BlueHost VS Yahoo Hosting – Which is Better for Small Businesses?

BlueHost VS Yahoo Hosting – Which is Better for Small Businesses?

If you’re looking for an indepth advice between BlueHost and Yahoo hosting on choosing an affordable web host for personal and small business, you should not bypass this comparison based on the web hosting features, price, loading speed, reliability and customer support. Based on our editors’ real hosting experience with BlueHost and Yahoo hosting, we recommend BlueHost for the overall performance.

Out of question, Yahoo is a world-class brand over the Internet, but only a few people know that Yahoo is offering budget web hosting packages designed for personal and small businesses. Yahoo is certainly a more famous brand than BlueHost, but compared with the BlueHost’s 16+ years web hosting experience, Yahoo is not a cost effective choice in this market.

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Ranking

The ranking of BlueHost and Yahoo web hosting on each aspect is listed as below. Generally, BlueHost is more rich-featured and affordable while BlueHost and Yahoo provide the same level of web hosting speed, reliability and customer support.

Rating BlueHost Yahoo
Uptime 5 of 5 4 of 5
Loading Speed 4.5 of 5 3 of 5
Technical Support 5 of 5 4.5 of 5
Feature 5 of 5 3 of 5
Price 5 of 5 4 of 5
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BlueHost was founded in 1996 with the mission to provide trust-worth web hosting service with all features built in for individuals and small businesses, starting at $2.95/mo. With several raise-and-drop in the past 16 years, eventually, the company is now one of the most reputed web hosting companies over the Internet. Today, BlueHost is managing web presence for approximately 2.5 million of customers.

Yahoo launched web hosting service that would target small businesses looking to promote themselves online on December 9, 2002. The product brings together tools and services to allow small businesses have a web presence in an affordable and simple way. Yahoo provides 3 web hosting plans named as Basic, Advanced and Premier, starting at $3.74/mo.

In the following chapters, we will compare BlueHost with Yahoo web hosting for the features, price, loading speed, reliability and customer support.

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Features

BlueHost offers the most rich-featured web hosting solution of all which our editors have reviewed by now. It includes a free domain name, allows to host unlimited domains and websites on 1 account, and supports nearly all the required advanced technologies and features. Furthermore, BlueHost is one of a few budget web hosting providers offering the ANYTIME money back guarantee.

Compared with BlueHost, Yahoo only allows users to host 1 domain name on 1 account with only 30 days money back guarantee for the 3 plans. The cheapest Yahoo web hosting plan Basic actually only supports static HTML files, but not supports any programming languages including PHP, MYSQL, etc.

Feature BlueHost BlueHost Yahoo
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus Basic
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Allowed Domains 1 Unlimited 1
PHP Yes Yes No
Python Yes Yes No
Perl Yes Yes No
SSH Yes Yes No
Money Back Anytime Anytime 30 days
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 26% Off
Effective Price $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.74/mo
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Not Recommended

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Price

Both the Basic and the Plus plan offered by BlueHost offer better discount for customers. Considered with the comparison on the benefit, our editors recommend BlueHost rather than Yahoo for the choice of personal and small businesses.

Price BlueHost BlueHost Yahoo
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus Basic
Regularly $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $4.99/mo
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 26% Off
Price Now $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.74/mo

BlueHost web hosting plan price starts from $7.99/mo on the regular basis, and now the company offers an up to 63% discount which reflects a price down to $2.95/mo for you making a subscription through the exclusive promotional link above. The effective price of BlueHost web hosting plan is almost 50% off the Yahoo Advanced plan and 72% off the Yahoo Premier plan.

BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Speed & Reliability

Our editors hosted the same WordPress site with BlueHost and Yahoo Advanced. Based on website performance test at and the site uptime monitor at Pingdom, both BlueHost and Yahoo provide the fast and reliable web hosting service that we could not give a simple conclusion which is better on the speed and reliability.

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Customer Support

Both BlueHost and Yahoo provide the responsive and professional customer support via 24×7 telephone, email, online getting started tutorial and video tutorials. Besides, BlueHost provides an easy-to-use online chat service and community forum which are very convenient for the users from the non-English speaking countries.

Support BlueHost BlueHost Yahoo
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus Basic
Toll-Free Telephone Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes No
Email Yes Yes Yes
Ticket System Yes Yes Yes
Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes

BlueHost VS Yahoo > Conclusion

BlueHost and Yahoo are both the trusted web hosting providers, but the BlueHost quality web hosting plan is significantly much more cost effective than Yahoo web hosting. Perhaps you know Yahoo more than BlueHost, but with the BlueHost ANYTIME money back guarantee and our editors’ strong recommendation, your purchase with BlueHost is fully risk-free and worry-free.