BuddyPress Review – Why It Is Chose by Millions of Webmasters

BuddyPress Review – Why It Is Chose by Millions of Webmasters

According to our real hosting experience and the information we have collected, we have worked out the BuddyPress review to make clear why there are millions of webmaster using it around the world since it was conceived in 2008. Up to now, we have read a pile of review from real users, and found that BuddyPress enjoyed a high reputation.

As a powerful suite of social networking components, BuddyPress has a large range of features that help users create a robust and flexible community with the least effort being made. Learn the main highlights that have attracted numerous webmasters in the following parts.


Because BuddyPress is a child project of WordPress, it is open-source and free for people to use, which means anyone who has the chance to contribute their knowledge and time to help the project become better. However, people who want to use this software to build a forum need to purchase a reliable hosting plan from trustworthy web hosts like JustHost.


The mission of BuddyPress is to bring people together. Besides, it works as well to enable people with similar interests to communicate and connect, which can be used as a focused social network for a new product, an internal communication tool for a company, a niche social network for an interesting topic, etc. Moreover, if you are using BuddyPress for in an interesting way different from other, you can put it in the forums to let other users and the developers know.

BuddyPress Review FeatureWhat’s more, this application comes with plenty of highlights. However, if you just need to use several of the features you have the ability to turn off the options you don’t need by clicking the button. Once you turn off the features, your site’s theme will adjust to show the menu pages, items and buttons for the features you have chosen. More highlights are:

  • Activity streams.
  • User profiles & groups.
  • Low server requirements.
  • Private messaging & notifications.

Plugins & Themes

One of the most attractive points of BuddyPress is that it is integrated with a great number of plugins, enabling users to choose the ones they need to extend the features. There are up to 542 useful plugins to help users build one or more customized and powerful forum easily with few seconds, each of which is widely used in a world scale and highly recommended by lots of people.

In addition, BuddyPress is featured with the support for any standard and modern WordPress theme especially the default ones. Therefore, you are able to choose a theme from thousands of themes to beautify your forum or site to make it special and elegant. Besides the themes integrated with WordPress, you can purchase a special theme from some reputed themes providers, such as Mojo Themes, Elegant Themes, and much more.

We have reviewed more than 500 BuddyPress themes and tried dozens. As a result, we found several of the best with elegant designs and helpful features. Learn details of the selected themes at this page.


BuddyPress Review SupportAt the official site of BuddyPress, developers have worked out a pile of documentation to teach customers how to get started. In this way, users even those with little knowledge are able to get started effortlessly. Besides, users who have problems can search their issues in the forums and find the answers they need.

However, if the answers users need are not in the forums, they can write the details of their issues in the forums and wait for the reply from experienced users and the developers.


From the review above, it can be concluded that BuddyPress is a good option for people setting up a forum and deserved to be recommended to more webmasters. However, the manual installation of this software may be a little difficult for most people, especially those with little hosting knowledge. Thus, a 1-click script installer is necessary.

On the market, there are numerous web hosts offering 1-click script installer and quality BuddyPress hosting service. In below, we have made a collection of the best BuddyPress hosting companies that provides an easy-to-use 1-click software installer and are also awarded as the best WordPress hosting providers.