Carrying out search engine optimization is essential for websites of any kind and size, for it directly affects the webpage ranking and online traffic.

At present, all the useful techniques used to optimize your website SEO can be dropped into two categories – Black Hat and White Hat.

The former one is in an unethical manner to boost your online ranking within a short time. And the latter completely follows search engines’ rules to improve your performance on SERP in a natural way.

Now, you may be confused about which one to adopt. Here, we have done a Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO comparison in the following, along with their exclusive techniques that benefit the SEO of your websites.


Black Hat vs White Hat

This refers to some aggressive SEO strategies that only target the searching spiders but not real readers. Generally, these tactics are all bearing the following characteristics:

  • Violate the rules and regulations of search engines.
  • Increase your website ranking quickly, but the results cannot last a long time. Once search engines find your violation, your site can be penalized with a low ranking or even banned permanently.
  • Result in a poor reading experience with low-quality content and bad visual effects.

As for the White one, it is opposite to the former one, referring to some ethical techniques for search engine optimization. These strategies mainly pay attention to human audiences and comply with search engine policies completely.

  • Benefit the website ranking gradually and requires long-lasting efforts.
  • The high ranking can be maintained in a long-term manner, with no risk of search engine penalties.
  • Lead to informative articles and reasonable overall design, resulting in a great browsing experience for both visitors and searching robots.

Which One to Choose

In fact, both of them have their exclusive pros and cons. If you are looking for a quick financial return from your website and are not caring about future performance, you can choose the Black one.

However, if you are serious to set up a successful and long-lasting website, and are willing to make a long-term investment, you need to choose the White Hat tricks.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Note that these techniques are not approved by search engines to gain organic traffic, but can achieve your SEO goal within a short time.

Keyword Stuffing

Search engines view the relevancy between your content and a special searching query greatly. And the utilization of the right keywords greatly improves the relevancy. Therefore, you can repeatedly use the keywords in the body content, titles, headlines, meta descriptions and image alt tags.

Link Farms

Link FarmsIf you are a full-time professional blogger, you can create a group of websites that all hyperlink to each other. Or, you can partner with your peer bloggers to form a special group for link farming. This can greatly increase the number of websites that link to your website.

As search engines decide your website ranking partially according to the quality and quantity of sites that link to yours, you can expand this group as large as possible, and make sure that all of these sites are of good quality and are related to your website topic.

Tiny, Hidden Text and Links

If you want to repeat your keywords, hot phrases or links to arouse the attention of searching robots, but do not want to negatively affect the reading of your visitors, you can use this method.

You simply need to use the same color for both the texts and the background, making it visually undetectable. Or, you can use the tiny fonts for these contents, and locate them at the bottom of your webpage.

Blog Spam

This includes two methods – comment spam and guest blog spam. The former one requires you to comment on other websites’ posts randomly, along with the URL, title or keywords of your website. The latter one is a little bit time-consuming. You need to publish the guest posts on other websites with the sole purpose of gaining backlinks.


If your website is mainly used for selling advertising or redirecting readers to other sites, you can consider this tactic.

You simply need to make the duplicate contents from other quality and popular sources and publish them as your own. Sometimes, your scraper website might outrank the original source.

Doorway Pages

Doorway PagesThe doorway pages, or gateway pages, are some keyword-stuffing and low-quality webpages designed for SEO only. When people enter this page, they can find no meaningful information but a “click here” link to redirect them into another separate webpage.

In simpler words, the doorway page is a fake webpage that is purely to get attention from searching robots, getting easy indexing with keyword stuffing.

These are the most widely adopted “Black” tricks. In fact, there are many more others including article spinning, Sybil attack, page hijacking, mirror websites and cloaking, etc. You can know what these terms mean from this page.

Again, we have to say that this option is not suitable for common webmasters. If you are serious about your website, you’d better think twice to adopt these techniques.

White Hat SEO Techniques

All the “White” techniques can improve your website ranking in a natural and gradual way, and are 100% in line with the terms and conditions of search engines. Therefore, if you are willing to use these tricks to benefit your website SEO, you no longer need to worry that your website ranking is dropped suddenly in one day, due to the penalty of search engines.

However, as every coin has two sides, the White Hat SEO cannot give you an instant result. You need to be patient and persistent to carry out these techniques day by day.

Create Quality Contents

This can be viewed as the base of any well-ranked website. At present, search engines pay more and more attention to reading experiences than other aspects. Therefore, the better your posts are, the higher ranking you can get.

Google search engine, in particular, has a special update to the ranking algorithm named Google Panda, which focuses mainly on the quality of web content. Since its release in February 2011, there are a large number of websites get a better ranking by publishing unique, informative and meaningful posts.

If you want to know how to come out high-quality blog posts, this page can give you some inspirations.

Website Optimization

Besides the content, you also need to make sure that the plugins and themes used for your website are all simple-coded and SEO friendly. To achieve better indexing for searching spiders, the utilization of a Sitemap is also necessary.

As for the website design, you’d better create a clear navigation bar and a simple layout.

Internal Link Building

This is a great method to tighten the relation among all your webpages, and in the meanwhile, benefits the reading experience. However, there are two things you need to take into account when carrying out the internal link building.

  • Insert no more than 4 internal links within a single blog post.
  • The internal links need to be highly related to your target posts.



The number of backlinks directly indicates the popularity and authority of your website. At present, there are four common ways for gaining backlinks.

  • Publish guest posts
  • Publish sponsored posts
  • Exchanges links
  • Purchase backlinks

No matter which method you choose, you have to pay attention to the following tips.

  • With the update of Google Penguin, the overuse of backlinks might be considered as a violation of search engine policies.
  • Get the backlinks gradually. Three backlinks for each month is moderate.
  • Get the backlinks from quality and relevant websites only.
  • The anchor texts of the backlinks must be natural and versatile. Sometimes, you can use the keywords as the anchor texts.

Social Media Marketing

The online presence on social media platforms can also benefit the SEO of your website. Google Plus, for instance, a product of Google Inc, influences your ranking on the search result pages greatly.

In fact, this method is pretty easy to carry out. You only need to set up an account, get as many followers as possible, and share your blog posts on a daily basis. As doing this for at least 3 months uninterruptedly, you can get a good result.