BuddyPress VS bbPress – Which Is the Better Forum Software?

BuddyPress VS bbPress – Which Is the Better Forum Software?

Both BuddyPress and bbPress are 2 of the most reputed forum software, used by a large amount of webmasters around the world. In addition, both of them are made the WordPress way. In below, we have developed a comprehensive comparison between them to make clear which is the better choice for creating a form, which is based on our personal experience and many real user reviews. Therefore, this comparison is promised to be unbiased.

We have read the information showed on the 2 programs’ official sites clearly and browsed a lot of reviews about them. According to the information we colected, we worked out this review from several aspects, including requirements, price, feature, and support. Learn the aspect-to-aspect comparison in below.


In this aspect, the 2 software share some similarities. For example, both of them require PHP version 5.2.4 or greater and MySQL 5.0 or greater. In this way, when you chose a web host for the 2 programs, you have to choose the one meeting the 2 requirements mentioned before. In these years, we have reviewed a lot of web hosting providers, among which A2Hosting is highly recommended by the users of BuddyPress and bbPress because this company offers PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.5.

What’s more, developers recommended Nginx or Apache as the most feature-rich and robust web servers for running the 2 projects, both of which are also offered by A2Hosting. Moreover, the mod_rewrite Apache module enabled is needed to run BuddyPress. Besides, to ensure the security of hosted forums, suPHP is needed. Thus, you need to choose a web host providing suPHP. On the market, numerous hosting companies offer suPHP, among which BlueHost and HostMonster are the best 2.


BuddyPress VS bbPress - PriceAs child projects of WordPress, both BuddyPress and bbPress are open-source software, which means no matter who you are, you are allowed to make the projects better by contributing your knowledge and time. Besides, both of them are free for anyone to use. Nevertheless, before you creating a forum by using either program, you need to choose a trustworthy hosting company like WebHostingHub which is regarded as one of the best WordPress hosting companies.


In terms of feature, both BuddyPress and bbPress own a pile of outstanding features. Move to the following parts to learn the main highlights integrated with the 2 projects respectively.

BuddyPress Features

  • Member Navigation Menus.
  • Discussion Forums. You are able to install bbPress plugin and create full-powered group or sitewide forums in your BuddyPress installation.
  • Theme Compatibility. BuddyPress is almost compatible with all WordPress themes, which means you are able to choose any WordPress theme to beautify your forum. Besides, you are allowed to use a theme with BuddyPress-specific templates and styling.
  • BuddyPress Widgets. There are 8 different widgets, including Groups, members, Who’s Online and Recent Networkwide Posts, and much more.

bbPress Features

  • Fast and Light. The code is lean, so that you are able to get the best experience possible.
  • Simple Setup. It is easy to set up and moderate.
  • Fully Integrated. One central account, 1-click installation and one unified admin area.
  • Customizable Templates. You are able to use any WordPress theme even those without specific bbPress templates or code to dress up your forum according to your own preference.
  • Simple Installation & Simple Interface. You are capable of installing this software easily with the step-by-step installation walks. Besides, things are simple and intuitive when you are using this project.


BuddyPress VS bbPress - SupportDevelopers at BuddyPress and bbPress have worked out a pile of documentation help users learn more about the projects and teach them how to get started. In this way, you are able to get started with the least problem. Moreover, when you come across any issue about the software, you are capable of getting help in the forums of the programs’, where you are able to find the answers to your questions.


From the comparison above, it can be concluded that BuddyPress and bbPress have a lot in common and both of them are good options for creating forums. However, the installation process may make many people frustrated. Therefore, choosing a web host offering 1-click script installer is important. On the market, there are thousands of web hosting companies providing 1-click installer. According to our personal experience and customer reviews, InMotion, BlueHost and HostMonster are the best.

See other tempting features the 3 companies offer to BuddyPress and bbPress users in this table.