ByetHost Coupon – Do You Really Need It?

ByetHost Coupon – Do You Really Need It?

As is reported in the official announcement, ByetHost declines to offer any promotions for its paid hosting service. The good thing is that we still dig out the two secret SUPERSAVER and BigReseller promo codes for this company’s premium shared and reseller packages respectively. In the following, let’s take you through more payment and refund details.

Note that, the above SUPERSAVER code can get 10% off the shared hosting, while the BigReseller would get 13 bucks off the reseller hosting at a time.

SUPERSAVER > One-Time 10% Off Shared Hosting

To beat customers’ expectation, ByetHost now endows two selectable shared hosting packages named as Super Premium and Ultimate differently. In view of pricing, the paid plans are fixed at the price of $3.99/mo and $6.99/mo on a monthly basis. For purchasers who choose 1 year as the first subscription period, the web host charges the two solutions for $47.88/yr and $83.88/yr without any special discounts.

By using the SUPERSAVER coupon code during the sign-up, purchasers can get a 10% discount and put the initial prices for the elementary plan to $3.59/mo and $43.09/yr. Note that, there is an addition fee of $12.99/yr for domain name registration.

BigReseller > One-Time 13 Dollars Off Reseller Hosting

In the same way, ByetHost allows webmasters to choose between free and paid reseller hosting. Speaking of the premium one, there are a total of three different options which are started from $14.99/mo normally. With the use of the mentioned BigReseller promo code, any visitors can have 13 bucks off the list price for the first month. That is to say, there is no extra domain name registration fee for new reseller hosting registrants.

Perhaps the Achilles’ heel of ByetHost is that this company reserves the right not to issue a refund for account cancellation. In the way, ByetHost customers will have to agree that all hosting payments are non-refundable at all. Obviously, this is pretty unfair especially for newcomers who have little hosting experience previously.

Do you Really Need the ByetHost Coupons?

To be frank, money back guarantee can be one of the most important aspects in the life of a webmaster. Although there are certain promo codes available for the ByetHost shared and reseller hosting, it is not worth risking your business to do that. Based on affordability and features, we recommend you to give the following companies a try.