Beginner’s Guide on How to Create a Roundup Page for WordPress Sites

Beginner’s Guide on How to Create a Roundup Page for WordPress Sites

At present, we have found that the majority of successful websites choose to publish the roundup page on a weekly or a monthly basis, which aims at re-promoting the old blog posts and attracting people to read more web contents over a specific topic on your site. In addition, this special page is effective enough to notify readers of some valuable posts they may have missed in the recent period. In general, the roundup page brings three main benefits as listed in the following.

  • It helps the search engine optimization for you need to enter the internal linking of your site.
  • It displays the old posts that are published a long time ago.
  • It groups the related articles in a single page, thus, keeps people staying longer once they are interested in the showcased topic.

Here, we’d like to introduce some easy ways about how to create a roundup page for WordPress sites.

Create and Publish the Roundup Page Manually

Generally, there are three common situations for the creation of a roundup page.

  • The best tips or suggestions on a specific topic
  • The best picks for this week, month or quarter
  • The best peer bloggers within the same niche

No matter you are in which situation, the manual creation of a roundup page is simply like posting a webpage. However, the difference is that the layout of this page needs to differ from your common pages.

Here, we’d like to display a sample of the standard roundup layout.

Roundup Page Layout

Clearly, for an effective roundup page, you firstly need to display a post title that can make the topic clear for your readers, along with the introduction to outline the reasons you come out it and the benefits people can get after clicking the links of these posts.

As for the display of each post, the listing showcase along with the featured images and the short description is highly recommended.

Create and Publish the Roundup Page Using the Plugin

If you do not want to modify the page layout and insert the internal links manually, you can consider the use of WordPress plugins. This time, we’d like to introduce the Link Roundups plugin, with which you can collect the links inside or outside your website and convert them into the roundup pages.

To create the roundup page with the help of this plugin, you need to finish two major steps.

Step 1 – Collect the Post Links for the Roundup Page

After the installation, you can find two new menu items from your WordPress admin – Saved Links and Link Roundups. Firstly, you need to click the Saved Links button, and then, hit the Add Browser Bookmark button.

Save to Site

In this page, you can find a Save to Site button. Just drag it to the bookmark toolbar of your web browser.

Save to Site in Toolbar

Now, you can browse your website to find the target posts to be listed on the roundup page. Once find one, you can click the Save to Site button in your toolbar. After that, a new popup window will appear that stores the information of your target post, including the title, link, meta description and featured image. If you do not want to modify the post information, you can click the Publish button directly. Note that you can also add the link tag optionally.

Create New Saved Links

If you do not want to use this shortcut, you surely can click the New Saved Links button to collect the posts and articles in a manual way.

If you want to check how many posts you have collected, you can click the Saved Links button. Here, you can check the post title, author, link, tag and introduction clearly, and can make changes by quick editing them.

Saved Links Button

Step 2 – Create and Display the Roundup Page

Before creating the roundup page, you firstly can optionally change the name of this post type. After all, in some situations, you may want to call your roundup page as the weekly digest or monthly recap. For this, you can click Link Roundups > Options, and then, enter the custom name and the URL slug into the corresponding places. If you do not want to modify the name, you can pass this step.

Link Roundups Options Settings

Now, you can click the Add Link Roundup button to create the roundup page. Here, you firstly need to enter the proper page title and description as we have mentioned in the manual method. After that, you can move down to the screen bottom to find the Recent Saved Links box.

Here, you can find all the posts you are going to list into this roundup page and can sort them based on date. This time, you simply need to choose your wanted posts and click the Send to Editor button.

Recent Saved Links

That’s it. Now, you can click the Publish button to showcase this roundup page. Check a sample screenshot in the following.

Roundup Page Sample

Even, this plugin also allows you to showcase the roundup listing in the sidebar by using the Link Roundup Widget. Here, you can decide the title of this roundup, the number of posts to be shown and the limited category if you want to choose.

Link Roundup Widget