Concrete5 VS WordPress – Which Is the Better Choice for Creating a Website

Concrete5 VS WordPress – Which Is the Better Choice for Creating a Website

Both as the user-friendly and PHP-based open source content management systems, Concrete5 and WordPress share a great number of similarities and thus it is hard for webmasters to choose the better choice for starting their sites between them. Therefore, we would like to give the following plain and fair comparison of Concrete5 and WordPress.

Furthermore, we make out this comprehensive comparison on the solid basis of our rich relevant experience and dedicatedly-accumulated users’ voices and feedbacks. First of all, we come out the following editorial ratings of the two CMSs from all-rounded aspects of usability, add-ons, SEO, reputation and security. More details are well-listed as follows.

Features Concrete5 WordPress
Reputation 4 stars 5 stars
Usability 4 stars 4.5 stars
Add-ons 3 stars 5 stars
SEO 4 stars 5 stars
Hosting Compability 3.5 stars 5 stars
Customer Ratings 4 stars 5 stars

Cost & Hosting Plans

concrete5 vs wordpress cost & hosting plansBased on object-oriented programming and model-view-controller architecture, Concrete5 gains more and more acknowledgement and admiration from people. Besides, as it devotes itself to delivering satisfying user experience and bountiful site-building features for webmasters, there is a rising number of web hosts offering Concrete5 option nowadays. In addition, although this kind of software is free to download and install, it charges for some fees for the offered hosting plans.

To be more specific, the mentioned hosting plans, which are named after Budget, Managed Core and Enterprise edition, starting from $5/mo to $1,000/mo with accordance to different use and endowed features. In details, as the most cost-effective plan, the mentioned Budget plan is designed for small organizations and personal projects with 1-10,000 of visitors per month.

Likewise, as a multi-functional and the most popular open source system, WordPress is also free to download and install with numerous user-friendly and free of charge site-building tools involved in the meantime. Moreover, WordPress, which gives full support for building from blog to eCommerce and forum websites, supports for hundreds of thousands of web hosts on the market, such as the most leading hosting companies of BlueHost and JustHost.

Furthermore, as WordPress doesn’t release its premium hosting plans as its competitor does, webmasters are able to have more free and alternative options for choosing their most appropriate hosting plans without the bound of the offered and limited hosting plans from Concrete5.

Plugins & Themes

concrete5 vs wordpress plugins & themesBoth of Concrete5 and WordPress are admitted to be easy-of-use by utilizing drag-and-drop and intuitive user interface where webmasters are allowed to choose their favourite and needed plugins and themes. It needs to point out that the former charges some fees for several plugins and the latter endows more kinds of third-party plugins than its competitor for people to use for free, such as portfolio plugin, review plugin and wiki plugin.

Moreover, WordPress also defeats Concrete5 by offering plenty of beautiful and gorgeous themes, such as photo gallery theme, minimalist theme and landing page theme, and obtaining wide support from numerous reputed theme providers, such as ThemeForest, Mojo Themes and Elegant Themes. It means that webmasters are allowed to build up their ideal website by making use of various powerful plugins and creative themes.

User Base & SEO

concrete5 vs wordpress user base & seoBy having numerous helpful tools in store, WordPress is a favourable choice for people who don’t have related professional knowledge and background, which makes it maintain high popularity among a rising number of webmasters, ranging from artist, blogger and magazine website creator. Comparatively, Concrete5 has the different user base from that of its competitor which ranges from absolute experts to mediocre level folks as well as some experienced WP users.

As the website search engine optimization is the mostly-concerned factor in building website, WordPress offers more trustworthy and powerful SEO plugins and SEO tips than that of its competitor on its official site and thus is widely trusted by many IT and web development experts and professors. Besides, it is an excellent option for a text-based website.


Having compared Concrete5 and WordPress from the aspect of hosting plans, themes, plugins, user base and SEO, we reach the conclusion that WordPress is the better choice for creating a website. Because it endows more advanced and powerful plugins and themes, and it is more SEO-friendly with wider user base in the meantime.

Whichever you decided to choose, we recommend you the following reliable and cheap WordPress hosting companies for getting WordPress run without any interruption and trouble.