How to write a compelling and attractive blog post is one of the most crucial challenges for bloggers. Therefore, in order to help our readers create quality blog content, we have analyzed hundreds of successful blogs and summarized some straightforward methods such as preventing plagiarism that is worth keeping in mind.

Now, scroll down to learn the detailed methods and try to write a quality blog post to make your bog content richer and more professional.

Schedule in Advance

Sometimes, you may feel difficult to update your blog post frequently. After all, no matter a full-time blogger or a part-time blogger, you are social people, and it is unavoidable that you may get busy at some times. In this circumstance, we highly recommend you developing a habit of scheduling and sticking to your plan.

For instance, if you are a professional blogger, you can decide to post 3 articles in a week and stick with what you have decided. This way will make your readers know when you update your blog and read your articles accordingly. But if you are a part-time blogger who is busy with other work, you can update your blog during weekends.

Besides, for bloggers who want to update their blog on a daily basis, then it would be better select the topic of the article in advance, in case the entire mood to write the article vanishes after taking a long time to search for the favorite topic. Always remember that blogging without plans never gives you expected results.

Choose an Appropriate Title

The blog title is important to your article’s search engine optimization, especially the first 3 to 6 words. So, to have a startling title with the keyword in it, you need to do a lot of research to find out what people are hungrily searching for and how competitive this particular title is. Here, we highly recommend you utilizing the Google Keyword Tool, which allows you to test and find the best blog titles that not only attract a large number of readers but also help your blog rank higher in the search engine.

Pay Attention to the Headline

The headline of your blog post can be the determining factor of whether or not people will read your content, because they read the headline before they get to your blog site. In this respect, you have to make your headline be attractive as it’s the first part of the post that your readers will see.

Here, we have given you some tips.

  • Be keyword-relevant.
  • Use number, humor, or irony.
  • Relate it to a popular book, movie, song, organization, or proverb.
  • Create controversy, debate, or ask a question.

Writing Momentum

In order to update your blog post consistently and with high quality, you need to have the momentum to your content production. And the most effective way to gain writing momentum is to avoid monotonousness.

Generally, you need to write on a specific subject to clearly define the niche you hold expertise in, but you are likely to get bored at some time. The solution here is to change your topics occasionally. For instance, our website is a professional hosting service review site, but we also post some tutorials once in a while to refresh our minds.

Besides, you can get the writing momentum via some deep and distinct motivations. In fact, money is a pretty poor motivator, and things like wanting to improve the writing skills, or genuinely wanting to share valuable content seem to work well in helping you produce content regularly.

Structure Your Blog Post

A well-structured blog post can effectively catch readers’ attention. Most readers will skim a post before committing to reading it entirely, so you need to put the main point in the first paragraph and write it as attractive as you can. When you write some details in the main body of your post, do remember that Internet readers have notoriously short attention spans and hate text-heavy web pages. Therefore, you need to break your post into manageable parts. A paragraph should be no more than 4 to 5 sentences. Finally, you can add some background information or repeat your main topic again in the last part.

Decide Your Writing Style

Writing in an interesting and readable style is never easy. Most of you do not have a writing habit in daily life and may find yourself word loss or writers’ block in front of the computer screen, let alone develop your own tone and style for your blog. In this circumstance, our editors have listed a few tips which are worth considering when deciding your writing style.

  • Try to write in an informal and friendly way, and avoid using jargon or clichés. After all, a blog post is just a conversation, rather than a lofty essay, so you can write the way you speak.
  • Try to describe something in detail, instead of just notify it. For example, if you want to recommend a book, you need to explain why you like it, or what you have learned from it, but never only say “this book is great”.
  • Write in a polite and respectful manner to other cultures or opinions.
  • The sentence you write needn’t be 100% grammatically correct but must be clear and understandable.
  • Represent your content honestly and openly. According to our investigation of hundreds of blogs, posts that are written in an honest voice are often the most popular.

Include Data to Support Your Points

Using data is the best and quickest way to build credibility and make readers believe your points when you try to convince readers of something. Note that the data you provide have to be the latest, correct, and provided by authoritative sites or organizations. Only then can the data be convictive.

Include DataFor example, if you plan to write a post to list the methods to lose weight. You can’t make readers believe you or follow your suggestions by listing the methods one by one. Therefore, you need to list some real data from real research, or authoritative sites and organizations to show readers the success rate each of the methods owns to support your points. In this way, the post content is guaranteed to be useful and true. In addition, giving an example to back up your opinion is a good way.

Utilize Quotation

Starting your blog post with a quotation from a famous literary figure or philosopher is a great idea for readers to relate your content with their life. After all, people generally prefer public figures, so if your content can relate to their quotations, then your readers will be more interested in reading your articles.

Being Personal

If you want to have a popular blog with regular visitors and organic traffic, then you need to make your blog post unique and original. In other words, the contents you write should have your own personality with real life experiences that are integrated into the writing. After all, No one prefers to read articles which they have already read on other blogs. The most common way to do this is to write real stories about your life. These might involve love, fear, hope, and kinship-anything that gives your reader a glimpse of your humanity. Do note that these stories need to have your real emotion, and can resonate with the audience.

Focus on the Topic

No matter how much money you have made on different advertising systems and how much readers you already own, you need to know what the topic of your blog is, what actions lead to success and what you really need to do. After figuring out these things, speed time writing a good post.

Before writing, research around the topic and extensive reading are necessary. After doing research, spend some time arranging the information you have collected. Then, focus on the topic and use the information to write a good and correct post that can bring benefits to you and readers.

Add Multimedia

Many blog visitors read a post purely because they love the images or videos, so the good use of multimedia is helpful to draw readers’ attention. For example, if you are writing a travel post, you can put some beautiful images of the destinations. If you are writing a technical post on how to set up an SEO blog, you can include an informative YouTube video to illustrate your point.

Engage in Discussion

Allowing readers to interact and take part in the discussion can effectively improve the quality of your blog posts. This practice helps you develop a dialogue with your readers, and thus obtain some valuable feedback about your posting. You can put a comment link under each article, and read comments from other people and submit your own by clicking that link. Sometimes, however, your readers may post some remarks you do not like, or do some marketing activities without your consent, so you need to keep an eye on your comment section and remove the bad one immediately.


blog writing tips - brainstormOne of the best ways to help you find fresh and interesting ideas is to brainstorm before the writing process. Here, we have listed 3 commonly used methods of brainstorming that you can use to decide potential topics for your blog post.

  • Free Writing
    Free writing is letting your thoughts flow onto paper (or computer) without worry about format, punctuation or spelling. Whenever an idea strikes your mind, just note it down otherwise you may forget it in the next second. Note that you are simply writing a few sentences, or even a few words to get a good flow of thoughts and thus write an article fast and better.
  • Problem Solving
    You can look at your readers’ problems and approach them from a new angle. Now, just write down all of the possible answers or solutions that your readers may face, and dig deep into it. This process can be repeated several times until you find a suitable topic for a post.
  • Interaction with Audience
    When you are brainstorming for a new idea, interaction with your readers is very essential. They will tell you exactly what they are looking for, as well as the most popular topic at this time. Therefore, just try to put yourself in your readers’ shoes by asking questions like “What would you want to read?” “What information could help you?” “What are the hot topics now?”

Do Proofreading

According to our survey and experience, few people can promise nothing wrong exists in a post that has not been proofed. Therefore, after finishing writing, you have to do proofreading to find the mistakes exist in your post. Firstly, you need to figure out whether there is anything wrong with the data you have written. If you found, correct them.

Do ProofreadingNext, find the grammatical mistakes and make them right. However, many people told us it was difficult to found the grammatical mistakes made by themselves. In this case, we suggest you to choose a useful grammar checker to help you find the mistakes and get right suggestions. Before, we have found 5 very useful and highly recommended online spell and grammar checkers improving post writing, among which Grammarly is the most popular, with which you are able to know where your mistakes locate and get the right answers. After doing proofreading and correct all mistakes, you can publish your post.

Choose the Keywords

We have found that every quality blog post that is ranked highly by the search engines and is loved by a large number of readers has a proper keyword coming with a large monthly search. Keywords can help readers know what you are talking about easily and is better for search engine optimization. The keywords selection tutorial can give you some useful tips on how to choose a good one.

After choosing a competitive keyword, you also need to put it into your posts the right way. For example, you have to pay attention to the keyword density avoiding keyword stuffing, and you’d better place these words at the most effective places like the post title, sub-headline, URL, and alt attribute, etc. To be honest, the correct keywords utilization can improve the quality of your posts significantly.

Keep the Content 100% Original

OriginalityBoth readers and search engines like the original blog posts, so you need to focus on the factor of originality. Note that people are sensitive to the posts that are copied from some other blogs. After all, they are looking for something new and meaningful to read your content, so it is frustrating for them to find that you are simply plagiarizing.

In addition, original content can give people fresh in mind in terms of the same subject. Generally, people are kind and generous to posts that are created originally, even if your utilization of words or phrases is not perfect.

Here, we need to mention that the plagiarism may happen unintentionally and unexpectedly, especially when you are writing something technical and have referred to some professional resources. In this case, the tips on how to avoid plagiarism can help you a lot.