How to Create a Quiz in WordPress

How to Create a Quiz in WordPress

No matter which type of website you are running, quizzes are worth a try because you can benefit a lot from them. For example, quizzes diversify your content, gamify your site, increase the user engagement, and help you improve your WordPress site by collecting opinions from readers. In addition, they are effective in increasing the social shares and spreading your words around.

If you are looking for an easy way to add a fully functional quiz, this tutorial is exactly what you want. We will introduce a simple method to create a quiz in WordPress – by using the Quiz And Survey Master plugin. This plugin is easy-to-use and completely free.

You can follow the link given above to download the plugin to your local computer and then install it on your WordPress site. Or you can install the plugin more easily by going to Plugins > Add New in WordPress dashboard, searching the plugin name and then clicking on the “Install Now” button. The entire installation process is automated.

Install Quiz And Survey Master

After activating the plugin, follow the steps below to make full use of it.

Step 1: Create a Quiz

When the plugin is available on your WordPress site, you will see a new menu item named Quizzes/Surveys. Hover your mouse over it and click on the “Quizzes/Surveys” submenu.

On the new page, you are able to see all the quizzes on your site. But since you have not created one, you get nothing. Now click on the “Add New” button.

Add a New Quiz

On the popup box, enter a name which helps you identify the quiz, and then click on “Create”.

Enter a Quiz Name

Now the quiz is created successfully and you can see it in the quiz list.

Step 2: Add Questions and Answers

To start adding your own questions, hover your mouse over the name of the quiz and click on the “Edit” link.

Edit Quiz

Here comes the most important part of creating a quiz. On the new page, you have to deal with all the things related to the questions and answers – adding, configuring, and styling them.


Select a question type

Scrolling the screen down a little, you will see a section for Add New Question. The first thing you need to deal with is to select a question type from the dropdown. As there are sufficient options offered by the plugin, you can:

  • Require a single choice among various options, or allow multiple choices.
  • Display multiple choices in a horizontal style.
  • Display fill-in-the-blank questions.
  • Create single-response or multiple-response questions and display them in either horizontal or vertical style.
  • Display a small or large text box for open answers.
  • Add CAPTCHA to the question.
  • And so on.

You can choose any question type based on your needs, and each individual question could have its own type. However, we’d suggest you use no more than three types in the same quiz for the sake of consistency. For our example, we selected “Multiple Response”.

Select a Question Type

Add a question

Below the question type, you will see an editor which is the same as the WordPress post editor. Enter your question in the editor. Also, you can embed a video or image to act as the question.

Add the Question

Add answers to the question

Below the editor, there is a button named “Add New Answer”. Click on it, and offer an answer in the text box. Then repeat these actions to add more answers. After all the answers are added, you have to tick the checkbox of the correct answer/answers. Besides, if you want to reward your readers with a points system, you can also add a points value to the correct answer.

Add Answers

You need to note that adding answers is not a necessary step because a few question types like text block do not require you to prepare answers.

Configure the question options

The plugin offers several additional options to help you keep full control over the questions. With the available options, you can provide a hint for a question, add a comment box below the answers, assign an order to the question, and add the question to a certain category for future management. Also, you can require the question to be answered. These are all very useful settings.

Question Options

At last, click on the “Create Question” button to get the new question saved.

Create Question

Now you need to repeat all the steps above to add other questions and answers. If those questions are similar to the existing one in the type and other options, you can duplicate the existing question and then change the texts and question order only, which will save you some time.

Step 3: Configure Other Settings of the Quiz

Although you have completed the adding of questions and answers, you still have to deal with some other settings of the quiz to make sure everything works the way you want. If you have noticed the different tabs next to “Questions”, you can open them one by one to customize the quiz. In below, we will mention some important settings.

Quiz options

Under the third tab named “Options”, nearly 20 options are available for you to decide how the quiz works and how the user’s information is collected. The options allow you to:

  • Enable a grading system with Points or Correct/Incorrect.
  • Require the user to log in before taking the quiz.
  • Set a time limit for the quiz to be answered. This option is great if you are running a competition.
  • Set a start and end date.
  • Choose what information to collect from users. Available choices include name, email, business name and phone number.
  • Place a comment box at the beginning/end of the quiz, etc.

Quiz Options

Email options

Opening the “Emails” tab, you are able to configure the plugin to send emails to the user and site admin when the quiz is completed, and add a custom from name and from email for those emails send to users. You can also make your own templates for both the user email and admin email using the variables provided on the page. The possibility is unlimited.

Quiz Emails

Results pages

Quiz And Survey Master allows you to create a custom results page for the users of your quiz. Again, the plugin is kind enough to provide all the commonly used variables including the social media buttons, so the creation is easy.

If you want the users to read some other content on your site, you can also add a redirect URL.

Results Pages

Step 4: Display the Quiz on Your WordPress Site

The quizzes created with Quiz And Survey Master can be easily displayed in posts, pages or sidebar with the use of shortcodes. To obtain the shortcode of a quiz, navigate back to the Quizzes/Surveys page, and you can now see the shortcode. Just copy and paste it anywhere you like.

Quiz Shortcode

Preview the quiz. If there is anything not working properly, come back to edit the quiz and change the settings accordingly.

Quiz Preview

Next to the quiz shortcode, you can see a leaderboard shortcode. This shortcode is used when you want to make the quiz a competition. The users with the highest scores or most correct answers will be displayed.

Step 5: View the Quiz Results and Statistics

After publishing a quiz, you can go to Quizzes/Surveys > Results to view all the results of the quiz, including each user’s name, score, consumed time, email address, phone number, etc. The details make it easy to collect the personal information of the participants.

View Quiz Results

Besides the results, you can also go to Quizzes/Surveys > Stats to see the trends of the quiz. If the statistics are not good, you may need to consider changing the content in your quiz.