How to Create a WordPress Pricing Table

How to Create a WordPress Pricing Table

A pricing table is often used to compare and highlight the differences between your offerings. However, adding pricing tables to WordPress sales page using CSS code can be a challenging task, as the code would conflict with your child or parent themes if edited incorrectly. That’s why WordPress plugins come in handy.

In this example, we will use the Easy Pricing Tables to show how to quickly create and style your pricing tables in WordPress. Meanwhile, there are some alternative options for your selection.

About Easy Pricing Tables

Overall, this “Easy Pricing Tables” is best suited for local marketers, service providers, businesses, bloggers and anyone else providing services/products with multiple pricing tiers. It is owned by Fatcat Apps and works right with any WordPress themes. As for functions, you are allowed to:

  • add unlimited pricing table rows.
  • featured the most popular table columns.
  • insert custom CSS to the current pricing table.
  • set the inbuilt drag-and-drop button to re-arrange table columns.
  • customize the appearance of your pricing table and then output it on the posts/pages.

In the following, we will teach you how to make full use of the “Easy Pricing Tables” to encourage the purchase of a particular product. At the very beginning, you’re expected to install and activate this easy-to-follow plugin within WordPress dashboard.

One option you can use is to download it via the following URL and then upload the compressed file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

Download URL:

Easy Pricing Tables

How to Add a WordPress Pricing Table?

Upon activation, a new “Pricing Tables” tab will be added to your WordPress sidebar menu. To proceed, enter this “Add New” section underneath it. As shown, there are two tabs needed to be customized, including “Content” and “Design”.

Step 1 – Customize the “Table” Content
From here, you can create columns on the pricing tables. As for details, you shall name each column, set the price of plan, add plan features and specify the text on that button. The last step is to enter the “Button URL” that you’d like to direct visitors to. Often times, this should point to a payment page of some kind.

Edit Your Columns

If needed, you can hit the bracketed “New Column” button to add new column. It’s possible to delete any column via the “Delete” button on the top of each column. Besides that, all the columns have a “Feature” button that allows you to display the “featured” column before others, with a “Most Popular” tag and different color. Below is our example.

Set Featured Column

Step 2 – Style the “Column” Design
This “Design” area allows you to style the column appearance. Within the first “General Settings”, you can change the “Most Popular” text, specify rounded corners and show/hid the row height.

Pricing General Settings

Below is the “Font Sizes” section where you can set font sizes for “Featured Label”, “Plan Name”, “Price”, “Bullet Item” as well as “Link Button”. The rest of the options let you insert custom CSS and pick “Button Color” for both “unfeatured” columns and “featured” columns.

Remaining Columns Settings

Step 3 – Add the Pricing Table to a Post/Page
If you want to add this pricing table to one post or page, simply click the “Deploy” button to get shortcode. Alternatively, go directly to “Pricing Tables” > “Add Pricing Tables” and then paste the [easy-pricing-table id=”171″] into the content section. There is no limit on the number of columns, and each one includes a custom ID.

Add Column to Post

Pay attention that, those columns are built to fit the screen size of your website and will collapse into one single column on smaller sizes. They are totally mobile-friendly and responsive. It’s at your option to upgrade to a Premium version, and more features such as priority email support, Google Analytics integration and pricing toggles are available. Regularly, a pro license charges for $29/mo.

Premium Pricing Table Version

Alternative Options

Following are the best free pricing table WordPress plugins to improve conversions, and you can locate and download each one via

  • Kento Pricing Tables Free – it features unlimited columns, unlimited color schemes, unlimited background image, etc. The best part of this plugin is that you can control the column margin and background directly from an easy admin panel.
  • Easy Pricing Table – a great tool to create beautiful comparison or pricing tables within a few clicks. It has a clean back-end user interface that supports smooth hover effects and meanwhile lets users embed pricing tables to posts/pages via shortcodes.
  • Pricing Table Dynamite – this makes it easy for everyone to add a nice-looking pricing table for a WordPress site within minutes. Most importantly, it provides professional pricing table template so that you won’t need to design anything anymore.
  • Responsive Pricing Table – a lightweight plugin that delivers an elegant way to display your offer to consumers. With it, you can not only quickly add features to different plans, but also set other options like color scheme and plan name at the same time.