ByetHost Review & Rating

ByetHost Review & Rating

ByetHost is a privately-held company that has been specializing in a wide range of Internet products, including shared hosting, virtual servers and domain registration. Perhaps the most impressive service is the free hosting that has been claimed to be hosted on the powerful server networks in the central Ohio, United States area.

Although ByetHost so far has hundreds of thousands of customers under the management, the actual fact is that this company tends to make a lot of money at the expense of those free account clients. The deceptive email and customer service are just a few of the reasons that force ByetHost registrants to choose another web hosting company. To help webmasters who are obsessed by the free/premium hosting of ByetHost, we’d like to supply more price, features, performance and support details as below.

ByetHost Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3 of 5
  • Performance
    rating 3 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2.5 of 5
  • Price
    $3.99/mo, no discount available!

How About the Free Hosting Package & Features?

For small businesses, freelancers and individuals who are in a pinch for cash, ByetHost offers one single “all-inclusive” shared plan at no charge. To be frank, the free hosting indeed appeals to many webmasters at the first glance, but it is not worth risking your career to do that. Most recently, the hosting provider has been reported to suspend users’ free account without any notification.

About the Free Hosting Package

Another letdown is the limited features. In regard to the basic resources, the free package is only included with 1000MB disk space, 50GB monthly bandwidth, 5 MySQL databases, 5 add-on domains, 5 parked domains, 5 sub-domains and PHP scripting language. On top of that, there is no so-called cPanel control panel at all, and instead only the VistaPanel is available out there. Also, ByetHost is blamed for trading users’ email addresses to third-party marketers.

How About the Premium Hosting Packages & Features?

The ByetHost premium hosting is composed of two optional solutions – Super Premium and Ultimate. Note that, the paid packages support monthly and annually billing cycles. Taking the basic plan as an example, this web host charges it for $3.99/mo and $47.88/yr without any discount. The fatal flaw of the premium service is that there is no money back guarantee for account cancellation. In another words, customers who want to discontinue the service won’t get any refund, not to mention the full refund.

For the sake of convenience and succinctness, we’ve figured out a straightforward table containing the significant features of ByetHost. Note that, we’d like to do a bit of comparison between this company and BlueHost.

Company ByetHost BlueHost
Plan in Comparison Super Premium Plan Plus Plan
Disk Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly Data Transfer 250GB Unlimited
Add-on Domains 20 Unlimited
Sub-Domains 20 Unlimited
Marketing Offers No $200
Free Domain Name Registration No Yes
Money Back Guarantee No Anytime
Initial Price $3.99/mo $9.99/mo
Discount No 60%
Current Price $3.99/mo $3.95/mo
Conclusion Not Recommended Recommended

How About the Network Reliability & Performance?

Reliability is an important factor to consider before choosing a hosting provider. At this point, ByetHost not only use state-of-the-art Cisco systems switchers and routers, but also adopts three redundant physical rings to a couple of carriers, such as Global Crossing. To ensure the most accurate and fastest connectivity, the company also performs route optimization where optimization software and hardware would probe the Internet destinations automatically to test for performance metrics.

As a matter of fact, ByetHost refuses to give uptime guarantee, which is quite ridiculous and doubtful. Based on online feedbacks, its servers are attested to be slow and sluggish. From our real speed test result, the actual performance condition of this company is not as powerful as is advertised.

How About the Customer Support & Satisfaction?

ByetHost Customer Service & SatisfactionByetHost customer support is backed up by a team of business developers and technical engineers who are only accessible via email ticket system. That is to say, this company provides customers who run into knotty and emergent problems with inefficient email support.

As for the support quality, some customers reflect that the support personnel are pretty rude especially for those clients who refuse to sign for a paid account. And the replied answers turn to be scanned and useless most of the time.

In Conclusion – ByetHost Is Not Recommendable

According to the ByetHost review above, neither of the ByetHost free and premium hosting is recommendable. Honestly speaking, this company still has a long way to go when taking the features, performance and support aspects into account. For webmasters who desire a rare combination of unmatched quality and affordability, we have the following sincere recommendations.