How to Create WordPress Intranet for Your Business

How to Create WordPress Intranet for Your Business

What is the intranet? It is a safe and secure network that is used for the inner collaboration. With it, the group members or company employees can share content, make the announcements and communicate with each other easily. The intranet is closed and locked down, which is not available to the public visitors except to your staffs and members. In this case, if you want to have one for your business, you can check the following steps to learn how to create WordPress intranet to achieve the better engagement, workflow and communication among your employees or co-workers.

The Commonly Standard Intranet

The intranet generally runs on a private network of an organization with the following features.

  • The login screen that allows your staffs to enter this private platform.
  • The easy process to share files, to announce some new activities and to have the communication inside the intranet.
  • The company policies that the read-only information.
  • The included tools, services and features used by your organization only.
  • The exact permissions that tell employees that what they can and cannot share and edit.
  • The documentation to help your employees to better make use of this intranet, along with some policies and guidelines.

Here is a small tip that you do not need to concern about the website SEO. After all, most of the contents will be hidden away from the public or even behind the login screen.

Business Intranet

Set Up the Hub for Your WordPress Intranet

Before setting up a real intranet, you firstly should start a main hub for it. Here, the combination of WordPress and BuddyPress is the perfect choice.

WordPress, acting as an open-source CMS, allows you to easily build your intranet with its flexibility and ease of use. In addition, if you have multiple teams, each of which needs the separate intranet, you can use the exclusive WordPress multisite feature.

As for the BuddyPress, this is a useful WordPress project that can set up an intranet hub effortlessly. With it, you can add multiple necessary components into the intranet using its default features. For instance, the Extended Profiles allow your employees to edit their personal profiles and information, the Friend Connections achieve the inner communication in the intranet, the Activity Streams allow to showcase the company activities, the Notification allows for the public announcement and many more.

With this combination, you can easily

  • start your intranet hub in 10 minutes.
  • invite your employees to register the company intranet.
  • grant the rights for your staffs to generate and edit the profiles.
  • inform your employees to follow the latest company activities.
  • sort employees based on different teams and departments.

As we have already introduced how to use BuddyPress in WordPress, we are not willing to say these steps again. However, we need to mention you that after the proper setup, you should enter the Settings > Reading section of your WordPress admin. Here, you can move to the Search Engine Visibility section to tick the checkbox that can discourage the search engines from indexing your intranet site.

This setting will add a special line of code into the robots.txt file. This way, crawlers will not craw and index your intranet. This can prevent the unwanted traffic from the unknown visitors.

Search Engine Visibility

Choose the Intranet Theme

For the better professionalism and brand image of your company, we highly recommend you to choose a proper intranet theme. Here, we have listed the top preferred options by our editors.


This is a rich-featured theme that is wrapped with the easy-to-customize overall design, coming from the inspiration of Google Material Design. This theme gives you a modern feel and design, along with the easy user interface. In addition, with the full customization options, you can use it for business, government, charities, associations, communities and many more.


Download & Demo


This theme has more add-on features. With it, you can better beautify your collaborative online community and bring plenty of components together, such as the messaging, project, forums and many more.


Download & Demo

Install the All-In-One Intranet Plugin

The above-mentioned steps surely allow you to start the basic intranet hub. However, here is a short-cut available – install the special plugin to add the privacy and any other requirements for a professional intranet. This time, you can think about the All-In-One Intranet plugin. With it, you can hit a single checkbox to make the public-facing website into an entirely private one.


After the plugin installation, you can click the All-In-One Intranet button. Here, you firstly need to move to the Privacy settings part. You just need to click the checkbox so as to automatically force the site to be private entirely.

Login Redirect

By default, WordPress will redirect people to their profile pages after the successful login. But actually, for intranet members, what they want to see after the login is the useful information. In this case, the default WordPress login setting is useless. Here, you can use the Login Redirect feature of this plugin to set the effective login landing page.

Auto Logout

This feature can protect the sensitive information of your company. You can set up a special time interval for inactivity. This way, users will be logged out automatically if them do not enter the business intranet for a while.

All-In-One Intranet Settings

Extend the Intranet for More Features

Now, the most basic intranet is already set up. However, for the better working and running, you also need to consider the following optimization tasks based on your needs.

Make the Whole Content Private

It is true that the All-In-One Intranet plugin already makes your website a private one. However, if anyone else knows the URLs of the blog posts, pages or images, they still can check the content. In this case, you’d better leverage the special plugin to lock down the intranet to your employees in a comprehensive manner. After all, WordPress by default aims at making everything public.

Here, you can make use of the WordPress membership plugins, with which only your registered and logged-in employees can check the website content.

Better Secure Your Intranet Information and Data

It is possible that you or your employees will share the sensitive and important files and documents in the intranet. In this case, you have to make sure that these items are 100% safe and sound. After all, they are the tempting prospects for most hackers. Even if there is no valuable data in the intranet, the email addresses of your employees and your company activities also cannot be exposed. Especially, if your company works for plenty of clients, the insecure intranet can be a back door for the intruders to steal the client information.

To safeguard a website, you should choose the truly reliable WordPress hosting solution, make the regular backup to prevent the data loss, protect the login page, consider the two-factor authentication and scan your website.

These steps seem to be energy-consuming. But actually, you just need to take a small piece of time on a weekly basis.

Make the Uploading and Downloading Easily

One of the core tasks for an intranet is to upload and to download the special files or documents. In this case, you should manage this practice effectively. This way, your employees can easily share something in this platform while others can download it easily and safely. For this, you can use WordPress Download Manager to manage file downloads.

Some Additional Optimization

The following optimization practices are the optional ones. You can adopt some of them based on your needs.

  • Better decide and control the user roles of your intranet users.
  • Brand the intranet with the business culture.
  • Create the employee directories exclusively.
  • Add the special forms for contact or registration.