How to Change WordPress Theme Safely

How to Change WordPress Theme Safely

As researched, almost all the WordPress users will change their website templates for at least one time. The reasons for doing so are countless. For instance, you may want to change the style of your website appearance or you have met a loved template that is pretty suitable for your site. Even, due to the user-friendly nature of WordPress, the switching process is pretty simple. You just need to install your target option, activate it and customize for the better display.

However, the truth is that the theme switch is not as simple as hitting a button. You need to consider a lot of aspects before changing the theme. In addition, you have to make some preparations to avoid some security and unexpected situations. This time, we’d like to tell you how to change WordPress theme safely.

Make Sure the High Quality of Your New Theme

Firstly, to ensure the safe process of theme switches, you have to make sure that what you choose is of the high quality. Surely, you should consider the price, overall design, your needed features and tools and the responsive layout. After that, you also need to figure out whether this theme is well-coded and constantly updated that does not have the security loopholes or vulnerabilities.

For this, you’d better check the reviews, comments and feedbacks offered by other users and adopt some testing tools for assistance.

Backup Your Whole WordPress Site before the Switches

Here, we have to emphasize that whenever you are looking to make any changes on your site, you have to make a full backup before the implementation. After all, it is possible that your new theme may have some conflict issues with your current plugins or software. If so, you may encounter some issues of website running.

In this case, before changing your WordPress theme, you need to generate the full backup file of your site. If there is anything wrong, you can restore to the previous step easily.

If you are looking for the easy way for doing so, we recommend you to try the BackUpWordPress plugin. With it, you can get the automatic backup file of your site files and database via a few clicks only.

To use it, you need to decide some settings firstly. From the settings page of it, you can choose to backup both the database and the website files, schedule the backup the way you prefer, decide the starting time for the backup, determine the number of backups that can be stored on the server and enter your email address for the notification of the backup completion.

BackUpWordPress Settings

Next, you simply need to click the Run Now button. The plugin will show you the size of the backup file and where it will be stored.

Clone Your WordPress Site for Theme Testing

Before changing your website with the new theme, you’d better clone the site for the testing purpose. If there is nothing wrong, then, you can start the switch.

For this, you can consider the WP Clone plugin that allows you to copy the WordPress site to another location with ease. Here, you simply need to click the WP Clone button from the admin panel of your site. After that, you should click the Create Backup button.

Create Backup

Now, this plugin will save all the files and data of your site and show you the link of the backup file in the next screen. You should copy the URL.

Copy Backup File

Next, you should navigate to the new WordPress site you are going to start the test. And then, you need to install this plugin in that site and click the WP Clone button again. Here, from the Restore Backup section, you should enter the URL of the previous file and click the Restore From URL button.

Restore From URL

Now, your original website is cloned successfully. The next step is to change the WordPress theme to figure out whether there is anything wrong. For instance, you need to figure out whether there is the conflict issue, whether your site can be displayed properly on the mobiles and all the major browsers and many more. If not, you can implement the following step.

Put Your Site into the Maintenance Mood

Now, you should start the maintenance mood for your WordPress site. After all, during the process of theme changes, there might be some people who access your site. This may give them the bad reading experience especially when the theme settings are not finished yet.

In this case, you need to put your site into the maintenance mood. And the most importantly, you’d better showcase a coming soon page. Thus, people can know that your site is under some changes or upgrades, and can be available soon.

Start the Changes

Now, all the preparatory tasks are finished. In this case, you can change your WordPress theme right now without the need to worry about any unexpected issue. In addition, as your site is under the maintenance mood, you have enough time to set up the theme to ensure the best website design.