BlueHost or GoDaddy | Which Is the Better Hosting Solution to Go?

BlueHost or GoDaddy | Which Is the Better Hosting Solution to Go?

As is known to all, both BlueHost and GoDaddy are well-known hosting companies which have been in this industry for a long period of time. Therefore, many webmasters are confused when choosing between them. And this is why we come out the BlueHost vs GoDaddy comparison.

To be honest, unlike GoDaddy that focuses more on domain name registration, BlueHost pays more attention to hosting services. Starting business in 1996 and offering an unlimited Linux-based shared hosting solution, BlueHost is better than GoDaddy for the hosting features, loading speed, reliability, customer service and price.

Here, we have made a comparison between the two web hosts. Note that we’d like to compare their web hosting firstly – BlueHost Basic plan and Plus plan with the GoDaddy Economy plan. Then, we make an equal in-depth comparison of their VPS hosting.

Shared Web Hosting Comparison

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Ranking

In general, BlueHost has been rated better than GoDaddy in terms of features, performance and price. Even, the public specification of the BlueHost Basic plan matches with the GoDaddy Economy hosting plan, although the BlueHost plan is about 40% cheaper.

Rating BlueHost GoDaddy
Feature rating 5.0 rating 4
Speed rating 5 rating 2.5
Uptime rating 5.0 rating 4
Support rating 5.0 rating 3
Price rating 5.0 rating 3.5
Overall rating 5.0 rating 3.0
Read Review BlueHost Review GoDaddy Review

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Popularity and Customer Satisfaction

Actually, the shared hosting customers of BlueHost are more than GoDaddy, although BlueHost is 10x smaller than GoDaddy in size. Based on the customer reviews since 2006, we have received 250 BlueHost customer reviews – 99.6% are satisfied with the overall shared hosting service, 99.4% are satisfied with the shared hosting loading speed & reliability, 98.2% are satisfied with the shared hosting control panel, and 97.5% of the BlueHost users are satisfied with the technical support. The BlueHost customer satisfaction rate is much better than GoDaddy (76%).

Besides the recommendation from our editors and the BlueHost customers, BlueHost has been awarded as the best WordPress hosting by the official site since 2006 and as the best Drupal Hosting by the official site since 2009.

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Features

BlueHost is one of a few web hosts which support almost all the latest cutting-edge technologies based on Linux web hosting platform. Especially the BlueHost Plus plan that includes free domain name, allows to park unlimited domain names and host unlimited websites, supports PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite with the newest versions, offers SSH, SSL and many more, as well as providing the 99.9% hosting uptime and 30 days full refund guarantee.

Compared with BlueHost, GoDaddy also ensures all the basic hosting features for you, such as the sufficient server resources, FTP accounts and email storage, the cPanel control panel, script installer, multiple security options, SSH access and many more. However, their offering of the free domain name is only valid for the annual billing. And also, the free marketing credit is not available at all.

Feature BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Basic Plus Economy
Free Domain Free Domain Free Domain Annual Billing Only
Disk Space 50 GB Unlimited 100 GB
E-mail Storage 100 MB Unlimited 5 GB
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited 50
PHP Yes Yes Yes
Ruby on Rails Yes Yes Yes
PostgreSQL Databases Yes Yes Yes
Shell (SSH) Access Yes Yes Yes
cPanel & Script Installer Yes Yes Yes
SSL & SSH Yes Yes Yes
Ads Credits Yes Yes No
Spam Experts No Yes No
Domain Privacy No Yes No
Refund Period 30 days 30 days 30 days
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 56% Off
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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BlueHost vs GoDaddy > Easy Hosting

As for the aspect of easy hosting achieved by BlueHost and GoDaddy, we have to admit that both of them have done a good job by ensuring the easy process to start and to manage your website.

For instance, they all support the popular scripts to set up different kinds of websites easily, such as WordPress for personal blog sites, Magento for business sites, PrestaShop for online stores, vBulletin for discussion boards and many more. With them, you can start your site without the need to learn the advanced HTML knowledge. Even, if you feel complicated to install and to activate these applications, you can leverage the power of their 1-click installer that achieves the easy process for doing so.

In addition, they all offer the cPanel control panel to help you manage your website effectively. With the user-friendly interface of cPanel, you can easily monitor your server usage, control all the files, manage your MySQL database, set up the security settings, create the sub-domains and many more.

BlueHost vs GoDaddy > Overall Hosting Security

The hosting security is one of the key points that all the quality web hosts need to take into account. BlueHost and GoDaddy surely are not the exceptions. After checking their official sites, we have found that both of them have done the below efforts to better safeguard the hosted websites.

  • They all offer the SSL certificate so that the data and information transferred from and to your site can be fully protected. In this case, you do not need to worry that some of the sensitive information on your site will be stolen by hackers.
  • The backup service is already available. Therefore, even if your site is hacked, you can bring it to the previously normal condition with much ease. In addition, with this service, you do not need to worry about the issue of data loss.

Better than GoDaddy, BlueHost also offers the I/O segregation service, with which you can be fully segregated away from your server neighborhoods as well as the potential dangers. Even, if you choose BlueHost Plus and Prime plans, you can get the Spam Experts service to prevent the potential spammers, the domain privacy service to safeguard your personal information for domain name registration and the SiteBackup Pro service for the better website backup solution.

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Speed

BlueHost is one of the fastest web hosting providers based on their world-class data centers ($20,000,000+ invested), yearly upgrading equipment, Internet bandwidth exceeding 60,000 MBits, and exclusive server resource protection technology. Even, this web host has successfully made 2 investments which help to provides faster & more reliable hosting service than GoDaddy, including:

  • Investing largely to build up 3 world-class data centers in Provo Utah with 100% managed infrastructure & environment.
  • Investing over a million of USD to develop Hosting Resource Protection technology which allows BlueHost to guarantee server resources and protect normal customers from abusive usage.

GoDaddy, however, greatly lacks behind that of BlueHost in this respect. We have compared the loading speed of the same sites with the same scripts and content hosted by the 2 companies, and have found the one on BlueHost is about 145% faster than GoDaddy, including the speed of database loading, page creation and rendering.

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Uptime

Moreover, as a professional web hosting provider, BlueHost technology is rock-solid. They have invested over a million USD to develop the technology named CPU Segregation designed to offer the reliable and consistent hosting service. With this innovative technology, compared with GoDaddy, BlueHost does

  • guarantee server resources for each hosting account.
  • protect you from high resource consumption users so as to efficiently keep your hosting service independent and not affected by other users.
  • provide CPU usage monitoring technology for each account.
  • allow you to have an overall understanding about your real-time CPU, memory and I/O usage.

GoDaddy also guarantees 99.9% uptime. However, there are some readers complaining that their real uptime record has failed to meet their expectation. We have reviewed GoDaddy for a whole year. In this year, we have met several serious downtimes, especially the one in April lasting for a whole day.

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Customer Service

In regards to customer service, BlueHost largely surpasses GoDaddy by providing the responsive customer service for personal and small businesses with the 17+ years’ industry experience, rock-solid department, and 1,000+ experienced staffs.

BlueHost provides a high level of 24×7 US based technical support via free phone call, email and live chat. Whenever coming across technical issues, customers are able to get quick response and instant assistance from the professional technical staffs. And more, BlueHost guarantees the holding times that average less than 30 seconds. It’s assured that the customers are helped with the support staff who knows how to help. So choosing BlueHost, the customer service is worry-free.

In addition, BlueHost also has worked out a complete knowledgebase so customers are capable of solving common issues independently.

As for GoDaddy, this web host also provides the 24/7 in-house support service. Even, their support team is a guru team, which can be contacted via the phone call, email and ticket. However, the main drawback is that this hosting provider does not offer the live chat support. Frankly speaking, this leads to the huge inconvenience as people cannot get the instant and timely assistance.

Support BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Basic Plus Economy
Toll-Free Telephone Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes Yes No
Email Yes Yes Yes
Ticket System Yes Yes Yes
Knowledgebase Yes Yes Yes
EST Response Time <= 30 seconds <= 30 seconds <= 5 minutes

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Pricing

BlueHost prices its high-quality web hosting service from $2.95/mo for the readers going through this promotional link, which is about 40% cheaper than the GoDaddy Economy plan, and 60% cheaper than the Deluxe plan. Even, the Prime plan of BlueHost only charges you starting at $5.95/mo with the following promotional block.

As for GoDaddy, this company now releases an up to 56% discount so as to cut their prices down to $3.49/mo. Surely, their charging is not costly, but is still more than that of BlueHost.

Price BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Basic Plus Economy
Regularly $7.99/mo $10.99/mo $7.99/mo
Discount 63% Off 64% Off 56% Off
Price Now $2.95/mo $3.95/mo $3.49/mo
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Summary – BlueHost Web Hosting is Recommended

GoDaddy offers a rich set of Internet solutions for shared web hosting, but the BlueHost is obviously more professional than GoDaddy. Considered with the cheaper pricing, faster speed and richer features, we recommend you picking up with BlueHost for the personal and small business web presence.

This is not only coming our editors’ subjective, but also the same conclusion from many other sites. You can read the BlueHost VS GoDaddy at BestHostingSearch, BlueHost Or GoDaddy at, etc.

VPS Hosting Comparison

Having conducted an all-rounded shared service comparison above, we would like to compare the VPS hosting services offered by GoDaddy and BlueHost. To come out the precise answer, we have carried out an in-depth review of their VPS hosting based on price, features, hosting performance, and support, with a view to helping you make a right decision.

The Pros and Cons of BlueHost VPS

BlueHost full-managed VPS hosting service has been launched since 2013, featuring almost all the advanced VPS related technologies at an affordable price. Besides, in order to meet different individual requirements, BlueHost provides 4 VPS hosting packages named as Standard, Enhanced, Premium, and Ultimate, which charge customers differently according to the volume of server resources needed.


  • Budget-friendly Rate – The regular price of BlueHost VPS hosting is starting at $29.99/mo, which is undoubtedly affordable for the majority of webmasters. But now, this company even provides a 50% discount which allows customers to purchase starting at $14.99/mo effectively by going through this exclusive promotional link.
  • Tremendous Server Resources – BlueHost offers guaranteed server resources, coming with up to 8 GB of RAM, 240 GB of disk storage, and 4 TB of data transfer.
  • Advanced Technologies – In order to offer a rich VPS environment, BlueHost includes the most advanced technologies in the VPS hosting packages, such as Cloud Technology, powerful cPanel control panel, full root access, CentOS 6.4 (64-bit), instant provisioning, and many more.
  • Unmatched Hosting Performance – By leveraging the power of self-developed VPS servers, world-class data centers, and advanced speeding up technologies, BlueHost is able to guarantee a super-fast page loading speed and at least 99.9% uptime.


Due to the fact that BlueHost VPS hosting is a newly-launched hosting plan, it may needs further enhancement for the better service.

The Pros and Cons of GoDaddy VPS

GoDaddy is one of the greatest hosting companies, offering quality VPS hosting for people around the world. The VPS hosting includes 5 plans called Economy, Value, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultimate, coming with different levels of pricing and server resources. Therefore, customers can choose one plan that suits their budgets and needs best.


  • Custom Choice – GoDaddy includes a variety of features in the VPS hosting packages, such as 1 GB to 8 GB of RAM, 40 GB to 240 GB of disk space, 1TB to 8TB of bandwidth, multiple control panel options (Parallels, Plesk Panel or cPanel), SSL certificate, and dedicated IPs, etc.
  • Reliability – In order to keep a good uptime record, GoDaddy utilizes CentOS Version 6.4, which is the best operating system offering enterprise-level reliability. Besides, its cutting-edge data centres are integrated with full network redundancy and 24/7 monitoring system to make sure that servers work properly and uninterruptedly all the times.
  • Multiple Support Channels – GoDaddy VPS technical support staffs are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are contactable via hotline, e-mail, and live chat.


GoDaddy sets the price of the VPS hosting starting from $29.99 each month for monthly billing circle. If customers want to get some discounts, they have to purchase the yearly billing circle > 10% off for 1 year and 20% off for 2 years. Besides, this company only offers 30 days full refund, without prorated anytime money back guarantee.

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Cost-Effectiveness

Without doubt, both BlueHost and GoDaddy are reliable VPS hosting providers, but according to our comparison, BlueHost VPS is more cost-effective than GoDaddy, coming with cheaper price and more features.

Price BlueHost BlueHost GoDaddy
Plan Standard Enhanced Economy
Price $14.99/mo $29.99/mo $23.99/mo
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 1 GB
Storage 30 GB 60 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 1000 GB

BlueHost VS GoDaddy > Performance

We have set up 2 WordPress powered websites with the same content, and get them hosted with BlueHost and GoDaddy. As tested with Pingdom for the past 30 days, the server response time of BlueHost is 320ms averagely, which is much faster than that of GoDaddy.

Summary – BlueHost VPS is Recommended

Based on price, features, and hosting performance, BlueHost is absolutely a better VPS option than GoDaddy. Besides, it guarantees 30 days full refund and anytime prorated refund, so you can have a sense of risk-free and worry-free. You can find the similar comparison at BestVPSHostingDeals also – a leading VPS hosting review site.