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Bisend VS A2Hosting

For Linux shared hosting, a choice might be made between Bisend vs A2Hosting. But for the sake of your growth in the future, you have the need to check their service quality before your purchase from this article. The core factors, price, feature, uptime, speed, and support should be taken into consideration. They work as the judgments on whether a web host is qualified or not.

To be honest, the process to collect so explosive information is quite time-consuming. We combine our own research with their customer reviews so as to make this comparison much more comprehensive and objective. The ratings in the below table are based on what we have collected about their Linux shared hosting.

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Bisend VS A2Hosting Comparison


To survive in the fierce competition, shared hosting cannot be a burden to most budgets. Both web hosts improve the affordability with the provision of some considerable discounts. This can be an encouragement for new comers to start with them.

With up to 64% discounts, Bisend can be as affordable as $2.95/mo. And A2Hosing users can pay as low as $3.92/mo after receiving a 51% discount. Both give you many options to choose a billing term. But A2Hosting can be more budget-friendly with the release of monthly plans.

Price InformationBisendA2Hosting
Plan in ComparisonStandardLite
Regular Price$7.99/mo$7.99/mo
Billed Triennially$2.95/mo$3.92/mo
Billed Biennially$3.95/mo$3.92/mo
Billed Annually/td>$4.95/mo$4.41/mo
Billed Monthly$4.90/mo

High uptime

A web host should be reliable to ensure the smooth running of its hosted websites. Constant downtimes will leave a bad impression that your business lacks credibility. On the other hand, search engines will give no preference to websites with serious downtimes.

Over a 30-day period, their downtime can be less than 1%. It is in accordance with what Bisend and A2Hosting promise on their official website: 99.9% uptime. Quality servers, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated technicians are behind a reliable hosting environment.

Fast speed

Content should be accessible in a fast way before visitors choose to leave your website. It is business websites that should deliver a much faster user experience with the aim to improve conversion rate.

Though everything has been optimized for speed, your website may still need a long time to load. In most cases, your hosting provider should be responsible for that. Monitoring their server response time is a necessity to reveal the secret. Servers from both Bisend and A2Hosting answer each request within 400ms.

Quality support

The removal of setbacks in the hosting journey should rely on the more advanced technicians. This is the reason to check whether a web host has built a solid support team. With the combination of our personal tests and real customer feedbacks, both web hosts take customers seriously and provide quality technical support.

Among many contact options (live chat, ticket, and email), live chat is often the first choice to obtain instant technical assistance. Phone support is also available for A2Hosting users.

Pros of A2Hosting

Rich features

Feature offerings can be learned from the below table which is based on their basic plan. Lite users will have enough room to grow their website because A2Hosting puts no limits on the disk space and bandwidth. At the same time, Lite users have access to more free extras, for example, CDN.

Price InformationBisendA2Hosting
Plan in ComparisonStandardLite
Disk Space10 GBUnlimited
Bandwidth50 GBUnlimited
Email Accounts5025
Control PanelPleskcPanel
Script InstallerYesYes
Website TransferYesYes
Ad CreditsNoYes
SSH AccessYesYes
SSD DrivesYesYes
Cloudflare CDNNoYes
Special Price$2.95/mo$3.92/mo

Anytime refund

Just like many competitors in the market, their full refund period is 30 days. However, A2Hosting will also refund the unused service if you terminate your account after 30 days. So there is no surprise that A2Hosting users will have more courage to take the first step.

Pros of Bisend

Private SSL

It is a fact that A2Hosting also provides free shared SSL. But Bisend will bring more benefits to your websites with the integration of private SSL certificates. One of the benefits is to earn more trust from potential customers thanks to the higher level of money security. What’s more, multiple commercial SSLs are available for Bisend users to choose from.

Free backups

Each Bisend hosting account comes with free backups. On a daily basis, Bisend will create a copy of your changes. And on a weekly basis, this web host will have backups of your whole account. However, A2Hosting users have the need to create backups on their own via cPanel. Thus Bisend brings users more convenience to restore data.

Wrap Up

From what we have discussed, here is a conclusion that both have their strengths and weakness. Both can deserve your choice due to their good service quality. A2Hosting is advised to those who need rich features and count money security for much. Bisend is the better choice for those who want private SSL and free backups.

Rick Hammond

I'm a marketing consultant by trade and also own a portfolio of over 20 websites. Over the years I have tested most of the well know hosting companies for my sites and therefore can give insight into which are good and which are not from my personal experiences.

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