How to Use Constant Contact in WordPress for Better Email Marketing

How to Use Constant Contact in WordPress for Better Email Marketing

At present, no matter how large and what kind of website you are creating and running, the email marketing is pretty essential for the better website growth. After all, email is the most effective way to reach your readers and the outside users. With the effective email marketing, you can get more potential visitors, inform people of all your new offerings, strengthen the loyalty of your current visitors and better communicate with them. This time, we’d like to tell you how to use Constant Contact in WordPress for email marketing with ease.

Here, the Contact Constant is a special service provider for launching the effective email marketing. With it, you can easily send the professional emails or newsletters with the fully customizable templates. Also, this tool helps you send the right information to the right people at the right time, which can showcase your information to more people precisely. Here, you can check the following parts to know how to use it on your WordPress site.

Sign Up and Set Up for Your Constant Contact Account

Firstly, you should go to the Constant Contact page to register an account for their service. For this, you only need to click the Sign Up Free button. The signup form requires you to enter your name, email address, password and the website name. Once finishing, you can click the Get Started button.

Constant Contact Signup

Upon the successful signup, now, you should set up for it by landing on the dashboard of this tool. Here, you need to finish the following steps for the proper sending of your emails.

Set Up Your Email List

From this part, you can create your email list by entering the list name and the correct email addresses collected from your visitors. Note that when adding the email addresses, you should enter a single address per line for the automatic separation.

Set Up Your Email List

Now, you can click the Save List button.

Enter Your Website Information

The next step requires you to enter the information of your website or online business. Here, you need to enter the URL of your site, choose the overall website niche or industry, upload the website logo if you have and provide the physical location for your country, state, city, address and postal code.

Add Website Information

Create Your Email

Now, you can create the email for sending. You will find a large number of email templates offered by this tool. Here, we highly recommend you to preview the template before choosing it. Note that the preview includes both the desktop version and the mobile version. In addition, when choosing the template, you can check the template name that gives you the clear hint of whether it is suitable for your needs.

Email Template

After targeting your wanted one, you can click the Select button. This way, this tool will open a WYSIWYG composer for your email editing. Here, you should give this template a name firstly.

In addition to change the textual content, in the Build part, you can embed some extra elements into the existing template. These include the image, text, button, divider, spacer, social, video and the read more section. Even, you can add additional template parts with your wanted layouts. To add any element, you simply need to drag it and drop to your preferred location.

Here, there is a special note that the read more section can be used to send your WordPress posts to your email subscribers. For this, you only need to enter the post link into the read more block.

Template Build Part

It is possible that you are looking to add some images into your newsletters, such as the website logo and the sales banner. If so, you can move to the Images part and upload any image you like. Upon the uploading, you can drag the target images to the corresponding location within the template.

Template Images

Lastly, you can go to the Colors part and change the color schemes for the outer background, inner background, buttons, dividers, headlines and the feature articles.

Send Or Schedule Your Email

Now, you can click the Continue button. In the next page, you can choose the email list you have created previously to receive the email. In addition, you should enter the email subject, from name, from email address and the reply-to email address.

After that, you can move to the When to Send section to send the email now or schedule it for later with the proper time and date.

When to Send

Create the Constant Contact Signup Form on Your WordPress Site

After finishing all the preparatory settings and tasks for your Constant Contact account and email, now, you should add the signup form on your WordPress site. This way, you can collect much more email addresses to send people your valuable newsletters.

In fact, the lucky thing is that Constant Contact offers the built-in tool for the creation of the email signup form. To get it, you simply need to go back to the Constant Contact dashboard and click the List Growth Tools button from the navigation menu.

List Growth Tools

From this page, you should click the Create a Sign-Up Form button. This can bring you a wizard for the form building. Here, you need to enter the form name firstly. Note that the name will not be shown to people who land on your site.

After that, you should add a form title with the proper heading, along with some descriptive words to encourage people to sign up for your emails. In addition, you should choose the email list to gather all the collected email addresses. Note that the list should be the one you have created in the previous step and have chosen to receive your generated email.

Form Details

Next, you should choose the fields you are looking to display on your signup form. The required fields must be the first name and the email address. If it is needed, you can add some other fields, such as the phone and the last name.

Form Fields

Lastly, you need to decide the form appearance. Here, you can upload the website logo into the form and choose the form color scheme for the font and the background.

Form Appearance

Publish the Powerful Signup Form

Once finished, you can click the Preview Form button to know how it looks like. After that, you can hit the Finish button.

Now, you can be redirected to the List Growth Tools page that lists all the forms you have created. This time, you simply need to find your signup one and click the Actions button. From the dropdown list, you should click the Embed Code button.

Embed Form Code

Here, there will be a popup window showcased that carries the coding stuff for your signup form. Here, you only need to copy and paste the code to the proper location of your website. Personally speaking, we recommend you to create a new text widget carrying the coding stuff. This way, you can showcase the signup form on the effective location of page sidebar.

Start the Email Campaign

Now, you can worry nothing about your email campaign. Once people sign up for getting newsletters, their email addresses will be gathered automatically by the Constant Contact tool to your target email list. In addition, when you send the newsletter for that list, all the addresses included can get your message properly.