Why and How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action Button for Your Site

Why and How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action Button for Your Site

It is not enough to get visitors to your site. Getting visitors alone will not grow your business but converting visitors to customers can get you going somewhere. Therefore, simply turn your website into a marketing asset by having a call(s)-to action button.

Every businessperson online should leverage on the call-to-action button to correct contact information from their customers and give them an offer in return. Whether the call to action gets visitors to subscribe, buy products or download an eBook, it directs the visitors and makes it easy for them to know where to head next while navigating your site. Read on to know more about call to action buttons.

What is a Call to Action Button and Why Use it

The call to action button is a hyperlinked text in the form of a button that directs your visitors to take a given action immediately. If you have been browsing the internet in the recent past, you might have seen buttons like “Get the Free eBook now”, “Subscribe to our Newsletter for more Good Tips”, “Register for the Free Course” and the most common “Add to Cart” button.

Call to Action

The call-to-action button is made on the landing page from where contact information is collected in exchange for the offer. The landing page has a form where the visitor’s contact information is collected.

A call-to-action button is very important for your website as it directs the visitors after they open your website. Adding a call-to-action button on your website that has less content is a good way to make a sale.

By capturing the contact information for the visitors who click on the call-to-action button, it is a good way to retain a customer by adding them on the email list. Note that if visitors come to your site and do not know where to head or do next, they will simply exit.

Types of Call to Action Buttons

The first step in setting up a call-to-action button is deciding what type of a call-to-action button you need for your site. There are different types of call-to-action buttons you can have for your site including directing visitors to buy your products, join you on social media, sign up for a free trial and many more. A few examples of call-to-action buttons include as following.

Content downloading that directs your visitors to download content like PDFs and eBooks or apps from your site.

download action

Add to Cart buttons are common in e-commerce sites and direct the visitors to buy a given product.

Add to Cart button

Sign Up buttons enable your website to get subscribers and add on your email list.

Sign Up button

Learn More Buttons direct your visitors to where they can get more information on your site.

Learn More Button

Trial buttons direct the visitors to try something before they buy and are mostly found in application/software selling sites.

Trial button

Best Tips and Practices of Creating an Effective Call-to-Action Button

The call-to-action button should be like a sales pitch or like making an offer to your visitors. Below are a few tips to observe for making a call to action effective.

Let the Offer Be Clear

The call to action is like a solution to the visitor’s problems. The offer that the call to action portrays should be clear to ensure that it does not escape the visitors who need it.

After identifying the problem and putting it in a call to action, it acts as a framework for a sales offer and elicits the visitor to take immediate action. After taking action, take your product or content as the solution they are looking for and explain how you will help them.

Include a Direct and Single Action

Single ActionThis comes after identifying the problems of your visitor. Direct them to take a single and direct action like “buy”, “download”, “subscribe”. There are many action verbs that you can use including call, donate, subscribe, register. You can create a sense of urgency by adding phrases like “limited time”, “now” and “short period”. Several calls to action on the same page confuse the visitors.

Locate the Call to Action Button at Where It Is Easily Seen

Placing a call to action button on the right place increases the probability of visitors clicking on it. The best place to add a call to action button is at the top of the page to ensure that visitors see it as the first thing after opening your site. Using white space around the call to action button makes it more visible to your visitors.

Make the Button Eye-Catching and of Appropriate Size

The button should be made with a bright color to ensure that visitors note it with ease. Tacky fonts are not advocated, but rather a fairly large call to action comes handy. The visitors may feel compelled to click on a fairly large call to action button. Also ensure that the offer appears multiple times. It can be on every page in your site.

Create Custom WordPress Call-to-Action Button with Code

WordPress is one of the best content management systems to set up a website. Thus we want to take WordPress website as a typical example. Below is the code snippet which should be added into the Style.css style for a custom call-to-action button. Before adding the code, you are advised to create a child theme where you have no worry of messing up your website. If you are a developer, the changes to the code can result in the desired effect.

Code Snippet

Then it is possible for you to locate the button anywhere, with the use of the below HTML code in text editor. URL and button text should be according to your needs.


Create Custom WordPress Call-to-Action Button with Code with Plugin

There are some instances when you are looking for a plugin to custom the button. This method is easier and more secure than code. After selection from the market, we focus our eyes on WP Button Creator. However, this plugin is only designed for WordPress website. It comes with unlimited options, for example, color picker. Below are the samples with the plugin.

Sample Buttons