BlueHost VS 1and1 – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost VS 1and1 – Shared Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost is much better than 1and1 for Linux-based web hosting for its technology, features, loading speed, reliability and technical support, as we have collected over 200 real customer reviews for these 2 hosting companies, and have hosted the same WordPress site with BlueHost and 1and1 for over half a year.

BlueHost and 1and1 are both the experienced web hosting company founded in 1996 and 1997, but they had the different mission and focus from the beginning.

BlueHost is missioned to provide the professional & cost effective Linux-based web hosting service for personal and small businesses, but 1and1 is designed for miscellaneous hosting solutions including web hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud hosting based on both Windows and Linux platform. Simply, we could say, at 1and1, you can have more choices, but if you don’t want to buy bothers while purchasing a Linux-based web hosting service for a small website with traffic under 1000 unique visitors daily, we DON’T recommend you going with 1and1, and highly recommend you going with BlueHost for shared web hosting service.

Rating BlueHost 1and1
Reputation 5 2
Feature 5 2
Loading Speed 5 3
Reliability 5 3.5
Tech Support 5 2
Price & Value 5.0 3.0
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BlueHost VS 1and1 > Technology

technologyThe reliability is usually the most concern for web hosting users, because there have been over 100,000 web hosting providers over the Internet and almost all of them don’t have any specific technology for the web hosting reliability.

Compared to 1and1 barely overselling the shared web servers for its web hosting users, BlueHost is the only web hosting company that can guarantee the server resources for every user on every shared server. With the only focus on Linux-based web hosting service, BlueHost had digged into Linux kernel for increasing the web hosting reliability at the OS level, besides invested over 20 million USD on its 3 dedicated data centers in 2010.

BlueHost released the CPU Segregation Technology by customizing the Linux kernel in 2010, and rebranded it as BetterLinux in July 2012. For the most cases, this technology helps BlueHost:

  • guarantee CPU, memory and disk I/O resources for every user on every shared server.
  • protect from heavy neighbors. No longer can bad neighbors consume high amount of resources causing your sites down or slow. No other web hosting company worldwide can commit this with any validity. BlueHost is the only company that has this feature at this moment.
  • be sensitive for CPU, memory and disk I/O resources allocation – all the resources consumption is evaluated in 0.2 second increments. This means the BlueHost servers will consistently handle requests quickly, and users won’t be exposed to slowness due to sudden bursts of server CPU usage.

Watch the following video to learn more about BlueHost technology.

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Features

1and1 has 3 Linux-based web hosting packages, but it mainly promotes the package named Unlimited Plus as it’s the most rich-featured and powerful web hosting package from 1and1. BlueHost also offers 3 plans, among which the Basic plan and the Plus plan are the most welcomed options for customers.

For you to better understand the essential differences between the 2 web hosts, we compare the core features of BlueHost Basic and Plus with 1and1 Unlimited as following.

Feature BlueHost BlueHost 1and1
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus Unlimited Plus
Free Domain Yes Yes Yes
Email Service Yes Yes Yes
FTP Yes Yes Yes
Shell Access (SSH) Yes Yes No
PHP 5.3 & 5.4 5.3 & 5.4 5.2.17
Zend Framework Yes Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes No
Python Yes Yes No
Perl Yes Yes No
MySQL Unlimited Unlimited 1GB size limitation
PostgreSQL Unlimited Unlimited No
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Discount 63% Off 50% Off 50% Off
How to Claim Link Activation Link Activation Not Recommended

Actually, the 1and1 money back guarantee includes a lot of hidden terms unless you carefully read its Terms & Services with up to 30,000 words. The 1and1 guarantee just works for your payment via PayPal, and excludes the domain registration fees, account setup fees, any fees except for extra services including SSL, SEO, Site Lock, domain privacy, etc. So, for a risk-free purchase, we recommend you going with BlueHost.

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Price

1&1 has three hosting packages named as Basic, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Pro, priced at $0.99/mo, $4.99/mo and $8.99/mo respectively. Many customers surprise for the extremely low price for $0.99/mo. However, how can the company make money from such low price? Actually, the price is just available in the first year and continues for $7.99/mo.

Compared to 1and1, BlueHost is priced at $2.95/mo, $5.45/mo and $5.45/mo for the Basic, Plus and Prime plan with a compelling discount applicable to all visits through this promotional link. As well as 1and1, BlueHost also charges renewal for the regular price. With BlueHost, however, you can get the discounted price for 3 years.

It is natural for you to worry about your money security. Thus both web hosts enable you to have a worry-free trial within 30 days during which you can confirm or give up your hosting provider. More pricing information will be found from the below table. As a whole, BlueHost gives you more freedom to choose a billing cycle.

Price BlueHost BlueHost 1and1
Plans in Comparison Basic Plus Basic
Regularly $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $7.99/mo
1 Year Price $4.95/mo $8.45/mo $0.99/mo
2 Year Price $3.95/mo $6.95/mo
3 Year Price $2.95/mo $5.45/mo
Discount 63% Off 50% Off 88% Off
BlueHost Promotion Link Activation

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Uptime

By using three state-of-the-art data centers, BlueHost always delivers outstanding uptime to each hosted website. With high performance web servers along with UPS backup power, diesel generators and multiple independent cores, this company achieves 99.95% uptime on average. Check the statistics as below.

1&1 offers at least 99.9% uptime guarantee to customers. Powered by 4 world-class data centers with cutting-edge technologies, 1&1 makes sure that every website can run in a reliable hosting environment.

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Loading Speed

By leveraging the world-class data centers and self-developed technologies, BlueHost is able to ensure fast speed. So far, the company has made huge investment on the building, upgrading and maintenance of infrastructure and the development of new technologies.

Based on our research, the 1and1 investment on the technology, hardware and data centers is much fewer than BlueHost. Even, 1and1 still uses PC for servers for the web hosting customers by losing the hosting reliability and concurrent capacity.

We have compared the server response speed of the same site hosted with 1and1 and BlueHost. The one hosted with BlueHost approximately 137% faster than 1and1 in the performance testing, seeing the comparison chart as following.

Unlike those who rent data centers, BlueHost has built their own data centers to locate the servers which are equipped with well-branded components. With the provision of CloudFlare CDN service, BlueHost can deliver your website content to your visitors in a fast way. The CPU segregation technology also keeps the fast running of their hosted websites, avoiding the circumstances where your neighborhoods slow down your website.

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Technical Support

supportBlueHost provides responsive support via phone, live chat and email, and commits that customers can get their puzzles cleared in a quick and reliable way.

The 1and1 technical support is much worse than BlueHost. The 1and1 tier 1 support doesn’t help customers resolve issues during the phone call or live chat, but just help create the ticket, send a email notification for the reference, and ask you wait for up to 24 hours. This 1and1 technical structure is the cheapest and most popular in the web hosting industry, but it’s really frustrated to customers especially when someone is pulling the hair white for urgent issues.

There are some instances when you want to widen your knowledge so that you can run your website in a smoother manner. Given that, 1and1 has prepared a help center for you and BlueHost provides you with a knowledge base and a forum. From the perspective of online resources and communication platforms, 1and1 is not as good as BlueHost on customer service.

BlueHost vs 1and1 > Control Panel

The control panel is a must-have item for you to handle every aspect of your hosting account and website with much ease. In this case, both BlueHost and 1and1 include the functional control panel into their hosting packages. However, the difference is that BlueHost provides you with the widely used cPanel, which has a series of highlights as listed in the following.

  • cPanel has an intuitive and interactive user interface. This means you can get used to its functions within a short time. No advanced knowledge and hands-on experiences are required.
  • There is a set of features you can get from cPanel, with which you can handle the complicated management tasks for your site, such as keeping a daily database backup, removing an existing add-on domain, cleaning up the files, setting up the security configurations, checking some website reports and statistics, modifying the email addresses and many more.
  • cPanel is highly compatible with almost all the open source applications, so you can manage them without much hassle.
  • cPanel has an exclusive portability feature so that you can transfer your site from one web host to another quickly.

As for 1and1, this hosting company offers a custom control panel. After checking the demo, we have found that the interface of this option is not as clear and well-organized as that of cPanel. In addition, it takes times for us to access its UI and to take some actions.

BlueHost vs 1and1 > Operating System

We have to mention that BlueHost is a focused web host that only offers the Linux based hosting solution. This means if you are looking to use some ASP.NET based applications such as NopCommerce, Umbraco, Pronto, BlogEngine.NET, Orchard and many more, BlueHost is not the option for you.

1and1, however, offers both the Windows based and the Linux based service. You can pick up your preferred operating system based on your needs.

BlueHost VS 1and1 > Conclusion

1and1 is not recommended at all from our opinion. The 1and1 hosting service quality needs to be improved for matching its increasing internet usage demand. Instead, we strongly recommend you going with BlueHost for personal websites, especially for ones with traffic under 1000 daily visitors.

Furthermore, our another site BestHostingSearch, so far has received 641 customer reviews each of which comes with ratings for the BlueHost hosting reliability, loading speed, control panel and technical support. Based the BlueHost review statistics, the 99.4% of BlueHost customers were happy with its professional web hosting service.