How to Credit Multiple Authors for WordPress Posts

How to Credit Multiple Authors for WordPress Posts

There are a lot of challenges you need to face when running a multi-author WordPress site. For instance, you need to showcase different author boxes for different posts, maintain the consistent editorial workflow, display a clear author list and many more. Now, there is a new concern – credit multiple authors for WordPress posts.

In fact, it is possible that some of your posts, especially the lengthy and content-rich ones, are not finished by a single writer. Instead, the web contents are contributed by a lot of co-workers. Some of them do the topic research, some write down the words, some design the layout and others do the proofreading. If so, you cannot only credit the single author for that article, but need to credit multiple people. This practice confirms their hard work and achieves the better management for your content contribution. In this case, here, we’d like to introduce you how to do this without any hassle.

Utilize the Co-Authors Plus Plugin

To achieve this goal, we highly recommend you to leverage the special plugin of Co-Authors Plus. With it, you can assign multiple authors and editors to a single webpage, blog post and the custom post types using a special search box. Note that the co-editors can edit all the posts that are associated. In addition, these blog posts will appear on a newly added archive page and feed that are named as co-authors.

Add the Guest Authors

This plugin does not require you to do some configuration works after the installation. Instead, you can directly click the Guest Authors button from the Users tab. Note that if your co-authors already have the user accounts on your WordPress site, you can pass this step. However, if the content is contributed by some guest authors, you can add them to your site without the need to create the WordPress user accounts.

After hitting the Guest Authors button, you need to click the Add New button to add the new author. From the next page, you should enter the display name of this author. If you are looking for the better management and clarification, you also can enter the real first name and the last name.

Guest Authors Name

Next, you need to enter the contact information of the author. Here, this plugin allows you to enter the email address, website URL, AIM account, Yahoo IM account and the Google Talk account.

Contact Information

Lastly, you can enter some descriptive words that act as the biographical information for this author.

Biographical Information

Do not forget to save and publish this author.

Credit Multiple Authors for A Single Blog Post

Now, you can start crediting multiple authors for some of your blog posts. To achieve this, you simply need to go to the editing screen of your target post. From the bottom section, you can find the special Authors meta box.

By default, this plugin will credit you – the site admin – as the post author. However, you can click on the word of “admin” to make the changes. Here, you can choose to edit the field with the exact author name. In addition, you can leverage the search-as-you-type search box to find your target authors. Even, you can drag and drop the author names to rearrange the display order in the front-end.

Add Authors

That’s it. The final result just looks like the following.

Credit Multiple Authors for A Single Blog Post