How to Change WordPress Post Order

How to Change WordPress Post Order

By default, all the blog posts published and saved on your WordPress site are ordered based on the publishing and creation date. So, are you looking to change the default arrangement? In the following, we’d like to introduce the easy methods of how to change WordPress post order.

In fact, if you want to change the order of your blog posts, you can choose to change the publishing date of your target posts. If you do not want to do so, you should leverage some WordPress plugins to achieve this purpose. Here, we’d like to introduce two simple and widely used plugins for doing so.

Option 1 – Post Types Order Plugin

Firstly, we recommend you to use the Post Types Order plugin. With it, you can make use of the drag and drop interface that comes with the JavaScript AJAX to rearrange your posts.

Upon the installation of this plugin, you should click the Settings > Post Types Order button to make the following configurations.

  • Showcase the re-order interface for all your posts and pages.
  • Decide who can use the function of this plugin. Personally, we think you assign this freedom to the administrator only.
  • Enable the automatic sorting function. This way, this plugin can update all your WordPress queries to apply to the new order.
  • Enable the drag and drop function for all the default post type archives of your WordPress site.
  • Apply the sorting function to the next and previous navigation.

Post Types Order Settings

Now, you have two options to reorder your posts and pages. Firstly, you can click the Posts > Re-order button. Here, you can be redirected to the Re-order interface that lists all your web content with the post titles only. Through it, you can change the order by dragging and dropping them.

Re-order Interface

The second option is to go to the Posts tab or the Pages tab to change the display order directly via the default WordPress interface.

Default Post Interface

Option 2 – Order Your Posts Manually Plugin

The second option is the Order Your Posts Manually plugin. With it, you can order all your posts by hand in seconds.

To use this plugin, you firstly need to set up for it by clicking the Settings > Order Your Posts Manually button. Here, you should choose the sorting field between the options of Creation Date and Modification Date. Note that the default post order of WordPress uses the former option. In this case, if you are looking for the custom order, you need to choose the latter one.

In addition, you can decide the following aspects.

  • Decide the number of posts that can be displayed per page.
  • Choose the default post types to be shown.
  • Whether allow editors to make use of this plugin.
  • Whether display drafts and the thumbnails with the posts.
  • Choose the thumbnail size in pixel.

Order Your Posts Manually Settings

Next, you can start the re-ordering by clicking the Tools > Order Your Posts Manually button. Here, you can change the order for all of your posts. Or, you can re-order them based on different categories. To achieve your custom order, you simply need to drag your posts and drop them to your wanted location.

Order Your Posts Manually Tool