How to Create WordPress Social Feed

How to Create WordPress Social Feed

At present, browsing the popular social networking platforms has become a daily habit for most people to acquire the latest news or information and to share something on the web. In this case, many webmasters who are looking to increase their daily traffic and to achieve the better online exposure choose to leverage these platforms. Especially, things can be much better if you are actively posting quality content on Facebook, putting up photos on Instagram, offering pins on Pinterest, sending tweets on Twitter and many more.

Now, you might be wondering how to start the utilization of these social media to get the best and the most effective results. Previously, we have shared some social marketing trends in recently years. This time, we’d like to introduce a new technique of generating the social feed.

After displaying these feeds on your posts and pages, people can easily view your latest information shared on these platforms, achieving a prompt and tight connection with your social accounts. This can increase your social media followers and better promote your content on these platforms. Now, you can check the below two methods about how to create WordPress social feed.

Method 1 – Utilize the GC Social Wall Plugin

This plugin can effectively ease your burden for creating and exporting the feeds and records from the social networks to your WordPress site, which include Twitter, Facebook, VK, Instagram and Vimeo.

Now, you can install the GC Social Wall plugin and activate it from the WordPress admin panel. After that, you need to click the GC Social Wall button from the menu section. Here, you can check the available feeds from the right side and can drag it to the left sidebar for activation. If you do not want to showcase the feeds of some of them, you simply need to drag them back.

GC Social Wall Plugin

Now, you can open each of these feeds to make some configurations, such as the maximum number of symbols displayed per post and the number of posts for each load. In addition, you need to enter the name of your Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram client ID, Vimeo account and VK account. There are two tips we need to mention for this step.

  • Facebook feed and Twitter feed require you to enter the ID and key of Facebook application, as well as the consumer key and the consumer secret of Twitter. It is true that this plugin fills out these fields by default, but we still recommend you to offer your own information for the better security and proper feed display.
  • To display the Instagram feed, you should choose among 4 search types – popular terms, tags, location ID and user feed.

Feed Details

In addition, you can determine whether to showcase the author panel, switch button and the counter for the feed display. Even, you can choose to auto-load these feeds or not.

Author Panel

It is possible that you do not want to use the default icon to indicate each social feed. If so, you can move to this Font Awesome page to find your desired icon, and then, paste the right CSS class into the Icon section of the feed details.

Feed Icon

Now, you can save the settings for all the social feeds and move to the bottom of this screen. Here, you can find the automatically generated shortcode. Just click the Select All button to copy, and then, paste the code into the right webpage that you are looking to display these social feeds.

Copy Shortcode

Note that this plugin will show your feeds in a masonry style. Check how they will look like as below.

GC Social Wall Sample

Method 2 – Utilize the Feed Them Social Plugin

As compared with the first plugin, the Feed Them Social plugin adds two more options of Pinterest and YouTube. To use it, you should click the Feed Them button from the dashboard and then click the Settings button. Here, you need to decide a few basic settings such as whether to display the admin bar menu for multiple social feeds, choose the date format and time zone and disable the popup CSS if you have some problems with your templates or plugins.

Feed Them Social Settings

In addition, you can decide some detailed settings for the feeds of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, such as the language for display, the quantity of showcased posts, the display of button types, placement and color, as well as some feed styles for link color and font size.

Social Feed Options

Now, you can go back to the main settings page of this plugin. Here, you can choose a social network for getting started.

Select Social Network

After that, you will be presented with a shortcode generator page, from which you need to finish some settings such as choosing the feed type, entering the account ID, deciding the post visibility and many more. Note that different social feeds may require you to configure different settings, all of which are easy to be understood.

Now, you can click the Generate Shortcode button and paste the code into your exclusive social feed showcase page.

Generate Shortcode

Your social feeds will be displayed in the following manner.

Feed Them Social Plugin Sample

Comparison of These Two Options

In fact, both of these two plugins have some benefits. In this case, if you are looking for the masonry display, you can choose the first option. However, if you want to create and showcase more feeds, you can consider the second one.