How to Create Facebook Ads – Easy Steps to Create Ads Campaign on Facebook

How to Create Facebook Ads – Easy Steps to Create Ads Campaign on Facebook

Being the leading social networking platform in the present world, Facebook has become an essential website for the marketing and promotion. Individuals, groups, corporate organizations and charitable organizations setup an account on Facebook to promote their products, services or causes. This is the main reason why we have come out so many Facebook tutorials previously.

In fact, handling such high demand, Facebook offers an advertisement tool for all its users. Any account holder can create Facebook ads and manage its features for effective marketing. Listed here are the essential steps that should be followed to create Facebook ads on this leading social networking website.

Deciding the Objective

The first step of creating a Facebook ad is the determination of objectives. The advertiser should have a clear idea about the result that he expects from the campaign. At the time of the creation, you have to disclose what you want the ad to link to.

After the objective is determined, it’s time to log in and click on “Create an Ad” from this page. Now, you need to select the advertising goal. As the most common goals are the acquirement of more page likes and promotion of page posts, Facebook highlights these options. Apart from this, any other goal can be stated in the “See Advanced Options”. It is essential to select the accurate advertising goal.

create ad

Designing the Ad

Facebook has a set of columns that are to be filled up for the creation of an ad. A headline and a description of 25-characters and 90-characters respectively, are to be entered, which are updated to the site in the real time. Also, a thumbnail of at least 100×72 pixels is to be uploaded. There is a set of advertisement guidelinesin Facebook that should be followed while filling up the heading and description to design the ad.

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Targeting the Ad

Every advertisement has a target audience. Facebook allows various kinds of filters to make sure that the advertisement reaches are the targeted audience. As targeting 167 million users on Facebook is hardly possible, the ad audience can be narrowed by making necessary selections in location, age, gender, interests, relationship status, language, college, workplace and fan filters.

choose audience

Choosing Campaign and Ad Set

After the details are provided, the Facebook ad creation page optimizes your ads and automatically suggests a campaign name. It is recommended to modify the campaign name to create greater impact on the target audience. The name can be changed by selecting the “Create campaign” icon.

Next, it is important to make the campaign unique and identifiable. Therefore, it’s important to have an ad set name. The name should be goal oriented and unique. Also, it should be such that it can be identified if the advertiser wants to add more ads in the future.

choose campaign

Determining Budget and Payment

After the completion of the ad, it is imperative to determine the budget and payment policy. Facebook provides the flexibility of paying in lumpsum for the entire period of ad as well as paying as per the daily budget. Apart from it, calculation of payment has two available options:

  • Per click: The amount is counted whenever someone clicks the ad.
  • Per thousand impressions: A specific amount is to be paid after every thousand views.

Facebook offers several methods of payment to the advertisers. It consists of payment through credit card, debit card, PayPal and Facebook Ad Coupon.

Monitoring and Managing Ad

The above-mentioned steps are enough to create Facebook ads. However, the task doesn’t end with the creation of the advertisement. Advertisers can monitor the effectiveness of their ads and manage the ads through their Facebook account. With the “Ads manager button,” editing the settings and modifying the pre-selected settings of a specific ad is a simplified task demanding only a few minutes. Overall, creating an ad on Facebook is a matter of minutes although its effectiveness yielding advantages that last for a long term.