How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Website?

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Website?

A LinkedIn company page can offer an insight about your business, and this step-by-step guide will take you through the journey of setting up a company page from LinkedIn. Note that, anyone owns a company name and email address can get this page creation process done within minutes.

To start with the topic, we’d like to give some background information of the mentioned LinkedIn. Now, drop down and know more than what is just on the surface.

Background Information of LinkedIn

Founded in the year of 2002, LinkedIn so far has been generally considered as the world’s most popular social networking service. According to online surveys, this social network has over 150 million worldwide members with 10 new registrants added every 5 seconds. The LinkedIn community brings together a batch of affluent and well-educated audiences, which makes it a perfect fit for the business-to-consumer companies.

Background Information of LinkedIn

In the further, the industry-leading LinkedIn site has up to 20 different languages in store for international users, such as English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Italian, etc. It’s a good opportunity to use such an Internet service recruit top talent, share useful updates and motivate visitors to click your “Follow” button.

Add a LinkedIn Company Page

Frankly speaking, there are multiple ways of creating a LinkedIn company page. Perhaps the simplest way is to create a professional profile and add your job position with LinkedIn. Assuming that you prefer using this simple-yet-effective method, below are the detailed steps to create a LinkedIn company page.

Step 1 – Sign Up a LinkedIn Account

To get it started, you need a LinkedIn account that includes your true name and email address from this link. Note that, the filled-in password should be no less than 6 characters. Make sure that you’ve read the “User Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” before clicking the “Join Now” button. If done correctly, you will receive a confirmation email sent by LinkedIn to verify your email address. Having registered an account, you can go back to the landing page of LinkedIn to enter your admin interface by using personal email address and password again.

Sign Up a LinkedIn Account

Step 2 – Add a Company Page

Upon entering, LinkedIn will prompt you to add a company page so as to render career opportunities and raise brand visibility. To displays your public information, you are required to fill in the official company name and business email address. Please note that, this kind of “Company Page” can only be created by current employees. Do check the following box to verify that you have the ability to act on behalf of a company. Just click this “Continue” button to proceed with your project.

Add a Company Page

If a red error message appears on the screen, the chances are that the filled-in email address is wrongly-associated with a different company. If the email address that you’ve entered during the creation of a company is valid, you will receive another email that instructs you to complete a company profile.

Step 3 – Complete Your Company Profile

Followed by the given instructions, you will be able to “Add Connections” and “Edit Profile” from the following screenshot. Within the “Add Interests” section, you are allowed to make a selection of LinkedIn influences and top channels based on personal preferences. If done, take a preview of the company homepage by clicking the green “see your new homepage” button.

Complete Your Company Profile

Step 4 – Configurations to LinkedIn Homepage

By default, the homepage of your LinkedIn company page is included with four main tabs, including “Overview”, “Products & Services”, “Careers” and “Company Updates” In the following, we’ve pulled together some practical suggestions on how to make full use of those sections.

Create a Compelling Company Description
Just like a typical Facebook business page, a LinkedIn company page allows you to write a brief company description from the “Overview” tab to attract more followers. Although there is a default “About Us” area on your homepage, you still need to create an appealing and compelling description of your business. Try your best to satisfy your readers by providing the information they need. In the meantime, ensure that you will use highly-relevant words so that others can easily find your company page through keywords.

Create a Company DescriptionIn addition to company description, it is advisable to include a company logo that indicates your company’s blog RSS feed, primary location and specialists.

Display Your Products & Services
As an important part of your LinkedIn company page, the “Products & Services” tab empowers you to list the featured products or services with additional details attached. For instance, you will be able to display the product images and even share promotional links to them. Also, you can embed a YouTube video and get some recommendations for items on the LinkedIn company page. With those recommendations, it is possible to build testimonials that stay forever with your homepage.

As the first service or product listed under the “Products & Services” tab will be displayed from the sidebar of a LinkedIn page, you should make sure that the first service/product is the one you’d like to promote on the company page.

Add a Career Page
LinkedIn can be used as a recruiting tool, and the inbuilt “Careers” tab allows you to post serial job listings to recruit excellent employees. Besides that, you will be able to have wider exposure among professional audiences. One spotlight is that you can create a premium and nice-looking career page where visitors can only scan the job positions that match their expertise. Note that, this premium page also empowers you to embed additional content like custom modules and analytics.

Publish Company Updates
Create a Career PageAs is known, a page without any content will drive your potential customers away. Hence, you will have to create meaningful, entertaining and eyes-catching updates on your business page. More importantly, you are able to set any published update as featured content of a LinkedIn company page. If you have the need to emphasize a piece of content or to promote a sale, then you can feature it at the top of your page.

Above all, you’re also allowed to use the “Targeted Updates” feature to make some updates only visible to a circle of follower audiences. This can be targeted by company size, function, geography, industry, non-employee and seniority, etc. Try publishing interesting and useful updates on a regular basis.