reviewed 10+ famous dedicated server hosting providers since 2009, including GoDaddy, SingleHop, Codero, etc.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting > Reliability

InMotion has 2 dedicated data centers in the West and East Coast of US, all the InMotion dedicated servers are hosted in the 5-star PCI compliant data centers which have several managed access points to control servers. They utilize N+2 power systems with multiple battery, 4x 800KW UPS devices, diesel power sources and wind power sources to increase the reliability of the data centers in case of public energy failure. The data centers are both built with 5 separate physical fiber lines from 4 Internet bandwidth providers with the Internet bandwidth exceeding 15,000 MBits totally, and the BGP4 network to efficiently prevent downtime in case of interruption of any network connection or hardware.

In the past 2 years, there is no accident for InMotion hosting on the serious network or server break. For the site hosted with InMotion, the monitored hosting uptime is over 99.9% consistently and it’s 100% available for October 2012.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting > Performance

The InMotion dedicated server is the fastest of the 10+ servers which our editors have reviewed even we only choose the cheapest InMotion dedicated server plan Essential for $119.95/mo. The average response time of a WordPress site is only 255ms per page in October 2012 that it’s 200% faster than our experience using GoDaddy dedicated servers in the last year.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting > Technical Support

InMotion Hosting is an employee-owned and operated company. Their employees average over 4 years of hosting experience and are backed by senior staff with over 10 years of hosting operation experience. They have broken and fixed just about everything web hosting related which can be broken and fixed in the staff training. Combining this experience and knowledge with friendly staff and responsive management yields the InMotion hosting top-rated technical support team.

InMotion hosting always takes the time to completely answer their customer questions – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides very responsive & professional technical support that it’s proven with holding times that average less than 30 seconds, the customers are assured to be helped with the people who know how to help through toll-free telephone (888-321-HOST), live chat, email ticket systems.

In fact, InMotion provides 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that the customers will always get reliable hosting, competent technical support, and professional service – or they will get the full money back in the first 30 days or post-rated money back anytime.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting > Features

All the servers are 100% premium DELL servers and set up with CentOS 6 (Enterprise Class Linux). InMotion provides the service of 2 hours hardware replacement and guarantees top tier network 99.9% uptime.

InMotiong hosting provides 5 dedicated server hosting plans, named Essential ($119.95/mo), Advanced Dedicated Server ($139.95/mo), Elite ($189.95/mo), Commercial Class 1 ($469.96/mo), and Commercial Class 2 – 24 Threads ($569.96/mo). Based on the real hosting experience on Essential, Advanced Dedicated Server and Elite, we highly recommend these 3 plans for all the small and mediun sites with the traffic less than 20,000 unique visitors daily for the rich features besides the reliability and performance.

FeatureInMotion EssentialInMotion AdvancedInMotion Elite
CPUIntel Core E5400 (2.4GHz Dual Core)Intel Xeon 3430 (2.4GHz Turbo Quad Core)Intel Xeon 3440 (2.53GHz Turbo Quad Core)
Disk Space2x 160GB500GB500GB (RAID 1 Fault Tolerant)
Monthly Bandwidth4TB6TB8TB
IP Addresses51015
Control PanelFull CPanel License ($425/year value)
Guarantee30 FULL money back guarantee & ANYTIME post-rated money back guarantee
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Best Dedicated Server Hosting > Conclusion

InMotion hosting is the most recommended business-class web host. Besides the excellent dedicated server hosting service, the InMotion business-class web hosting and VPS both have a good reputation in the industry.

General Knowledge about Dedicated Server Hosting

The dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting, with which you can get an entire server but not the shared one that is also used by anyone else. This hosting type is much more flexible than the common shared hosting and VPS hosting. After all, you can have full control over the whole server, such as the selection of the operating system and hardware.

To put it simply, if you choose to sign up for dedicated hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of a high level of email stability, security, performance and control.

However, as dedicated hosting has a relatively high price, this hosting type is mostly adopted by some websites that keep receiving a large volume of traffic on a daily basis, such as the popular online stores or some business sites.

In the following, we have listed some pros and cons for the dedicated hosting, from which you can figure out whether this hosting type is suitable for you or not.


  • You can have your own server and can do anything you want, without the necessity to share the machine with many others.
  • You can grow your site without the need to worry about the storage and bandwidth.
  • Your installed applications and the overall sites can load fast, without being slowed down by other people.
  • You will not receive any complaint due to the sudden traffic spike on your site.
  • You can lock down your server to fight against attacks.


  • This hosting type is truly expensive.
  • For some non-technical webmasters, it might be difficult to set up.
  • If you want to deal with the unexpected catastrophe, you may need to take time and money to ask for the help from an in-house technician.
  • If the server crashes, it might be difficult to bring your site back online.

Tips to choose the best dedicated server hosting

  • CPU – The cores are used to process the instructions coming from computer programs, and multiple cores can work simultaneously. More cores make the process faster. The processing speed is measured in GHz.
  • RAM – RAM is the abbreviation of Random Access Memory, used to speed up the information delivery to CPU. The information is delivered from RAM instead of being from a hard drive.
  • Control Panel – The enhanced cPanel to help people take full control over the dedicated server. With the graphic interface, people can view all the functions clearly, and they can manage the database, files, email accounts, and many other features with ease.
  • Storage & Bandwidth – More storage means people can store as much data as they want to the hardware. Besides, with enough bandwidth, a large amount of data can be transmitted to and from the dedicated server smoothly.

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